Reentry: Exchanging Gifts With Mount Shasta

She looks so different without her snow coat, gentler in a way.

It has been a week since the USA customs agent handed back my passport and said, “Welcome home.” A feeling of truth ran through me. Home, that elusive place that I have yearned for and desired to show up as a specific place. It is seated more securely in my heart as I have discovered that it was a feeling more than a place that I was seeking. I am home, home on this beautiful earth.


Three of Gabriel's that infused me with joy.

My reentry from New Zealand has been gentle. I spent the first two days with my younger son, resting in his peaceful energy field. His studio apartment is his art studio as well so I was surrounded by beauty at every turn. It was inspiring and energizing. My elder son came to take me to Sacramento where my car was waiting for me. A friend called to ask me to join her for a trip to Mount Shasta the next morning. While in New Zealand, Shasta had called to me to bring what I had gathered back to her. I had a few hours sleep, dug out the few remaining articles of clean clothes…hurrah, there are two pairs of clean undies!…..found a box of summer clothes and stuffed a few in a bag. We were off. From start to finish it was a magic filled weekend. On the drive an angel/fairy being kept us company in the sky. She then morphed into a heart of love. Later Archangel Michael, dear brother of my heart, blazed his feathery arm down to us. We drove up the mountain and hiked into Panther Meadows with my friend’s crystal bowls and drum. She is a master with these gem and mineral infused bowls. They are expensive and fragile yet she always brings them on  our camping and wilderness adventures. They love being a part of it all. We stopped just short of the well where the water comes out of the mountain and took out all our playthings. As folks walked past, we offered the gifts of the bowls to them. Almost everyone accepted and there were many tears and heart openings as the bowls worked their magic on folks’ energy fields. We toned and laughed and felt the beauty of the sun and the mountain fill us. At one point, I lay on the earth and felt her inner sun radiating out. It came up through me as a red dragon that filled my whole being until I was a sun blazing. The dragon told me that I am to use him to ground more fully so as to be able to take in more lovelight from the sun. Thank you dear dragon!

My friend, working her magic with her bowls.

The last person came walking down from the well, and thanked us for the sounds we had created. My friend offered to play the bowls for him, he accepted. She stood at his back playing a bowl, I was in front. Our eyes met and we journeyed together through our times since leaving the formless. Tears welled up as we felt the travail and loneliness as well as the bliss. The knowing was there without images or words.  He said, “You are so lovely.” I responded, “Yes, I am.” ( I am grateful to be in this space of knowing my own beauty and light, from someone who had difficulty accepting compliments…..we have come a long way!) We created an energy vortex that took my breath away. I quickly set my bowl down and sat down before I fell down. He crouched down and took my hands, told me that he would see me again. I agreed. He walked off down the mountain as I sat there in wonderment. I have said for a long time, that when we truly meet, there will be no retelling of our stories, no need to speak of the past, rather a deep knowing of the other. I breathed in deeply with the joy of it all. A gift, a taste of the world that calls me home. Deep peace and stillness yet power to knock me off my feet. Staying present with it all, knowing life is about to explode in a million new ways.

Time to make our way down the mountain as the sun set.

The next morning, the bowls and I did a deep healing for my friend. It is so beautiful to witness the layers falling away allowing more beauty to shine through. She was radiant! Healing is not my thing, I like to tone and allow Spirit to come through. The bowls create their own magic and took me along for the ride. My gift is holding the immaculate concept for others, seeing them as perfect in every way. I see their beauty and can hold a space for them to see it also. The Creator has recently allowed so much more of Him/Her to shine through my eyes, I feel it flood through as I open myself as the clearest chalice I can be. I offer this chalice to be filled with the liquid lovelight from Home and watch the transference happen. The clearer I am, the more light from Home, I am filled with. The wonder of this!

Another beautiful day offered its gifts. We encountered many folks new to the path, taking their first steps into their own hearts. The bowls were in their element, singing their joy. We went to the well, filled the bowls with water, played it, drank some and poured the rest back to infuse all the waters of the earth with the vibration of love. Intention and attention is all. My elder son taught me that and it rings so true. If you believe that you are sending love, you are. We ran into Ha, a man we had played for the day before, he told us that he sits there each day and watches people and the environment. He observed the birds gathered in a tree near us while we were playing and toning. He said that he had never seen that before. They were enjoying our song just as we sit and enjoy theirs!

The bees blessed me as I was eating a piece of leftover pizza. They were buzzing around the pizza when I realized that one had stung my tongue. It was a sharp pain yet I felt curiousity, wow! What an unusual thing to happen. I put some Dr Bert’s rescue cream on it to soothe the sting and thanked the bee for the activation. I looked it up and resonated with tasting the sweetness of life as well as achieving the impossible, bringing heaven to earth.

I drank plenty of the pure spring water and did an exchange with the mountain……drink of her, release my water to her, over and over again. One time, as I finished peeing, I found a beautiful feather, another time, a heart rock. A rainbow appeared in the sky as we were packing up to walk down the mountain. Heart rocks appeared along the path, in town we sat eating ice cream on a bench when we noticed two sunflowers had popped off their stems and fell at our feet. It was as if Shasta and I were lovers leaving messages and gifts for one another all day long. I felt a sense of completion, that I had successfully carried the codes back to her, and she was well pleased with me. A peace filled my heart as there were no new assignments given as has been the case with me and Shasta for the past two years. No more driving codes to Sante Fe or Hood River or Edmonton.  It is done. Now only to open to her wisdom and light and allow it reign in my being. Ahhhh, deep sigh.

Our last morning, we ran into the eye gazing man at a cafe. We exchanged contact information. Who knows what will come of it but it matters not. I am thrilled to find that I am so fully seated in the present, that I can enjoy the gifts without attaching to them, whether they be of sorrow or joy. Knowing all as good, that all is well and all will be well. Curious and open to the ways of the magic.

This mandala came into being as I sang Native American songs, (that I did not know, the sounds formed themselves). I opened into the space of no time,  communing with the earth and mountain, allowing love to flow through me. I was in a state of bliss. I am one who rejects any formalized form of meditation as I have had so many contemplative lifetimes as a monk or nun. I resonate deeply with chanting,  sounds and stillness but prefer to let them catch me unawares, suddenly they are there, seeking expression, carrying me to planes of ecstasy. I go into the dream world and then flow back here. The dance between heaven and earth moves me as I create a bridge for others to walk upon.

The beauty is intensifying as the love rains down upon all hearts, melting all resistance to the truth of love. Allow yourselves to melt into our Father/Mother’s love. I am melting into love for everything and everyone. That falling in love feeling is there for us each moment. Allow it to sweep over you and carry you in its light. Everything will shine as if newly created for your eyes alone. As it truly is! I love you






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  1. oh, thank you Bev. It is all so beautiful. I love knowing that so fully! I love knowing your beauty walks on this earth with me!

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