Magical Moments

I often feel my Galactic family is with me as I see their ships in the clouds.

Still reeling a bit from the equinox energetic download. Mentally I feel confusion swirling about me, heart wise, I feel strong and bright. I have nine days left here in New Zealand and the how and where to spend them, has shifted and changed. I had it set and those who know me understand how strange that is to begin with as I have hardly planned a day ahead, no less a week or two at a time. Plane schedules induce some planning as do some places that I wished to visit. I am meant to be moving today but new opportunities arose and I have been trying without success to get some clarity as to where it is in my highest good to be. All choices hold the possibility of joy, none presenting itself as the one choice. So, I come across as Miss Flake..yes I will be arriving today, oh, on second thought, could it be in a few days, oh, now it feels like it should be today. YIkes, I am making myself dizzy! Deep breath.

So, instead of pursuing any of that further, (I will make a call when the office opens at the retreat center where I am meant to journey to today), I am turning to writing. When Nicky asked me to contribute a guided meditation or something to the equinox celebration, I had no idea what that might be. I trusted Spirit and myself to come through as I do have that faith. I called a dear friend back in the USA, who knows me through and through. I told her that I would be speaking but had no clue as to what form it would take. She laughed and said, “Oh, this is interesting. You will be doing something new. You are going to bring through messages for people.” I have never done that and indeed it has been a long time since I have channeled any information. I no longer felt a draw to it and it seemed to fall away.

I love this beautiful world!

It happened as my friend had felt. I brought the painting of Roselight with me and she¬†wanted a heart meditation to begin. It was beautiful as we accessed the secret chamber inside our hearts and moved outward then to connect to ourselves in one another with eye gazing. Such a deep peace permeated my being as I gazed into the eyes of another and knew them as myself. What a wonder that this is true. I was so deeply rooted in my heart that I could flow that peace and love to the other with a strength and force that I had not previously experienced. It was a field of energy, of truth and love. Indeed messages came through from many different masters for different people. Sanat Kumara, Hilarion, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene……the first two being new to come through me though familiar as all of them are masters dear to my heart. The amazing thing was that each one was the right one for the person in front of me, confirmed by tears. I love how our bodies open with tears when we meet truth and beauty and love. My eyes overflowed throughout the day as the wonder of it all took place.

No wonder I struggle with planning! I am living the new paradigm where we flow from one thing to another without an agenda or plan. Of course, there is setting an intention for an event to take place, setting aside the space for it, and then allowing it to be filled by the spirit of each one attending. Even that is beyond me which is why I am not the one leading events as yet. When I hear of plans far out in the future, it feels surreal to me as I cannot imagine much beyond the moment. Each day, I awaken and open myself to the possibility that I will be living in my home community in the new earth. It takes a deep breath of adjustment as I find myself here. I know that there is so much beauty here to be celebrated. There is the practice of seeing all through the eyes of love. Of letting go of judgment of any kind, of accepting everything and melting all back to the reality of love that it is. Loving my confusion and letting it melt into the love. Accepting myself as the being that I am.

Glynne and Nicky of the lovelight!

Nicky and Glynne, the two beautiful souls who have invited me into their home and hearts, have just come to give me total relief this morning! Glynne came with a day of walking in nature for grounding after a hearty breakfast. Nicky brought a message from Mary Magdalene and Yeshua that I have been finding my way through my travels searching for home and that now I will be at home with my way. With my way of being in the world and that my home is so close and yet it is the being at home with the way my energy moves and weaves in the world. Tears and more tears and laughter. Nicky began singing, “We are family, all my brother and sisters with me!” and the three of us danced and sang and laughed in delight.

I am off to shower and greet the beauty of this day, letting go of any further planning and allowing the moments to unfold in HIs/Her divine wisdom. We are so loved!!!

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    • Dear Karen,

      thank you! That is inspiring to me and prompts me to get back to a regular writing habit. Indeed, we are experiencing everything together as we remember that we are one! Much love, Linda

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