Equinox Energies Emerging

Entering the new energies.......

Happy Equinox! The energies began streaming in a few days ago, manifesting as fatigue as my body moves to integrate these great streams of lovelight. I celebrated the Vernal Equinox here in New Zealand, yet I sense that we are all opening into our harvest time, whether we feel the approach of spring or autumn in our landscape.  Three quarters of the year has gone and with it, we have released so much of our baggage and out dated belief systems. I arrive at this juncture, knowing nothing. I am empty of words, ideas, beliefs…..floating in the ethers with joy. No longer caring to know anything, wanting to exist simply in the beauty of my heart. It feels as if most of me has already arrived in the new earth, though there is a foot tethered here. I find myself savoring these last days of duality. Appreciating the simple pleasures of bird song, good food, naps, flowers, talks with dear friends. There is no striving. I feel creative energies stirring, filling my palms with beauty that seeks form. Yet, there is a trusting that the timing will present itself as to when this unfolds. I do not have to push it, plan for it. I have surrendered to divine timing in all things.  Everything that I dream of is so close that I am touching it, breathing it, sighing with it. A blink of an eye and we are all there. That is my knowing.

Roselight by Jan Pirovano Williams

I was delighted to be a part of an Equinox celebration day with dear friends.  A day before, I was gifted a beautiful painting of an angel by an amazing artist, Jan. I was admiring her paintings and she said that she had one for me if she could find it. I climbed a ladder and found it high upon a shelf. She told me that she did not know its name. Immediately, Roselight gave me her name as well as the certain knowledge that she was to be with me. She has been expanding my heart ever since. She asked to be a part of the Equinox celebrations. Her heart light filled the space and helped to set the tone for the day of love that transpired. It was a day of deep heart connection. I may not have remembered everyone’s name, but I do recall their heartlight. The highlight of the day for me came when we all toned to our inner beloveds, our true selves. We sent our love into the center of the circle and I felt the elementals and angels at work, as they harmonized our tone with the whole. Tears flowed easily as the love flowed in spirals, ever ascending and descending, connecting heaven and earth. Miracles can be wrought through the human voice that we are barely aware of.

That seafoam green horizon line speaks to me of the love streaming in, joining heaven and earth.

The vibration of community was alive and well. Everyone gave of their gifts as we moved through the day; eating delicious food seasoned with love, drawing tree mandalas, grounding with our mother, singing with John Lennon’s Imagine song, entering our hearts and expanding our own love for the beings we are. Grace flowed as Ra, the resident king cat presided over the proceedings with his regal bearing, reminding us all to walk tall in the knowing of our mastery. A day of wonder and delight, rich, so rich in communion with the oneness of all. A true co-creative event. Amazing to come half way around the world and through the wonder of facebook, connect to soul family! The weaving is so bright and strong as our hearts sing to one another along the grids of light. No longer waiting for our heads to go through some prescribed dance of how to get to know another, we are opening our hearts to feel the connection that has been there all along. Instantaneous, certain, and explosive with love. I know in a flash, that a veil has been lifted and the truth of our hearts’ love for one another is there in the first look. Love at first sight! Yes, it is true. We fall in love in an instant and it is an eternal love. Not the romanticized version that we have been fed from our youth. No, this is deeper than that. It is a love that knows no conditions nor bounds. It simply is. Perhaps it is best described as agape love, which wikipedia tells us is:

refers to the covenant love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God; the term necessarily extends to the love of one’s fellow man. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love

Today I am floating, punch drunk with the energies released at yesterday’s event and still streaming in many parts of the world. My mind encountered confusion when I attempted to plan the movements of the morrow. Finally, I surrendered and am allowing this dreamy state full reign. It is part of the integration, the anchoring of these love energies. We are all floating about, drifting upon the waves of the new land. I am holding in my heart, the beauty of the camilla flowers that graced our table yesterday. Each so perfect and yet unique, purity and light in form, symbolizing the hearts floating together on this sea of love. I am so grateful! I am loving the beauty that I am. In that loving, I know the beauty that you are. Own it, shine it, be it!

4 thoughts on “Equinox Energies Emerging

  1. Linda, beautiful!! I can feel how special yesterday’s gathering was and I am delighted to know this. A wonderful gift to spend time in your presence Friday and look forward to when our paths next cross in the physical. Much love siStar XO

    • yes, it was so special. A coming out for me as new gifts came through and the joy of the deep connections made. Your heart was there as time and space are dissolving so rapidly! I love you, Linda

  2. The Equinox was such and experience for all of us. The gathering of hearts experiencing the divine Love of Oneness. So sweet I felt as I shared in that time.
    I documented the experience I had last night. It was very exciting as birthing a new segment of our ascendtion process. More at a later date.
    Loved the blog! thank you for your sharing. It means very much to me.

    • Dear Bev,

      thank you for sharing your amazing experience with me. Wow! So much magic going on. I will write more soon, I love you

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