Magical Moments

I often feel my Galactic family is with me as I see their ships in the clouds.

Still reeling a bit from the equinox energetic download. Mentally I feel confusion swirling about me, heart wise, I feel strong and bright. I have nine days left here in New Zealand and the how and where to spend them, has shifted and changed. I had it set and those who know me understand how strange that is to begin with as I have hardly planned a day ahead, no less a week or two at a time. Plane schedules induce some planning as do some places that I wished to visit. I am meant to be moving today but new opportunities arose and I have been trying without success to get some clarity as to where it is in my highest good to be. All choices hold the possibility of joy, none presenting itself as the one choice. So, I come across as Miss Flake..yes I will be arriving today, oh, on second thought, could it be in a few days, oh, now it feels like it should be today. YIkes, I am making myself dizzy! Deep breath.

So, instead of pursuing any of that further, (I will make a call when the office opens at the retreat center where I am meant to journey to today), I am turning to writing. When Nicky asked me to contribute a guided meditation or something to the equinox celebration, I had no idea what that might be. I trusted Spirit and myself to come through as I do have that faith. I called a dear friend back in the USA, who knows me through and through. I told her that I would be speaking but had no clue as to what form it would take. She laughed and said, “Oh, this is interesting. You will be doing something new. You are going to bring through messages for people.” I have never done that and indeed it has been a long time since I have channeled any information. I no longer felt a draw to it and it seemed to fall away.

I love this beautiful world!

It happened as my friend had felt. I brought the painting of Roselight with me and she wanted a heart meditation to begin. It was beautiful as we accessed the secret chamber inside our hearts and moved outward then to connect to ourselves in one another with eye gazing. Such a deep peace permeated my being as I gazed into the eyes of another and knew them as myself. What a wonder that this is true. I was so deeply rooted in my heart that I could flow that peace and love to the other with a strength and force that I had not previously experienced. It was a field of energy, of truth and love. Indeed messages came through from many different masters for different people. Sanat Kumara, Hilarion, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene……the first two being new to come through me though familiar as all of them are masters dear to my heart. The amazing thing was that each one was the right one for the person in front of me, confirmed by tears. I love how our bodies open with tears when we meet truth and beauty and love. My eyes overflowed throughout the day as the wonder of it all took place.

No wonder I struggle with planning! I am living the new paradigm where we flow from one thing to another without an agenda or plan. Of course, there is setting an intention for an event to take place, setting aside the space for it, and then allowing it to be filled by the spirit of each one attending. Even that is beyond me which is why I am not the one leading events as yet. When I hear of plans far out in the future, it feels surreal to me as I cannot imagine much beyond the moment. Each day, I awaken and open myself to the possibility that I will be living in my home community in the new earth. It takes a deep breath of adjustment as I find myself here. I know that there is so much beauty here to be celebrated. There is the practice of seeing all through the eyes of love. Of letting go of judgment of any kind, of accepting everything and melting all back to the reality of love that it is. Loving my confusion and letting it melt into the love. Accepting myself as the being that I am.

Glynne and Nicky of the lovelight!

Nicky and Glynne, the two beautiful souls who have invited me into their home and hearts, have just come to give me total relief this morning! Glynne came with a day of walking in nature for grounding after a hearty breakfast. Nicky brought a message from Mary Magdalene and Yeshua that I have been finding my way through my travels searching for home and that now I will be at home with my way. With my way of being in the world and that my home is so close and yet it is the being at home with the way my energy moves and weaves in the world. Tears and more tears and laughter. Nicky began singing, “We are family, all my brother and sisters with me!” and the three of us danced and sang and laughed in delight.

I am off to shower and greet the beauty of this day, letting go of any further planning and allowing the moments to unfold in HIs/Her divine wisdom. We are so loved!!!

Equinox Energies Emerging

Entering the new energies.......

Happy Equinox! The energies began streaming in a few days ago, manifesting as fatigue as my body moves to integrate these great streams of lovelight. I celebrated the Vernal Equinox here in New Zealand, yet I sense that we are all opening into our harvest time, whether we feel the approach of spring or autumn in our landscape.  Three quarters of the year has gone and with it, we have released so much of our baggage and out dated belief systems. I arrive at this juncture, knowing nothing. I am empty of words, ideas, beliefs…..floating in the ethers with joy. No longer caring to know anything, wanting to exist simply in the beauty of my heart. It feels as if most of me has already arrived in the new earth, though there is a foot tethered here. I find myself savoring these last days of duality. Appreciating the simple pleasures of bird song, good food, naps, flowers, talks with dear friends. There is no striving. I feel creative energies stirring, filling my palms with beauty that seeks form. Yet, there is a trusting that the timing will present itself as to when this unfolds. I do not have to push it, plan for it. I have surrendered to divine timing in all things.  Everything that I dream of is so close that I am touching it, breathing it, sighing with it. A blink of an eye and we are all there. That is my knowing.

Roselight by Jan Pirovano Williams

I was delighted to be a part of an Equinox celebration day with dear friends.  A day before, I was gifted a beautiful painting of an angel by an amazing artist, Jan. I was admiring her paintings and she said that she had one for me if she could find it. I climbed a ladder and found it high upon a shelf. She told me that she did not know its name. Immediately, Roselight gave me her name as well as the certain knowledge that she was to be with me. She has been expanding my heart ever since. She asked to be a part of the Equinox celebrations. Her heart light filled the space and helped to set the tone for the day of love that transpired. It was a day of deep heart connection. I may not have remembered everyone’s name, but I do recall their heartlight. The highlight of the day for me came when we all toned to our inner beloveds, our true selves. We sent our love into the center of the circle and I felt the elementals and angels at work, as they harmonized our tone with the whole. Tears flowed easily as the love flowed in spirals, ever ascending and descending, connecting heaven and earth. Miracles can be wrought through the human voice that we are barely aware of.

That seafoam green horizon line speaks to me of the love streaming in, joining heaven and earth.

The vibration of community was alive and well. Everyone gave of their gifts as we moved through the day; eating delicious food seasoned with love, drawing tree mandalas, grounding with our mother, singing with John Lennon’s Imagine song, entering our hearts and expanding our own love for the beings we are. Grace flowed as Ra, the resident king cat presided over the proceedings with his regal bearing, reminding us all to walk tall in the knowing of our mastery. A day of wonder and delight, rich, so rich in communion with the oneness of all. A true co-creative event. Amazing to come half way around the world and through the wonder of facebook, connect to soul family! The weaving is so bright and strong as our hearts sing to one another along the grids of light. No longer waiting for our heads to go through some prescribed dance of how to get to know another, we are opening our hearts to feel the connection that has been there all along. Instantaneous, certain, and explosive with love. I know in a flash, that a veil has been lifted and the truth of our hearts’ love for one another is there in the first look. Love at first sight! Yes, it is true. We fall in love in an instant and it is an eternal love. Not the romanticized version that we have been fed from our youth. No, this is deeper than that. It is a love that knows no conditions nor bounds. It simply is. Perhaps it is best described as agape love, which wikipedia tells us is:

refers to the covenant love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God; the term necessarily extends to the love of one’s fellow man. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love

Today I am floating, punch drunk with the energies released at yesterday’s event and still streaming in many parts of the world. My mind encountered confusion when I attempted to plan the movements of the morrow. Finally, I surrendered and am allowing this dreamy state full reign. It is part of the integration, the anchoring of these love energies. We are all floating about, drifting upon the waves of the new land. I am holding in my heart, the beauty of the camilla flowers that graced our table yesterday. Each so perfect and yet unique, purity and light in form, symbolizing the hearts floating together on this sea of love. I am so grateful! I am loving the beauty that I am. In that loving, I know the beauty that you are. Own it, shine it, be it!

Embracing All of Me

sunset from my window

Nelson, New Zealand

Awoke to the sound of rain which had lulled me to sleep last night. I had a glorious, if short night as I gave in to the deliciousness of a good story, a hot cup of tea and a crunchy cookie which softened to the melting point as I dipped it. Bliss! The story was a about the 13 crystal skulls and took me into that land of mystery and order that informs our universe. I so love this universe! So much is unexplained and beyond our mind’s ability to comprehend. I find myself overcome with awe when I feel the majesty of the plan. And I do feel it, deeply in my heart. Finding that book to entertain me was one such example of something presenting itself to me at the right time. It reaffirmed my faith that it has ever been the plan for us to return to our Mother/Father’s embrace. That a thousand safeguards were put in place to assure our return. The Mayans predicted this end time of duality with remarkable accuracy. The crystal skulls were formed to carry the codes and frequencies that would assist us at the perfect time. Over and over, I am shown that I can fully surrender and trust divine timing in all things. I am grateful for all the myriad ways that I am cared for, again and again. We are so loved!!!

One of dozens of one lane bridges I crossed on my drive along the coast.

Last night I was chatting online with my son. He was telling me of his plans to rearrange the study in the family house to suit his new interest in video recording. I immediately jumped in with a dozen ideas of what to move, get rid of, bring in.

“We’ll (his brother and he) handle it Momma =),” says he.

“OK, my organizer self jumped right in there! heehee.”

“She’s a powerhouse!” says he.

“OK, pulling her out.”

I then began to laugh, typing lol and heehee, as I loved my dear organizer self.

I said, “She could organize the  universe!”

“I am sure she has.” says he.

“I think I was a planetary planner in another life. Haha, I get such a kick out of me!”

He agreed and we laughed and laughed. The dearness of me, the way I want to bring comfort and beauty to everything and everyone. This is a part of who I am and I could feel the truth that I have done this on a much larger scale, it is one of my many gifts.

The glacier emanating its icy blueness to the world.

It is such a delight to honor and recognize the gifts that I bring to this earth plane. More and more, I feel the sweetness of all of us and my heart explodes with the knowing of each one’s beauty and value. We each hold a unique set of talents, gifts that are ours and ours alone. It is time to cast off all fear of what others may think, of fitting into a box labeled “normal”, of following a presribed path set out by a society interested in control……it is time to follow our hearts and open our gifts for all the world to see.


I am expanding my version of me to allow my multidimensional self greater rein. We are not limited humans, we are powerful gods and goddesses from the stars that came here to assist our beautiful Mother Earth and our brothers and sisters to ascend into the love and oneness. Unity is not simply a concept, it is a consciousness, a state of being. The rain is singing it, the leaves are rustling with it, the waves dance it, the sunlight warms us with it, the earth sends the feeling up through our feet. I am feeling the power of love. There is nothing that can withstand its onslaught. It truly melts all resistance in its path. Gandhi knew this, Jesus and Mary Magdalene lived this,  as did others who held so firmly to the love in their hearts,  lighting the way for the rest of us to walk.

Water flowing with such grace, showing me the way to be.

Search for that way and follow it. No matter what comes into your world, an angry person, a “terrible” event, a physical illness, a betrayal, economic hardship……love it. Open your heart and beam love at it for all you are worth! It will change things. It will soften the edges until they can no longer hold and all is melted back to the reality of love that is all things. This world is an illusion, held together by our thoughts. The bedrock, the foundation upon which it is built is love. Only love. Seek this. Feel this. Embrace this. Emanate this.

It is so simple. Why are we here? What are we to do? We are here to be love. To shine the light from home upon this most beautiful of playing fields. Earth is the jewel of the universe. The blue water planet of such diversity of forms and beings. Time to pack up and head out to meet the ferry and my beautiful daughter. The rain has stopped for the moment. We may have a long soggy day or one of wind or sunshine or all three……it matters not. We will have an adventure in nature and move with her with our hearts alight with love.

There is only this moment……open your heart wide and love everything as it is. Let criticism and judgment fall away, embrace yourself, embrace your life and love as if your life depended upon it. It does!


Oneness Dreamscape

Doubtful Sound in the fjords of south New Zealand

Sept 7th I am at Fox Glacier. I arrived after a six hour drive from Queenstown. It was my first experience of renting a car and driving on the wrong side of the road. Twice after pulling out of places as twilight approached and it was pouring buckets, I found myself looking at an approaching vehicle in my lane. Oh, I mean their lane! Move over Linda! Yikes. Fatigue does funny things, my brain defaulted to the right side of the road in its weariness. Definitely a sign that it was time to find lodging. Stopped at a couple of places, one did not answer the bell, one was a full apartment which I did not need nor desire. And finally, one was just right! A cafe a half a block away, a kind innkeeper, warm duvet and an electric heater in the room. It continued to storm throughout the night and I was cozy in my wood paneled room listening to the rain on the roof.

On my drive I discovered that I feel uncomfortable when hemmed in on both sides by forest. My spirit collapses in on itself. I realized this when the land opened into pasture land with sheep and cows and a vista for my eyes to travel. Relief! Later there was the ocean for a brief bit so I got out to walk on the shore with the crashing waves. There were piles of white stones all about, used as tablets by passerbys to leave their messages. Some were in remembrance of loved ones passed on, others carried their names and home countries as a marker of their passing by. I found it moving. I found my rock and left my message of peace and love to this land of New Zealand from California. I do love this land. I flowed liquid  lovelight all along my route, feeling the mountains and rainforests in their pristine beauty. Waterfalls gushed down the rock faces and splashed onto the highway as I passed. I had to stop and wait for a rockslide area that was being cleared. The innkeeper told me that the day before the road had been closed due to the slide and had only opened that morning. There are dozens of one land bridges that you cross, signs tell you if you have the right of way or not though you have to slow down and look before preceding.

sunlight dancing on the water

I told my angels last night that I must be up for the driver of the year award. My, I have driven so many miles of highway in the past three years! Much of it, lonely highway where I do not see many other cars. I tone, I sing, I cry, I sigh. I flow my lovelight and ask the peace to settle deep into our Mother’s core. This morning I fell into a dreamscape. I do not do formal meditation but can access that space of otherness. I was floating on a body of water, arms and legs outstretched, feeling the joy of being held by the Mother and connected to her core as well as the power running through me from the Father, shining His/Her light down into me. From above and below, causing an explosion of light and love in my heart. I intended for that love, peace, abundance and harmony to flow outward. I asked the undines of the water and the sylphs of the air to carry my message on their currents all around the world. Instantly, it was done. I love the elementals! They are so eager to work with us to bring this planet to her divine perfection and to assist all souls to ascend with our Mother.

dolphin doing a spin at the bow of the boat

As I was floating in waves of deep peace, another came who is so dear to my heart. He took my hand and looked over at me as we both lie floating on our backs. He smiled and I smiled back as the oneness engulfed us. There was no need for words as all was known and all was love. Another then came and took my other hand, again I looked over and smiled as the oneness took us deeper. One by one, hand by hand, others joined until all the waters of the earth were covered with folks floating in the oneness and beaming the love flame to the earth. Joy is too small a word for what was experienced. The tipping point came as more people felt the desire to join. It was time to cover the land masses. We all tipped over as it were, now we were facing downward towards the earth as we float in the air just above her. Our hands and hearts were still joined as we beamed our love to the earth. People came out of their houses to see the sight of us. Funny, it was as if we were the UFO’s but we were not unidentified and we were indeed of starry origin. As we have all come from the stars! People could feel the love and their hearts opened to it. They began to reach up to us. When their hearts filled with the love and opened completely, they rose up and joined hands and became part of our circle about the globe. Oh, it was magical! Children were laughing, old folks were crying as all felt the love permeate this planet. All knew that this was a blessed event and the time to join was NOW!

I could hear a hum begin and grow louder as more people added their heart’s flame to the oneness. All began to vibrate in the unity consciousness. Tears fell as I recognized this sound, the sound of home. I had long known that there would come a point when we and the earth would harmonize with one another, with our galaxy,  with the universe and with the Creator. There are no words to describe the beauty of that sound. It contained every blessed thing of this earth and beyond. It sang of a love that I have never experienced in an earthly life. It was the note from Home. The caress of the lover, the comfort and love of being held and rocked in the arms of the Mother, the safety and protection of the Father as his eyes twinkle the message well done, my child, well done!

Later that day, I stopped at a hot pool to soak in the waters. At one point, I found myself floating on my back and the sensation of this dreamscape came rushing in. How beautiful! In that moment, all was right with my world.

sunrise over the Remarkables