Blue Moon Offering Her Gifts

Blue moon rising in Wellington, New Zealand

The blue moon is here and I am opening myself to her gifts. She started with me early. Two nights ago, I went through the most difficult night I have experienced physically. I had intense head pressure all day but the night ramped it up. I ended up sitting near the toilet, dry heaving, not much there as my queasiness had kept my stomach empty. But my body did its best to try to let go of the ill feeling sweeping through me. For the better part of two days, I had to keep my head low! Meaning take it easy, rest and breathe with it. I did finally call on Archangel Michael to alleviate the pressure somewhat or at least give me a visual of what it was all about. I understood that the time of awakening more fully into our multidimensional selves is at hand. August has been a month of releasing and clearing. We are about to “come online” in a wholly new way. My brain needed a major rewire and I needed to be awake while it happened, (I had asked if I could sleep through it!) I could feel my hemispheres being joined in a new way, deep inside my brain. Whew, I am grateful that upgrade is over! I am also filled with gratitude to all the light beings and angels that were working on me. Thank you!

Beautiful sunset over the harbor

Once in a blue moon…..that phrase tells us that something rare and unique is coming our way. This moon is offering us the gift of transformation into our new selves. We are have been undergoing purification; our bodies have experienced dizziness, ringing in the ears, nausea, heat/cold flashes, and naps have become a necessity. We have been asked to honor ourselves in all ways: caring for our bodies with tenderness, caring for our emotions by choosing to be around people and situations that uplift us and setting boundaries or releasing those relationships which no longer feed us, caring for our hearts by speaking our truth in every situation, caring for our minds by sinking into our hearts and connecting the two before taking action, and caring for our spirits by setting aside time each day to turn inward.

View from our lunch table

Old memories have surfaced yet again to be fully felt and released. Anyone whom we have unresolved issues with, is there to be forgiven fully, whether they are present in the physical or not. Now is the time to make those calls, write those letters or speak it to the others’ higher self. Gift yourself by releasing ANY thing less than love with anyone you have ever known. Bring them to mind and surround them in a pink ovoid of love and ask their forgiveness for holding on to any anger or judgment towards them. Call on your angels for help if you struggle with this. Say your ho’oponopono: I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you. There is no time left to be out of love with anyone. It is time for forgiveness on a grand scale. We were created from love, we are love and it is time to drop the illusion that we are anything else. Forgive anything in your life that felt like pain and suffering. Forgive yourself for any perceived wrongdoing or shortcoming. Release guilt and shame and step into the freedom that love offers. We are being asked to let the river of love flow free with everyone.

Fresh fish lunch that I appreciated after days of nausea.

All that is not love is baggage that we cannot take on this new ride. We are crossing the rainbow bridge into a new life. A life of peace, harmony, love and abundance for everyone. We are all one and are beginning to feel that more deeply each day. The planets, the stars, this moon, our mother earth, our sun, the elementals…….all of them are assisting us to awaken. Our skies are full of ships from the Galactic Federation of Light that we are soon to join as our Mother Earth moves into the 5th dimension of light. The ships are full of our starry brothers and sisters, here to assist us in our awakening. The angels and ascended masters and mighty archangels are all close at hand, ready to be of assistance as we find our sea legs and begin to walk on this new earth.

Appreciation is a huge key in all this. Focus on what brings you joy and savor the feeling. Here is a resource that I have used to aid in integrating these intense energies:

A sign on a building that I loved! I know it was for a coke bottle but it means something much bigger to me.



4 thoughts on “Blue Moon Offering Her Gifts

  1. I was looking for information this morning which would help explain my sickness last night and today–ringing in my ears, pressure on my temples, sweating, nauseau… I think I know the cause….Thanks.

    • Dear Jane,

      Yes, quite the symptoms! They can be soo intense. I try to remember that it means something IS changing!! And that is a good thing. Ready for the changes into greater peace and love.
      Much love and blessings for ease and grace in our transition!

  2. Thanks for the amazing post Linda! Your ideas and sharing make think about my experiences and that is a great thing! Love Cecilia

    • Dear Cecilia,
      I am so glad! We are all having such interesting and expanding experiences. And we all help one another to grow and expand. Blessings and love to you!

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