The New Land…..New Zealand

This is the sign that greeted me at the airport in this new land. I love it! After five days here, I resonate with this wildness. My heart feels at home. I find it interesting that as we energetically shifted into a new land, I was called to physically shift as well. I had been guided for so long that my place was as a seed carrier in the USA and Canada. I was not given a green light to be outside those borders. After emptying my seed bag in Banff, Alberta,  I was guided back West with a focus on the coastline. The ring of fire of the Pacific has been an area dear to my heart and now I find myself on its opposite shore in this beautiful land of New Zealand. All of a sudden, the green light swept into view and I followed its direction. I realized that I am closely connected to the air element as my promptings come to me as currents that move me forward.

The houses of Wellington, tossed like coins as if from a giant's hand across the green rolling hills.

I am currently visiting my daughter and her partner in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington. It is called Windy Wellington so my airy nature is at home. The city is surrounded by water and hills and beauty abounds. Winter is here with chilly wet weather and surprise, this sunshine gal is loving it! Everything feels so alive to me. The clouds and mists, sun and rain are ever changing places, enlivening all my cells. I am grounded in my body in a new way. It helps that I am with my athlete of a daughter who moves like a deer up hill and dale. She is of the elements and loves to play in and with them. After years (yes, years!) of not wanting to move this body in any strenuous way, I am relishing the movement as I hike the steep hills and dance along the water’s edge. It is fun to feel my muscles come alive again. Raincoats are in order and getting soaked does not deter our outings. The water has a new quality as well, me thinks. Everything is changing.

A part of the full rainbow that greeted me on my first morning here.

I am present fully in this 3D world yet in a new way. Gratitude is a tune that my heart has begun to beat to. Simplicity rules as we shop for fresh food at the market, as I enjoy watching my daughter cook up delights and we sit down to eat it with gusto. I am so grateful for this as for so long the pleasure of eating had departed. I am enjoying walking everywhere, and even in the cold, taking off my shoes to walk in the ocean’s edges. It is wonderful to be so connected to the water! Rain falls on me for some moments most days, we have hiked surrounded by the misty clouds, there is a fountain in the harbor that streams jets of water upward at random times throughout the day and night for the shear joy of it, it seems. I love the water!

The view of the harbor from the crest of the hill behind the city.

And I love the earth with its dank dark secrets found under old trees that capture the words of the whistling winds and loud birds in their branches. Today as I stopped to drink in the shadowy land in a forested area, I knew the deep connection of Mother Earth’s core with Father Sky as they flowed in a beautiful circle in, through and out me. My body was humming with the trees. It went throughout the land and the waters carried it around the earth in the space of a breath. Use me, I cried,  to amplify and transmit this love that is pouring in from the cosmos. The elements responded and my heartlight streamed forth its ribbons of pink and gold. I gathered colors as I descended the hill, lime green and gray green mosses, dark green cedar twig, iridescent shell, rusted bit of metal, soft bluish green leaf from the euclyptus tree, bright yellow flower from a bush, a heart rock of tans and browns……my gifts from the earth this day. A jet black bird with a brilliant orange beak and the same orange circling his eyes, eyed me from the path. A Halloween bird decked out in his finest!

Colorful rooftops caught in the sun's spotlight.

I have lost interest in spiritual things, no longer wanting to talk about it. Wanting only to live in the wonder of this earth before me. To taste its fruits, to play in its waters and green undulating hillsides, to breathe deeply of its pure air and feel all that dancing inside of me. I am elemental, inside and out. I am wearing wool from the sheep to keep me warm along with steam baths and saunas and hot soups from the stove. I bought a honey, ginger, lemon elixir today that warms me from the inside out. My energy is burning bright and moves through me like an electric current that I hear echoed in the earth.

The magical ferns that are a symbol of this land.


This is a blessed time. I am savoring the most physical of pleasures as my senses have heightened capacities. I am sated from all that I touch, taste, hear, smell and see. Each day I am filled to capacity with little desire to reflect upon all that went into that filling. I am so protected and loved and know this to be true for each one of our hearts. There is no doing, no striving. I know so clearly that I am in my perfect place and feel the joy of fully being the best Linda Marie that I can be. Ascension is still in process, the earth is making her move to the fifth dimension, the light is on the move in a cosmic way and I nap and hike and splash about in a protected bubble of delight. Eating good chocolate, watching movies of true love’s kiss and delighting in the quick costume changes of the clouds. All the while being bathed in these wondrous love rays that are permeating the earth and floating hearts open. Here is a toast to love! And to all of you for drinking it in and letting it shine forth in such a radiant way. I love you and everything of this dear earth!













6 thoughts on “The New Land…..New Zealand

  1. I rejoice with you and feel so happy for your new found blessed connections with the beauty and the glorious gifts of this earth..I am feeling the call to move by the water after many years of living in the desert of Arizona..the wetness and lushness of rivers and streams and oceans is calling to me and I am saying Yes and waiting for the compass to point the direction..west to Oregon..or further on to Hawaii or…I am open and I am willing and I rejoice in your having found the land for now that calls your name…

    • Dear Samarah,

      I know those desert areas and love Arizona but yes, my soul longs for the water. I too am in search of home and the coast of Oregon and northern California is yet in my field. for the moment, this spot is filling my heart. So funny to me as I am such a sunshine gal but truly the past few months I have craved moisture, as it my cells have needed it for the regeneration that they are doing. I am collecting it in my heart right now and sending you a shower!
      Blessings and love, Linda

  2. I was dreaming of you running the hills and dale of New Zealand. Putting your toes in the ocean. Your wonderful description describes perfectly the beauty you are in. Just Loving and streaming your Love light out into the ethers. New Zealand Loves you as much as I love you. You are a Love Being connecting to the divine vibrations of Love.
    My Love streaming back,

    • oh, you made my day! What a beautiful affirmation of how we are always in our perfect place at the right time. I feel alive here in a new way. Just met a young twin flame couple that are beaming that divine love so brightly. I love this world and I love you so, beaming your light from that side of the ocean…..we are weaving ribbons of love across the Pacific Ocean and the undines are laughing in delight!
      Lovelight streaming,

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