The Moments before Birth

Beautiful full moon of August

My belly is bloated. For the past few months, my belly has risen with the moon and then flattened as the energies are absorbed and integrated. The thought went through me, “YIkes, I do not like having this big belly.” Then it shifted to how I felt when I was newly pregnant all those years ago. I was so excited to have the outer proof that the baby was growing inside me. I was delighted when it began to look like more than extra weight. I rubbed it, caressed it , crooned to it. So much of life is perception and the lens we chose to view the present moment through. During this recent full moon energies, I have chosen to love this belly of mine. I feel that I am about to give birth to a greater aspect of myself. It has been cramped for much of the full moon time. I fasted yesterday to see if that would lessen the cramping. That and a crystal bowl event I attended did unwind the cramping. ( I had not planned on attending an event as I was feeling in my hermit mode. My friend said that she was guided to tell me that crystal bowls would be there. My belly gave me an immediate yes, that I was to attend. I love how clear the guidance is these days.)

Sparkling cool water inviting me in.

Today I can feel the earth birthing with me. We are in a quiet space. A holy space. I feel the air dancing through the leaves in excitement. The ground is humming with expectation. I am resting in a place of joy. The elements cooperated with cloud cover and a soft breeze so that I could be in the sun. I swam naked in the pool of salt water and felt release. I am grateful for this space to be. I am so connected to my Creator. We are humming together in a new way. I feel the newness of what is in me, the enlivened energies that have been pouring in with this full moon. There is an element of excitement that I recall happening once the birth pains actually began. I can remember the joy flooding through my body along with the contractions. Holding both ends of the continuum, joy and pain, together. Knowing that the pain is what propelled the babe into the world. Surrendering to it with open heart, the sooner to hold the baby in my arms.

Looks like I am about to give birth, doesn't it? I feel such tenderness for this belly!

My heart is longing for this babe, this newness to present itself to the world. My body is my vehicle to take me there. Every cell in me says that new life is here. The rejoicing is filling the air. Yet I sit and lie in stillness. No desire to talk, did not feel that I could write until now. Words are not adequate to express the reverence that I feel. I do not want to engage in dialogue about this as I feel protective of this energy. It is coming to light the world. To change life as we have known it. I am so deeply in the process of it that to speak takes me out of the stillness. Just as it was when I brought a child into the world, it is consuming all of me. The outer world falls away and there is only the body and the baby in communion. This baby is speaking to me and my love is surrounding it in the softest of pastel lights. My body says that it will be soon. I had a couple of days of active energy attending to some details of this world, mimicking the nesting instinct of prior times. Preparing for what is to come. Now my energy is all drawn inward. My belly and me, rocking in our love.

The Lion’s Gate of August 8th approaches. Time is slipping away even as I state a calendar date. We are on the cusp of seeing these energies move in our world. The time of magic is at hand. Let it all flow through with love. We are being so gifted by all of life in every dimension. I have let go of everything, surrendered to this moment and been rewarded with this connection that grows deeper with each breath.

Rainbow light caught in a cloud to delight me today.

At the gathering yesterday, a woman that carries the Mary energies that I so resonate with, saw me. It was an extraordinary event for me to have someone see my work. She said the recent energies had opened so much for her and she could now see how I work with the earth, evolving as she does. Moving and expanding and flowing with the light. She thanked me and said, “Please keep going. You are opening a pathway for all of us to follow. We will catch up down the road.” I cried as it was such a gift to be seen. Another friend had recently relayed a message from the elementals that I work like they do, with the earth in ways that are not seen. Both of these messages have afforded my personality self comfort that in turn allowed a greater release of the little Linda. I felt these messages like my Father/Mother’s hand upon my brow, reassuring me that they are with me and are holding me in love as I hold this babe.

The patterns of the dancing leaves mesmerized me today.

I do feel the love of the universe pouring in for each one of us as we play our note in this grand symphony.  We are being called now. After so much preparation, we are at the ready. Sing out with full voice and a full heart. We are the fortunate ones who have front row seats for the birthing of a new age. We not only get to witness it. we get to co-create it. I am feeling the wonder of this tonight.


6 thoughts on “The Moments before Birth

  1. You have explained it and said it so well, dearest Sister Goddess!!! Oh my gosh! Words cannot convey the gratitude I feel for this writing and for YOU, the very YOU that you are. Amazing, Light Being, Goddess, MORE MORE MORE…….

    love you, love and light


    • Dear Elizabeth,
      thank you! I am so glad that something moved in me to write as I am so inward it seemed a stretch. I am glad that it resonates with you as it is an affirmation of our connectedness as well as that of so many hearts. Continuing in my dreamy space of love today. Caring for my belly as if a babe and beaming love to all. A golden pink beam is encircling you!

  2. Oh, Lovely Linda your work ” Creations” is so beautiful. Comforting as I sit here with such stomach pain. I am in a space of no words, but feeling of change. As my body prepares for the higher frequencies I sip in the golden light and visualize the cell dancing in delight. Receiving so much in a short space. Yes, the Lion’s Gate is near. I receive it with open arms, ready for the up grades of created beauty. I have not questions and no answers, just letting my bodies receive this long awaited vibrations. I imagine it is like stepping aboard a vessel, or stepping across the stones of life letting the frequencies soak in to me. My heart is ready. I totally except the download for my reboot of my systems.
    All aboard!
    Thank You for your help and comfort , the work you do and being my Sister in Oneness.
    I love you,

    • Dear Bev,
      thank you for processing all that you have in the physical body. I am grateful for us all who benefit from your transmuting it to light. I am in that space of no questions and no answers. Simply being present with the moments as they emerge.
      I am delighted that we found one another, gifted ourselves with this support at this time. I, too, feel the deep appreciation to you dear Sister in Oneness!
      I love you,

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