Blue Moon Offering Her Gifts

Blue moon rising in Wellington, New Zealand

The blue moon is here and I am opening myself to her gifts. She started with me early. Two nights ago, I went through the most difficult night I have experienced physically. I had intense head pressure all day but the night ramped it up. I ended up sitting near the toilet, dry heaving, not much there as my queasiness had kept my stomach empty. But my body did its best to try to let go of the ill feeling sweeping through me. For the better part of two days, I had to keep my head low! Meaning take it easy, rest and breathe with it. I did finally call on Archangel Michael to alleviate the pressure somewhat or at least give me a visual of what it was all about. I understood that the time of awakening more fully into our multidimensional selves is at hand. August has been a month of releasing and clearing. We are about to “come online” in a wholly new way. My brain needed a major rewire and I needed to be awake while it happened, (I had asked if I could sleep through it!) I could feel my hemispheres being joined in a new way, deep inside my brain. Whew, I am grateful that upgrade is over! I am also filled with gratitude to all the light beings and angels that were working on me. Thank you!

Beautiful sunset over the harbor

Once in a blue moon…..that phrase tells us that something rare and unique is coming our way. This moon is offering us the gift of transformation into our new selves. We are have been undergoing purification; our bodies have experienced dizziness, ringing in the ears, nausea, heat/cold flashes, and naps have become a necessity. We have been asked to honor ourselves in all ways: caring for our bodies with tenderness, caring for our emotions by choosing to be around people and situations that uplift us and setting boundaries or releasing those relationships which no longer feed us, caring for our hearts by speaking our truth in every situation, caring for our minds by sinking into our hearts and connecting the two before taking action, and caring for our spirits by setting aside time each day to turn inward.

View from our lunch table

Old memories have surfaced yet again to be fully felt and released. Anyone whom we have unresolved issues with, is there to be forgiven fully, whether they are present in the physical or not. Now is the time to make those calls, write those letters or speak it to the others’ higher self. Gift yourself by releasing ANY thing less than love with anyone you have ever known. Bring them to mind and surround them in a pink ovoid of love and ask their forgiveness for holding on to any anger or judgment towards them. Call on your angels for help if you struggle with this. Say your ho’oponopono: I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you. There is no time left to be out of love with anyone. It is time for forgiveness on a grand scale. We were created from love, we are love and it is time to drop the illusion that we are anything else. Forgive anything in your life that felt like pain and suffering. Forgive yourself for any perceived wrongdoing or shortcoming. Release guilt and shame and step into the freedom that love offers. We are being asked to let the river of love flow free with everyone.

Fresh fish lunch that I appreciated after days of nausea.

All that is not love is baggage that we cannot take on this new ride. We are crossing the rainbow bridge into a new life. A life of peace, harmony, love and abundance for everyone. We are all one and are beginning to feel that more deeply each day. The planets, the stars, this moon, our mother earth, our sun, the elementals…….all of them are assisting us to awaken. Our skies are full of ships from the Galactic Federation of Light that we are soon to join as our Mother Earth moves into the 5th dimension of light. The ships are full of our starry brothers and sisters, here to assist us in our awakening. The angels and ascended masters and mighty archangels are all close at hand, ready to be of assistance as we find our sea legs and begin to walk on this new earth.

Appreciation is a huge key in all this. Focus on what brings you joy and savor the feeling. Here is a resource that I have used to aid in integrating these intense energies:

A sign on a building that I loved! I know it was for a coke bottle but it means something much bigger to me.



Riding the Waves….up and down

This guy is riding buildings in this Wellington wind. It is whistling all about today.

I am observing how my energies change with the wind, moving hither and yon in a short space of time.  Here is how I felt yesterday morning:

I feel that I have become my own master, guides, others have dropped away like training wheels to allow me my solo ride. I told Spirit to take all my memories, there is nothing that I need or want to hang on to as I KNOW that all that i need, will be given to me. For me, it is trusting that by surrendering everything (yes everything) all will be restored in ways that I cannot even begin to imagine. So……I am floating on those currents. Feeling more in my body than ever before, enjoying the physical senses to a new degree and thinking of no thing. Being in pure appreciation and joy. I find this to be a wondrous time. I am allowing the energies to enliven me. Today the wind and sea are storming and I feel giddy like a little child. I love the elements and feel more elemental every day!!

And here is what I wrote yesterday evening:

Time for me to get still and listen which these bright structures seem to be doing.

Feeling so sleepy and dreamy, move through the days and doing lots with my daughter but left to my own, would not do much. The energy streaming in has felt pretty strong at times this past week. For the most part, I feel so at peace, then I realize I have been here almost 2 weeks and need to move soon. My daughter and her partner are so sweet and accommodating and I do not want to overstay my welcome. Yet no tourist self is emerging…..I guess i will fly south and stay somewhere for a few days….

it all feels like a muddle to plan, and i have to plan about changing my return ticket. Took the first step, now to go online and follow all the prompts as I did get the password sent to me. Then I can see the cost of changing the ticket and how long I have to book a new one. Of course, have no idea about a date for that!

Brooding sky over the harbor.

Ok, LInda, move towards joy. Which direction feels lighter in all this? Should I fly over to Australia and visit a couple of friends on the east coast? Sounds easy in theory but the movement feels too big right now. I can kind of see myself there but not the getting there part. A friend up north I want to take time to see before leaving. All these bits and pieces to put into the pie and me sitting here listening to the wind howl about the place, watching the waves toss their foamy heads and content to snuggle under the blanket and drift. I can monitor the tiny tug guiding the huge ship into port and see the cranes busy unloading cargo. I love harbors! So much action, No kayakers, sailboarders or sailboats out today. Yesterday morning we went out for an intro sail and had a blast. I love being on the water and feeling the power of the wind and waves.

I love their use of sails!

I have loved being more physical with my daughter’s encouragement,  i love the wildness,,,today the whitecaps on the water and the wind crazy strong……you sure feel alive! But then I want only to rest and look out at it…… silence. Drifting in and out of my self. So….. a lovely place with a view is what i need to find. Driving a car on the wrong side of the road seems daunting though I have done it before…..back in my twenties. I feel so dreamy that to concentrate like that feels hard. Tonight i have that “where do I park my body?” feeling…….again. It has come up plenty of times in the past few months. The desire to do much of anything gone. Yet full appreciation of all the beauty abounding, present.  I ask myself, “What am I doing?”

One of the sculptures created and consumed on the day of the winter carnival.

As you can see, I am observing myself flow in every direction, like a wind vane on this blustery day. I went to bed and read James Redfield’s, The 12th Insight, (he wrote The Celestine Prophecy and The Secret of Shambhala). When I finished the book, I slept and dreamt of being with a group of people and teaching them how to use all the insights. It was very powerful and I awoke knowing I need to be doing this now! That the group of people that would hold that frequency with me, would soon appear. I know many scattered about the globe. For now it seems most of us are doing our thing solo though as I read this book, I felt all of us drawing closer together. Somehow it will happen like magic and we will be in the same physical space, co-creating together. I know we are doing it on the etheric level already yet there will be a new layer of joy added when we are embracing one another in the physical. I think that it will feel a bit like the conclusion of the winter festival we went to. Standing on the beach with the crowds, ahhing and ouuing with delight at all the sights while the wind chilled us and the fire warmed us. So much at once, hard to discern what you feel only you know you are alive! 

Sculpture blazing, fireworks dancing, wind blowing scattered raindrops.....quite a sensory delight!


Kindness Takes on a New Meaning

Water and sky.....what a world!

KIndness is a quality that most will agree is a good one. As with most values and beliefs that I have held, I find that we were fed a false or limited version of the truth. We like concepts like kindness as it has a warm and fuzzy feel. I like warm and fuzzy yet not at the expense of truth. I am discovering that it is the energy behind the concept that makes all the difference. Much of the time, surface kindness masks resentment. I know that was true for me in the past. I acted in ways to “be kind” yet in doing so, neglected my own needs. Over time, that led to resentment as my ego cried out for acknowledgment.  I sacrificed my own comfort levels to take the “higher road” of kindness. We were taught that this was the path of being a “good person”. Give more than receive. Always offer a helping hand. So many platitudes which hold value if seen in a new light whereby I make myself part of the equation.  I reject the notion of putting myself last. I have come to the the knowing that my needs are to be met first and foremost. Only when my cup is full, do I have something to offer to others.

It can be a mark of kindness to set a boundary with another. To claim our space. If I hold my space as sacred, I have the right and even the duty to myself, to maintain a boundary as to who I allow to enter in. I might meet someone in a public space and spend time together yet not feel that their energy is one that I would chose in my sacred space. I can set a boundary on how much time I can give in conversation, in interaction with another as my soul has claim on expanses of my time for stillness and contemplation. When I honor the needs of my soul, I can be fully present with others when I choose to engage.

Filing my cup with kindness by gifting myself a visit to this beautiful land to play with my beautiful daughter.

Kindness then can appear as something else to another if they feel that their needs are not being met by me. I have come to know that if I am following the path of my highest good in any situation, then it cannot harm another. I may disappoint another, annoy another but that may be the kindest thing of all. We are taught that it is better to make everyone comfortable even if it comes at our own expense. Kindness is not always comfortable. I have to be willing to speak my truth and receive unpleasant reaction energy. That may be the true kindness that I can show another. It is not easy nor comfortable and it may take deep breathing at times. On the small scale, I am one who will tell you if you have something caught between your teeth or a zipper unzipped……on a larger scale I may point our that one is being manipulative in their use of energy and I do not appreciate it. Not comfortable to speak of yet it is this type of kindness that I am most grateful for when others have dared speak it to me.

We are all teachers for one another. If you come to me and ask for something that does not feel right for me to give (my old self would have given but felt uncomfortable or unhappy) you may react when I say no. Yet that no is a yes to myself and it alerts you to a place in you that may desire to be looked at. And the same is true for myself when another sets a limit on a way that I am interacting. I am seeing so clearly how we trigger one another and act in ways to release any lingering unconscious patterns that we may hold. That is an act of kindness. To speak truth without regard to the reaction that it elicits. I temper it with, this is my truth as I see it,  for each one’s truth is their own. Mine changes frequently as I evolve on this path. It is not easy to discern our highest truth at times as our old patterns pull us back into unconscious ways of relating and moving in this world. This is especially true with family members where there we have worn such deep grooves in our brains of old ways of relating. I was cast as the “good daughter” by my family of origin and when I outgrew the role, I outgrew my family as they could not accept me relinquishing the role. My younger sister called me in despair, saying, “Oh no, now they have made me the good daughter! Help!” These relations call us to be fully present and conscious in our reactions, acting authentically as we feel our truth rather than allowing the old role to play us unconsciously.

I am seeing that when someone’s actions trigger a reaction in me, they have gifted me as I am now alerted to an area that wants attention. If I feel judgmental, what part of me is needing love? If I feel angry, what part of me feels violated? I can look to myself for cause as well as resolution. Almost all of it comes down to lack of love. With this expanded viewpoint of anything that causes me to move from peace, I can see the kindness of those souls who are bringing me the opportunity to move more fully into peace. In truth, our enemies (isn’t that word strange? the concept feels so foreign) are our greatest teachers as they help us see where we still have work to do to be free. Inner peace is freedom like no other.

Soaring free as I care for myself allowing me to send my energies across the seas.

I love discovering these patterns with folks in my life. One dear to me on the soul level has been a wonderful teacher as he feels out all the paths of unconsciousness in me and comes in on those paths to alert me where I am still unconscious. I so appreciate this in him. He illuminates the pathway until I set a boundary and close that pathway.  He then seeks another until I am conscious in all aspects. This then truly frees him to be conscious as he no longer has that role to play. So my setting boundaries is an act of kindness to him and his seemingly unconscious behavior, is an act of kindness to me. I feel waves of gratitude these days for all the bearers of what appeared as hardship in my life. I send thank yous out to them for playing their roles in my life. It may have appeared as anything but kind yet all were acts of kindness on a soul level to help me awaken to my truth.

The concept of kindness expands as we do. I am ready to live in a world where kindness is expressed by all, for themselves, first and foremost. This will naturally lead to it being expressed to others. We will all be bathed in the waters of kindness. As we care for ourselves, we care for all others as we are all one. Oh, it is such a win-win universe that we live in! I am so grateful!






Breaking up the Old Roads of Connection to Bring in the New

The Maori inspired gateway at the airport.

The significance of walking into a new land continues to inform me on many levels. Walking through this gateway on arrival signified an entrance into a new way of being. If I missed it, there was this being shocking me into wakefulness!




This was illustrated last night when I came across a video from a friend that contained images of him and another, who are both dear to my heart. I felt an intense wave of longing for them, almost a grieving of missing them as if they had passed from this life. My heart felt it so deeply and yet quickly that the tears hardly had time to form before the energy was moving through. I was left feeling rather empty. I questioned my decision of a month ago to not see these two when I had the chance. I examined my reasons to see if it was false pride or indeed a question of honoring myself as I had concluded.  I had chosen not see Joseph  (could have seen Eagle but they were traveling together so to see one was to see both) as when we had last parted, Joseph had asked for my contact information and chose to be the one to initiate the next contact. He stated that he could not come to me while he yet contained any darkness. Eagle and I were in contact at the time of their visit to California but Joseph was silent. Eagle reminded me that he was a bystander to the relationship between Joseph and I and it was mine to find clarity in. I opted to honor myself and him by not forcing the meeting before its time. Indeed, surrendering and accepting that that time might never come. (Simple statement but strenous heart workout there!) My heart in its power has often taken on the work of the other in its desire to express love. I have enough for both, has been my thought. I have been shown by the goddess mothers, the importance of honoring myself. Of allowing the love to come to me rather than pushing in any way. I am becoming wiser and allowing all their path as I tend to my own.

Flat whites (New Zealand coffee of choice), muffin, red paint and sunshine!

I went to sleep and had a vivid dream. I was with Joseph, the one I had known formerly as my beloved. He was fully in his mastery, embodying his divinity in a way that I had known to be his truth. We rejoiced in our heart connection and were busy working on a book project together. The joy I felt in seeing him whole was an explosion of love. I was in pure delight. Our souls were in perfect communion and all experiences of separation in this dimension were dissolved.

What to do with these pieces? I chatted with my elder son and we pieced together an understanding. We are being asked to let go of not only the old world, our old belief systems, but also the old ways of connection and relationship. Roles are being dropped, masks are coming off and we are learning to relate to one another’s divinity and larger aspects rather than the personality self. My son gave me a beautiful visual that clicked into understanding for me. We are all dots on this earth plane. Beautiful shining dots of light. We have had roadways of connections between us, forms that allowed us to navigate our way with one another (think of how the roads on a map help orient you to place). There was the parent -child roadway, the lover, the friend, the teacher, the boss……so many roadways that we moved on. Now we have begun to break up these roads that held us in rigid conformity. We are expanding our beings and demanding new pathways of light to move on. We are being graced with immense incoming energies of love, bombarding our planet from the sun and our starry brothers and sisters. If we hold to the old roadways and structures, the rigidity does not allow movement. The incoming energies have no choice but to shake and explode the barriers in their path. This is the catastrophic timeline that many identify with, that there must be destruction for the new age to appear.

What if we willingly dissolve the old roadways and replace them with fluid pathways of love and light? We can drop the attachment to form. This is the grieving that I felt keenly. It is similar to having a loved one die. We are left orienting ourselves to the absence of their physical presence in this dimension. Our I AM presence knows that the separation is an illusion. We are being asked to know this fully in our daily lives and relate to one another as our full selves. From I AM presence to I AM presence. I can send love and heartlight to Joseph’s I Am presence and bask in that warmth. I can then expand that feeling to all humanity and experience unity consciousness.

The bright cloud emerging from the grey.....look beyond to see more!

The new pathways we travel on are of light. No form, rather vibration which is always moving. This allows the formless room to move into form. By the act of letting go, we are allowing unity to emerge. The painful part is letting go of the ways of the personal that we have been taught. As we expand, we discover that we feel everything so much more impersonally. We are close to completing the lesson of taking no thing personally. We know we are mirrors for one another, providing opportunities for growth and expansion. We fully accept ourselves as the creators of our reality, taking responsibility for every aspect of our lives. This allows us to peel back the layers and witness the underlying unity that emerges into view.

For me, the grace in all of this, is the absolute knowing that for all that I surrender (letting go of old ways of relating as well as letting go of so many relationships themselves where our vibrations no longer match) I will be rewarded a hundredfold. The old no longer satisfies. I crave deep heart connections. That has meant some lonely times in years past as friends dropped by the wayside  but now my heart is so full and rich that it is my favorite hang out spot. I find bliss most easily by myself in that heartspace. From there, I can access anyone’s I Am presence and beam love to them and feel love from them. Through deep connection with one heart, we can access the many. Through deep connection with my own heart, I can access the Creator’s heart. He/She is always ready to play in the playground of my heart and sing along with me. Oh, what a magical world we are creating! I love us all so.





The New Land…..New Zealand

This is the sign that greeted me at the airport in this new land. I love it! After five days here, I resonate with this wildness. My heart feels at home. I find it interesting that as we energetically shifted into a new land, I was called to physically shift as well. I had been guided for so long that my place was as a seed carrier in the USA and Canada. I was not given a green light to be outside those borders. After emptying my seed bag in Banff, Alberta,  I was guided back West with a focus on the coastline. The ring of fire of the Pacific has been an area dear to my heart and now I find myself on its opposite shore in this beautiful land of New Zealand. All of a sudden, the green light swept into view and I followed its direction. I realized that I am closely connected to the air element as my promptings come to me as currents that move me forward.

The houses of Wellington, tossed like coins as if from a giant's hand across the green rolling hills.

I am currently visiting my daughter and her partner in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington. It is called Windy Wellington so my airy nature is at home. The city is surrounded by water and hills and beauty abounds. Winter is here with chilly wet weather and surprise, this sunshine gal is loving it! Everything feels so alive to me. The clouds and mists, sun and rain are ever changing places, enlivening all my cells. I am grounded in my body in a new way. It helps that I am with my athlete of a daughter who moves like a deer up hill and dale. She is of the elements and loves to play in and with them. After years (yes, years!) of not wanting to move this body in any strenuous way, I am relishing the movement as I hike the steep hills and dance along the water’s edge. It is fun to feel my muscles come alive again. Raincoats are in order and getting soaked does not deter our outings. The water has a new quality as well, me thinks. Everything is changing.

A part of the full rainbow that greeted me on my first morning here.

I am present fully in this 3D world yet in a new way. Gratitude is a tune that my heart has begun to beat to. Simplicity rules as we shop for fresh food at the market, as I enjoy watching my daughter cook up delights and we sit down to eat it with gusto. I am so grateful for this as for so long the pleasure of eating had departed. I am enjoying walking everywhere, and even in the cold, taking off my shoes to walk in the ocean’s edges. It is wonderful to be so connected to the water! Rain falls on me for some moments most days, we have hiked surrounded by the misty clouds, there is a fountain in the harbor that streams jets of water upward at random times throughout the day and night for the shear joy of it, it seems. I love the water!

The view of the harbor from the crest of the hill behind the city.

And I love the earth with its dank dark secrets found under old trees that capture the words of the whistling winds and loud birds in their branches. Today as I stopped to drink in the shadowy land in a forested area, I knew the deep connection of Mother Earth’s core with Father Sky as they flowed in a beautiful circle in, through and out me. My body was humming with the trees. It went throughout the land and the waters carried it around the earth in the space of a breath. Use me, I cried,  to amplify and transmit this love that is pouring in from the cosmos. The elements responded and my heartlight streamed forth its ribbons of pink and gold. I gathered colors as I descended the hill, lime green and gray green mosses, dark green cedar twig, iridescent shell, rusted bit of metal, soft bluish green leaf from the euclyptus tree, bright yellow flower from a bush, a heart rock of tans and browns……my gifts from the earth this day. A jet black bird with a brilliant orange beak and the same orange circling his eyes, eyed me from the path. A Halloween bird decked out in his finest!

Colorful rooftops caught in the sun's spotlight.

I have lost interest in spiritual things, no longer wanting to talk about it. Wanting only to live in the wonder of this earth before me. To taste its fruits, to play in its waters and green undulating hillsides, to breathe deeply of its pure air and feel all that dancing inside of me. I am elemental, inside and out. I am wearing wool from the sheep to keep me warm along with steam baths and saunas and hot soups from the stove. I bought a honey, ginger, lemon elixir today that warms me from the inside out. My energy is burning bright and moves through me like an electric current that I hear echoed in the earth.

The magical ferns that are a symbol of this land.


This is a blessed time. I am savoring the most physical of pleasures as my senses have heightened capacities. I am sated from all that I touch, taste, hear, smell and see. Each day I am filled to capacity with little desire to reflect upon all that went into that filling. I am so protected and loved and know this to be true for each one of our hearts. There is no doing, no striving. I know so clearly that I am in my perfect place and feel the joy of fully being the best Linda Marie that I can be. Ascension is still in process, the earth is making her move to the fifth dimension, the light is on the move in a cosmic way and I nap and hike and splash about in a protected bubble of delight. Eating good chocolate, watching movies of true love’s kiss and delighting in the quick costume changes of the clouds. All the while being bathed in these wondrous love rays that are permeating the earth and floating hearts open. Here is a toast to love! And to all of you for drinking it in and letting it shine forth in such a radiant way. I love you and everything of this dear earth!













The Blessings of the Lion’s Gate

This tree seemed to be a wild thing roaring with the energies of the Lion's Gate. I loved its fierce ugliness. I love that I am loving the whole so easily these days.....the dark and the light and knowing them as one.

What a day 8-8 turned out to be! Blessing : I awoke after sleeping for 8 hours straight for the first time in years. I felt newly alive in every cell. I had spent the night at my youngest son’s studio apartment in Oakland. Blessing: I got to share time with this amazing young man. We had a magical morning walking about his neighborhood, hanging his art in his space, sharing ideas and enthusiasm for creative enterprises. Blessing: The very air felt alive in a new way. My cells were dancing in joy! Blessing: It has been so long since my body has felt energized. Today it does! The thick goo or gel that I have been moving in, has lifted and I feel lighter in every way. Blessing: We went into the neighborhood thrift store and I found clothes in the magenta/purple/rose colors that I needed to be bathed in. I do not frequent stores as the commercialism aspect is so intense for me. This was a lovely encounter. We found a beautiful Italian vase as a studio warming gift for my son, we had an interesting conversation with the two women working there who were so happy to welcome my son to the neighborhood. They offered advice and ideas. Blessing: My appetite was back, it felt as if more than simply my appetite for food, but my appetite for this life. My son took me to his favorite bakery for their famous morning buns. We ordered two, one savory and one sweet to share. Our perfect combo! Blessing: We walked to a rose garden and found some actually held the fragrance I seek. Deep inhale! Blessing: I saw a heart formed in the concrete of the sidewalk. Blessing: Tiny sweet birds flit about in the morning air on my son’s fire escape. Blessing: I was able to easily find my way back to Sacramento through the maze of highways. Blessing: The golden hills dotted with oak trees that so signify California to me, were a visual treat on my drive. Blessing: I received a joy filled call from my daughter in New Zealand. She asked me to come now.

The nymphs dancing on my son's fireplace frieze. This is how I feel today!

Blessing: I am going! I had only begun to see a possible swirl of my energy there but suddenly it bloomed into a current that carried me. I spent a bit of time browsing the dozens of travel sites with so many options that you must make a decision on. Price, dates, times……things that have become pretty foreign to me. Commit to dates and time? Yet it happened with a click here and there and without much mind activity. I had set my intention for a direct flight (12 hours is truly long enough to be in an airplane!) and a price that I wanted it to be under. I ended up with both and I leave in three days time!


Decked out in my new colors, drinking in the fragrance of the pink roses.

Quick, yes these new energies are quick. Blessing: I was able to eat the pink color that I was now wearing in my new clothes. A friend invited me over and we had fresh corn on the cob and strawberry yogurt ice cream that she made in her new blender/juicer. Wow! My body loved eating pink! Delicious. Blessing: I felt so welcomed back to my former home by my former hubby.  How sweet it is that I can be in this house when I need a landing spot and that our hearts can honor one another. Blessing: I felt pin prickles of new activations on and off all day all over my body. Fun! Turn me on team, wake me up in every way. I am so ready to soar.

Blessings flowing gently towards me, like this water way in the rose garden.

Blessing: The half moon is still so bright and it shone on my through many hours of the night. Moon bath….yes that works for this magic woman! Of course, I was awake with it into those wee hours as I soaked up all that she graced me with. Blessing: I received an email saying how much my blog meant to someone. I received it as an affirmation from my higher self, a pat on the cheek that I am doing well. Blessing: I was able to support a young person in moving from her mind to her heart, to let go of society’s expectations in order to listen to what her heart has to say. It is such a gift to be here for one another as this shift moves us all into new territory. We are a gift to one another. We are the rainbow tribe that is birthing this new earth.

Blessing: I am knowing how deeply I am loved. And it feels grand!


August 7th, the eve of the Lion’s Gate

The sunflowers against the blue and mustard of a kitchen I painted so many years ago makes my heart sing in joy.

A peace has opened up in me today. I am floating in these viscous energies that do not allow sudden movement. As if I am covered in gel or moving through a cloud. It feels like a blessing. We are being held so close to our mother’s bosom of love. Our hearts are softening, opening. Folks who have not cried in ages. are becoming fountains of tears. The hard layers of self protection are dissolving along with the masks that we wore to feel safe. Transparency is the new norm. Folks may still try to use pretty words to convey a deceitful intent but we are reading the energy behind the words and discovering the truth. Lying, manipulation, coercion are left lying by the wayside. We are moving into the heartland of our mother. We are feeling the oneness in a new way.

The ribbons streaming are how I feel and see the energies moving in my mind's eye.


The energies are swirling in a mad dance. Mini tornadoes are whirling all about. Staying centered is paramount or one can be tossed like a rag doll. We are being asked to find the still point. To come to our quiet core and rest there. To observe our life from that vantage point. Planning events is not working as it once did. People are realizing that they need to check in and see what they are feeling in the moment rather than push themselves to be social when their being is calling for quiet. They are disavowing a  presribed path. They are seeking the freedom of open spaces in their agendas rather than the packed schedules of old. We were taught that a full day planner meant a full life. We are seeing through this lie and discovering the joy of the blank page in our schedule. Busyness had become the badge of honor which we are now unpinning. We see how it limited us from discovering ourselves. How it was a clever ruse to keep us from looking within and discovering our truth and thereby, our power. Oh yes, it has all been an attempt to keep us from our power. There are a hundred ways that we have been kept in the dark about who we are. Our dear sun with its continual gifts of solar flares is changing that along with energies from our earth mother and our starry families. We are being gifted with new sight. We are seeing beyond the illusion and feeling the flames of freedom moving our way. We are moving into the present moment more and more.  We are allowing ourselves to move as we feel to move rather than to meet a preset agenda. We are discovering more fluid ways of interacting. We are learning to flow with the currents rather than battle our way upstream..

I am so encouraged by what I am witnessing in those around me. I am ready to step through the portal of tomorrow’s Lion’s Gate and move ever closer to home. Here is one take on what the Lion’s Gate is all about by Emmanuel Dagher at:  t

On August 8th, a powerful portal known as the Lion’s Gate will magnify our ability to manifest from the invisible into the physical/ material realms with much more ease & grace. The Lion’s Gate doorway is usually associated with great amounts of light or fire pouring into our paradigm, so grounding & just allowing ourselves to ‘be’ is key at this time.

During these next few weeks, there’s a uniting of the two hemispheres of the brain which will open us up to even more paradigm shifting ‘aha’ moments & revelations that will support us in sowing the seeds to the next part of our journey. This is a really great time to align ourselves with things that bring us joy & to also get clear on what we want to create more of in our lives & in the world. This year’s Lion’s Gate is playing a large role in our collective awakening, & that in itself is cause for celebration. Time for another major upgrade.
Holding you all in liquid lovelight!

The Moments before Birth

Beautiful full moon of August

My belly is bloated. For the past few months, my belly has risen with the moon and then flattened as the energies are absorbed and integrated. The thought went through me, “YIkes, I do not like having this big belly.” Then it shifted to how I felt when I was newly pregnant all those years ago. I was so excited to have the outer proof that the baby was growing inside me. I was delighted when it began to look like more than extra weight. I rubbed it, caressed it , crooned to it. So much of life is perception and the lens we chose to view the present moment through. During this recent full moon energies, I have chosen to love this belly of mine. I feel that I am about to give birth to a greater aspect of myself. It has been cramped for much of the full moon time. I fasted yesterday to see if that would lessen the cramping. That and a crystal bowl event I attended did unwind the cramping. ( I had not planned on attending an event as I was feeling in my hermit mode. My friend said that she was guided to tell me that crystal bowls would be there. My belly gave me an immediate yes, that I was to attend. I love how clear the guidance is these days.)

Sparkling cool water inviting me in.

Today I can feel the earth birthing with me. We are in a quiet space. A holy space. I feel the air dancing through the leaves in excitement. The ground is humming with expectation. I am resting in a place of joy. The elements cooperated with cloud cover and a soft breeze so that I could be in the sun. I swam naked in the pool of salt water and felt release. I am grateful for this space to be. I am so connected to my Creator. We are humming together in a new way. I feel the newness of what is in me, the enlivened energies that have been pouring in with this full moon. There is an element of excitement that I recall happening once the birth pains actually began. I can remember the joy flooding through my body along with the contractions. Holding both ends of the continuum, joy and pain, together. Knowing that the pain is what propelled the babe into the world. Surrendering to it with open heart, the sooner to hold the baby in my arms.

Looks like I am about to give birth, doesn't it? I feel such tenderness for this belly!

My heart is longing for this babe, this newness to present itself to the world. My body is my vehicle to take me there. Every cell in me says that new life is here. The rejoicing is filling the air. Yet I sit and lie in stillness. No desire to talk, did not feel that I could write until now. Words are not adequate to express the reverence that I feel. I do not want to engage in dialogue about this as I feel protective of this energy. It is coming to light the world. To change life as we have known it. I am so deeply in the process of it that to speak takes me out of the stillness. Just as it was when I brought a child into the world, it is consuming all of me. The outer world falls away and there is only the body and the baby in communion. This baby is speaking to me and my love is surrounding it in the softest of pastel lights. My body says that it will be soon. I had a couple of days of active energy attending to some details of this world, mimicking the nesting instinct of prior times. Preparing for what is to come. Now my energy is all drawn inward. My belly and me, rocking in our love.

The Lion’s Gate of August 8th approaches. Time is slipping away even as I state a calendar date. We are on the cusp of seeing these energies move in our world. The time of magic is at hand. Let it all flow through with love. We are being so gifted by all of life in every dimension. I have let go of everything, surrendered to this moment and been rewarded with this connection that grows deeper with each breath.

Rainbow light caught in a cloud to delight me today.

At the gathering yesterday, a woman that carries the Mary energies that I so resonate with, saw me. It was an extraordinary event for me to have someone see my work. She said the recent energies had opened so much for her and she could now see how I work with the earth, evolving as she does. Moving and expanding and flowing with the light. She thanked me and said, “Please keep going. You are opening a pathway for all of us to follow. We will catch up down the road.” I cried as it was such a gift to be seen. Another friend had recently relayed a message from the elementals that I work like they do, with the earth in ways that are not seen. Both of these messages have afforded my personality self comfort that in turn allowed a greater release of the little Linda. I felt these messages like my Father/Mother’s hand upon my brow, reassuring me that they are with me and are holding me in love as I hold this babe.

The patterns of the dancing leaves mesmerized me today.

I do feel the love of the universe pouring in for each one of us as we play our note in this grand symphony.  We are being called now. After so much preparation, we are at the ready. Sing out with full voice and a full heart. We are the fortunate ones who have front row seats for the birthing of a new age. We not only get to witness it. we get to co-create it. I am feeling the wonder of this tonight.


Kali Rages then Flows to Peace

After some wild dancing of RAGE that had Kali alive and well in me, I was able to laugh at how perfectly this small family soul group of mine works! We made sure to include all the elements that we needed for our transformation. We held the whole spectrum of polarity between us and have played it from all sides. Beautiful! Truly awe inspiring.

Last night there was a now rare family dinner scene, four of five present. Reminiscent of a couple of decades of times around the table, allowing unconsciousness more rein.  We sang the family blessing, ate our fresh corn on the cob and relaxed. Former hubby brought in an unconscious piece that triggered me. He has played this role so perfectly for us all and it will be interesting to see what happens now as it feels it was a final clearing for me, so that part will no longer be played.  Dinner ended and he went on his way while the anger simmered and stirred within me. I felt the energies grow and expand as that mother bear arose on her hind feet. Kali came to life within me.


from wikopedia: Kali, also known as Kalika is a Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction. Despite her negative connotations, she is not actually the goddess of death, but rather of Time and Change. She is also revered as Bhavatarini (lit. “redeemer of the universe”). Comparatively recent devotional movements largely conceive Kali as a benevolent mother-goddess.

Actually, I love this image of Kali as the rage felt full of death and destruction. I know this rage, it has coursed through my veins many times in this life. Yet, as with all things, we experience them anew with our new understandings. I am clearing collective energies. The other night it was the decree to the universe that I would no longer accept this 3D life, demanded that I be allowed to bring heaven here or return to Source. This was the follow up energy, as I could see all the grace that had been offered each one of us, time and time again to move into the light. How many accept and how others play with those undecided. How much of me has held wide a door. Kali came in to say, No more! Door closed. I will not give one more ounce of my energy to hold the door open for those who impede another’s path with intention, who create an air of confusion around those sitting on the fence so as to siphon off their light, who have made the choice to continue in separation from Source and are intent on taking as many others with them on their path as possible. It stops now.

No more. I asked for it all to come forward, to show its hand, to face my Kali self. And it did come pouring in and my rage consumed it like a fire. I danced and danced to wild, pounding music with lyrics of “no more, no more”. I added my voice in frequencies that had not moved through me in ages. It was hot, it was fiery and it was quick. All that this body could move from the collective, came forth to dance its death dance. I acted as a conductor to move and transmute these energies. My son acted as witness and turned the volume higher as well as found the song for me as he too, has played this role. This was a power filled clearing.

Our sun is the ultimate fire, showering us with his love each day.

I asked for and received the broader view and saw how my former hubby played this role so perfectly for me. I felt the gratitude flow like waves  to his soul. I also gained the recognition that on a personal level, there was to be no more gifting of my energies his way nor to others playing this note. Boundaries are good. There is the love that flows through all and I see it so clearly as ribbons of multi-colored heartlight flowing into and amongst all hearts. I see how he and I adore one another on the soul level. I see how his personality self may now choose to make use of all that he has been given from the family or not. All perfect and no longer mine to tend.

These are the end times. The death of the old and the birth of the new. We are here to create the new world that our heart’s desire and remember from home. The wonder is that it is all so impersonal yet so dear. How each of us plays our part for our soul group to grow and expand the Creator’s experience for ourselves and one another. How quickly the energies run, allowing us to move so much in these final days. We are creating room for the new to stream in in all its glory.

I have had to own all my shadow self in order to allow Kali full rein. As we clear our own containers, we can then offer ourselves in service to the collective. The intensity can be elemental, like lightening moving through the body, yet it is familiar to this elemental woman. I am of the elements. My fiery nature has awaited this time to play. I can call this passion to move in any part of the spectrum, from the darkest depths to the lightest of airs. I used to judge myself harshly for my fiery nature, now I celebrate it in its current form. It is a fire that burns clean whereas before it left a scarred landscape in its wake. Now it consumes all so that not even ashes remain. My trigger knew nothing of my dance on a personality level, yet the souls knew all. I understand the personality is but a container for the energies to move through.

Kali is a creator god that allows the birth of the new. We have been programmed to shy away from  the heat of death and destruction yet Kali must dance her dance to create anew. We are standing at the doorway of the new cycle of the ages and all that has been must come crumpling down. We cannot build the new on the old foundations. All is being taken. I rejoice in her presence and honor her energies of life. Truly it is in dying that we are reborn. Thank you Kali for allowing me to move as you last night. I am so grateful.

The soothing coolness of the waters cascading over me.

I am left marveling at the wonder of me. At the wonder of you. At the beauty and ugliness, the heights of love and depths of despair, that we are capable of. Bring out your shadows, dance them, let the flames consume them. We are being purified and the fire is our friend.

Today the waters cleared me as I swam and showered. Soothing waters to quiet the flames and bring the balance bright. Now to see what the earth and air have for me!!!