Dying Each Day

Beautiful waters of the Smith River on the California coast. So crystalline and clear to swim in. Cold too!

What is it like to die each day?  I am finding out this week in an accelerated manner. The energies of the past week have been huge in assisting us to let go, again and again,  on deeper and deeper levels. How does one get comfortable with this? I watch myself struggling to find some place of comfort, some solid platform to stand upon. I am standing at the shoreline, feet planted in the wet sand as the waves wash in, digging the sand out from under my feet. I topple.

I could say I am once again in the void. The emptiness. I am streaming through a tunnel, with passageways off to every side. Materialism……no, that is not the joy ride I want. Gave up that distraction awhile ago. Food……no, not enough interest to get excited there. Art…..was a big draw, but no, I let that pass. Relationship……those who know me, know that has been big in my world for so long, yet that can go. Twin flames, soul mates, twin rays…….ascended master partners……no thanks. I pass. Family relationships……trusting that all are held as I am so yes, that can go. Memories, looking through old photos…..take it all. Travel….it seems cumbersome and old. Planes, really? We still move about in these old ways? .Nature, my go to favorite for finding joy…….even that pales. No. One thing after another, checking off the list, no, no, and no again.

River and ocean meeting, I want to flow into my mother's heart.

I want a world of deep connection with everything. I mean EVERYTHING! I want to know that I am one with all. I want to commune with the stars, with the plants, with the animals, with my body, with my brothers and sisters here on earth, with those off earth as well as those in the earth. I want to be one with Source. To know that I am love and only love. That I am adored as I adore. To feel and be love in every cell of my body.

I am so tired of everything. Tired of facebook where we exchange uplifting quotes and feed one another’s egos with sentiments that feel shallow today. I get that it has provided connections and a form of community for so many, me included. Everything feels like ashes in my mouth. It is not enough! I am tired of Linda Marie. I am ready, oh so ready to leave every aspect of this personality self behind. There is NO thing in this 3D existence that I want. I am ready for more.

I am demanding more! I called out to Source last night and said, “Enough! I want to be home with you or else I want to bring home here. But I refuse to participate in this game any longer. I demand this with all of who I am as I AM a creator being and as such, have this right.”

I love positive bathroom graffiti. How long has it been since so many of us have made love? Too long! Yet I want to make love to everything in the way it is with Source.

I feel that I am expressing the collective voice of humanity that is fed up. That no longer wishes to participate in this game where there are haves and have nots, where there is the us against them mentality, where greed and competition are praised and where women and children are not safe. We want peace. We want harmony and abundance for all. We want a world where each one knows their own beauty and feels free to sing their note in the song. I hold this vision with humanity, for humanity.

My heart tells me that we are at the tipping point. That we are ascending. That my heart is creating the new in each moment. That December 2012 is here and now. That some of us are going through to populate the new earth so as to be anchor points of light for those following. That we are the rainbow bridges that are being constructed around the world.

All this I know yet I feel the cries of the collective and the tears flow. I am expressing all of it tonight and the power of it, shakes my core. I stand here and the earth bears witness. It is time.



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