Ode to Joy!

This peony is singing its song!

This just came in my inbox and it lifted my spirits so!


I could see that this is what the new earth will be like. Each of us following an inner instinct to come and play our part at the perfect time! Oh, I cried at this, the wonder of the time we are in. I loved the children dancing with the joy of it. Feeling it so fully that their feet had to skip with it. To return to that childlike expression of  joy!

The call has gone out. We are being called to the higher expression of ourselves. We are asked to find our note to sing. Everything is coming into a harmonic whole as we find that wholeness in ourselves. There has been no greater time to be alive on this beautiful earth as we are witnessing the birth of a new world.

It is messy at times as we go through our pains and struggles to move from our higher natures. We fall down. We get up again. There are blood and guts and tears and laughter along the way. Just like a real birth, all the elements so fully present. We forgive ourselves, We forgive one another. We move on in this new dance, realizing that there is nothing to learn, rather it is to feel it all so fully and be moved by it. This song moved me and allowed the joy to flow. Enjoy……in joy!

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