Dying Each Day

Beautiful waters of the Smith River on the California coast. So crystalline and clear to swim in. Cold too!

What is it like to die each day?  I am finding out this week in an accelerated manner. The energies of the past week have been huge in assisting us to let go, again and again,  on deeper and deeper levels. How does one get comfortable with this? I watch myself struggling to find some place of comfort, some solid platform to stand upon. I am standing at the shoreline, feet planted in the wet sand as the waves wash in, digging the sand out from under my feet. I topple.

I could say I am once again in the void. The emptiness. I am streaming through a tunnel, with passageways off to every side. Materialism……no, that is not the joy ride I want. Gave up that distraction awhile ago. Food……no, not enough interest to get excited there. Art…..was a big draw, but no, I let that pass. Relationship……those who know me, know that has been big in my world for so long, yet that can go. Twin flames, soul mates, twin rays…….ascended master partners……no thanks. I pass. Family relationships……trusting that all are held as I am so yes, that can go. Memories, looking through old photos…..take it all. Travel….it seems cumbersome and old. Planes, really? We still move about in these old ways? .Nature, my go to favorite for finding joy…….even that pales. No. One thing after another, checking off the list, no, no, and no again.

River and ocean meeting, I want to flow into my mother's heart.

I want a world of deep connection with everything. I mean EVERYTHING! I want to know that I am one with all. I want to commune with the stars, with the plants, with the animals, with my body, with my brothers and sisters here on earth, with those off earth as well as those in the earth. I want to be one with Source. To know that I am love and only love. That I am adored as I adore. To feel and be love in every cell of my body.

I am so tired of everything. Tired of facebook where we exchange uplifting quotes and feed one another’s egos with sentiments that feel shallow today. I get that it has provided connections and a form of community for so many, me included. Everything feels like ashes in my mouth. It is not enough! I am tired of Linda Marie. I am ready, oh so ready to leave every aspect of this personality self behind. There is NO thing in this 3D existence that I want. I am ready for more.

I am demanding more! I called out to Source last night and said, “Enough! I want to be home with you or else I want to bring home here. But I refuse to participate in this game any longer. I demand this with all of who I am as I AM a creator being and as such, have this right.”

I love positive bathroom graffiti. How long has it been since so many of us have made love? Too long! Yet I want to make love to everything in the way it is with Source.

I feel that I am expressing the collective voice of humanity that is fed up. That no longer wishes to participate in this game where there are haves and have nots, where there is the us against them mentality, where greed and competition are praised and where women and children are not safe. We want peace. We want harmony and abundance for all. We want a world where each one knows their own beauty and feels free to sing their note in the song. I hold this vision with humanity, for humanity.

My heart tells me that we are at the tipping point. That we are ascending. That my heart is creating the new in each moment. That December 2012 is here and now. That some of us are going through to populate the new earth so as to be anchor points of light for those following. That we are the rainbow bridges that are being constructed around the world.

All this I know yet I feel the cries of the collective and the tears flow. I am expressing all of it tonight and the power of it, shakes my core. I stand here and the earth bears witness. It is time.



Finding My Sea Legs in These Shifting Times

The deep blue sea.....

As we move between dimensions, it can be tricky to find our sea legs. In the way of the now, I spoke of wanting to sail, a man with a sailboat overheard me and I went for a ten hour sail down the coast. The wind did not cooperate to allow the sails to have much play so it was mainly a motoring ride, yet I was out there on the rolling seas. The first couple of hours, it took all my concentration to keep the horizon in view and my stomach in check. It felt reminiscent of times on this awakening path, when it took everything I had, to simply stay upright and in form. On the surface, no action at all, yet underneath, every fiber of my being, engaged.

At the helm, steering through the channel into the safety of the harbor.

At some point, my stomach took over and emptied its emptiness. I then felt great, free to relax and look about and enjoy the scenery. As with life, I later went below to get some warmer gear as a cold front came through and in the rocking, lost my apple that I had felt good enough to consume. I have faced many a rocky time and lost my moorings. Once above deck, bundled in my down jacket, I felt on top of the world! I love that I fall down, I get up and allow my inner sun to shine once again. I was on an adventure! It was not with the four sails all unfurled as my imagination had envisioned and the sailor had thought probable, but I was out on the ocean, playing with the elements. I want to live this way every moment, upchucking old beliefs and ways of being and opening myself to what is there to be had.

I gained an appreciation for the men and women who venture our to sea to fish each day.

I am grateful to the dear man who allowed this inexperienced sailor aboard and showed me such kindness. I am grateful to my adventuring self who took the opportunity offered despite much not knowing of the person or situation but trusting in the feeling of it all. As I drifted in and out of sleep on the rocking waves, my being was delighting in the closeness of the watery realms and the expansion that I felt. I had a couple of nights of rest on the boat, listening to the rain on the hatch above me and feeling the gentle rocking of the water. I was planning on staying another night when the energy shifted and I could feel the need for movement. I took a three bus trip up the coast to arrive back where my car awaited me. I had felt my elder son in my need for movement and later when we spoke, it made sense as he was called to stillness for a deep process and my movement helped to facilitate it. Oh, the levels that we are working on! Again and again, I surrender to my inner promptings and follow with alacrity. Often unaware of why or what.

I came back to the pursuit of a place to live. I sent out emails and phone calls to craigslist and newspaper ads. I felt unhappy about the process, it felt heavy. I kept hearing the message that I could sleep for a week. I felt so drained from all of the last month of my life. I cannot even recall what it entailed but it felt big, energy wise. I had a day of vulnerability, of tears, of confusion. I wanted a mother who would take me in and cradle me in her arms. I felt adrift from Spirit and guidance, stuck in the mud of my own misery. My son reminded me to allow it all play, to love it and let it flow through. It was all illusion wanting some air time. Wah! I wanted only to be the baby and cry my heart out.

Beautiful Oregon coastline

Sleep is a magical thing. I awoke the next morning and decided to do nothing about looking for a place. rather to be fully present to the place where I was. I am staying with dear friends who have opened their home and hearts to me. What a wonderful gift! I had a magical day. I scrubbed a cupboard, my friend gave me an incredible massage, I napped and awoke to go lie in the sun, on her passion vine bed (yes, she has the vine growing over an old metal bed frame and springs, so delightful!), we went to dinner, walked on the beach, ate an ice cream cone.  I allowed myself to let go of the idea that I was a burden, that I might be overstaying my visit, that I was in the way.

beaches everywhere

I see today that is part of these times. Allowing ourselves to be fully present with ourselves and know ourselves as the divinity we are. To trust ourselves to speak our truth and others to speak theirs. To accept the generous offers of hospitality with grace rather than fears. To trust my higher self to be guiding me always to my highest good, despite what the surface circumstances appear to be. To trust each one’s role in these changing times. Some of us have been guided to let go of hearth and home, others to offer that soft landing spot. All are of value. My personality felt more comfortable in the hostess role yet my soul is in need of the receiving as it discovers the truth that it is a two way exchange. And when it is not, I am learning the discernment necessary to depart and move on in my joy.

We are living betwixt and between dimensions. We feel the excitement that something new is on the horizon. It truly is a case of finding our sea legs as we enter this new landscape. To step forward and experience without attachment, to explore with an open heart, to trust in the earth and Source to see to our well being. We are becoming gods and it is a challenging and exciting prospect! I am treating myself with such gentleness and tenderness today. I trust you are doing the same.







Landing In

Beautiful coastline of Oregon

For years, I have had a vision of landing in a small town on the coast that would become my home. I am close! Yes, after three years of traveling about, it feels that I may have honed in on the area that has been calling me. I have a vision of a house on a cliff, looking out over the ocean. I am in the process of searching for that place. I cannot tell you the excitement and joy that I feel as I feel into the air and water.

A better view of our creation!

I had heard of an etheric city of light that resides off shore here. Some call it the Crystal Palace, others the City of Gold. It is made up of pink crystals (yes, I am such a lover of pink as I work on the pink rose line and carry one in my heart). Yesterday, a dear friend took me to the beach that has the closest access to the rocks that mark the entrance to this city. They are off shore aways. We sat and toned our love out to the city. It felt wonderful as the sea wind whipped our hair about and sent our voices flying. I called another friend on the east coast to join in and create a trinity of sound. Later we danced on the shore and splashed in the freezing water. As sleep took me down on the sand, I asked to be allowed inside the city. I was blessed with a vision of it. I was taken underwater by a dolphin and came up inside a huge crystal cavern. There were steps carved out of the pink rock that I walked up. I was handed a towel and dressed in a beautiful gossomar pink gown. I made my way to a huge hall upstairs. I glanced over to the left and saw my beloved sitting there at a table. He came forward and took my hand. I was stunned and could hardly speak. He asked if I wanted a tour and I was so surprised to discover that parts of it were like the home I have visualized so often. He told me that was because it was my home. He reminded me that we were married. He asked if I had forgotten our wedding. I said, no but I have not seen you since. He assured me that he has not left me. My mind was struggling with all of this information, not able to make heads nor tails of it. He said, “Let go of the mind, feel it with your heart.” Deep breath. OK, I can do that.

Both of our end pieces of wood had holes in them that acted as portals for the energy to flow.

I awoke on the beach with a deep sob. Oh, it is not easy to go between these dimensions at times. My heart has to expand and then let go of any wanting the experience to remain. Deep breath to return to gratitude for the gift that I had just received. I am thankful! My friend and I gathered rocks, shells and driftwood to create an altar of love to send our energy of appreciation out to the city, It was so fun to build it. This is how it will feel in the new….like child’s play, simple. Yet so powerful as the energy transmitted through our arrangement was very powerful, flowing out to the city and back again and then out to the earth. We truly are so powerful!

Now to see the place my angels find for me. LIfe is becoming more magical and I am so glad!

Ode to Joy!

This peony is singing its song!

This just came in my inbox and it lifted my spirits so!


I could see that this is what the new earth will be like. Each of us following an inner instinct to come and play our part at the perfect time! Oh, I cried at this, the wonder of the time we are in. I loved the children dancing with the joy of it. Feeling it so fully that their feet had to skip with it. To return to that childlike expression of  joy!

The call has gone out. We are being called to the higher expression of ourselves. We are asked to find our note to sing. Everything is coming into a harmonic whole as we find that wholeness in ourselves. There has been no greater time to be alive on this beautiful earth as we are witnessing the birth of a new world.

It is messy at times as we go through our pains and struggles to move from our higher natures. We fall down. We get up again. There are blood and guts and tears and laughter along the way. Just like a real birth, all the elements so fully present. We forgive ourselves, We forgive one another. We move on in this new dance, realizing that there is nothing to learn, rather it is to feel it all so fully and be moved by it. This song moved me and allowed the joy to flow. Enjoy……in joy!

Time to Close the Door

What a time the past 24 hours has been! Huge ahas. I am so grateful how all of life conspires for my growth and expansion. I have been working with the issue of honoring myself. June saw me addressing folks in my life where dishonoring was a part of the pattern. Some doors opened in a new way once the dishonoring had been acknowledged, whereas others presented themselves to be closed. This last one was very powerful as once again I found myself outplaying a sacred drama from the time of Jesus. It involved the sisters, Mary and Martha.  As my understanding goes, Martha was not kind to Mary, and there were instances of betrayals and dishonoring. When Jesus came to visit, Mary prepared herself through meditation to receive him whereas Martha busied herself cleaning the house. Martha was angry at Mary for not taking a more active role. Jesus spoke to Martha and told her that Mary had chosen the better path as she recognized and honored the light with her inner presence rather than busying herself with the outer forms.

The archetype was brought up by the person I was with which was so wonderful as on some level, it was presented to both of us to allow the healing.  I was able to feel all the pain of Mary and let it move through me. It was not easy nor an instant process, indeed I spent many sleepless hours trying to make sense of the pain I felt. Finally, I accepted that I could choose to honor myself and be done with this energy once and for all. I saw how this one event allowed me to clear this energy from not only this lifetime, but from all other lifetimes. I can choose to close the door on people and situations that do not feel honoring to who I am. I have done this many times in my life, quite fearlessly, and yet this one was a turning point. I held the hand of all my soul aspects that have suffered this feeling and let them know that time is past. I am here and will see to it that does not happen again.

Freedom at hand as I fully open the door to my own beauty and light.

Whew, freedom flew in and I saw this as being the keystone in the bridge to my ascension. It is time to close the doors to all the places where we are giving our energy away or allowing it to be leaked. I saw that I had spent much of this life, absorbing negative emotions from others and because I was “strong”, I could keep the door open for them to awaken and move towards their own light. I now see that as an arrogant attitude. What was I thinking?? It is not my job to hold anything for anyone. That energy breeds resentment from others which is a rightful reaction. We are such freedom loving beings and we want to do it our way, by ourselves! Everyone’s higher self is on the job, making sure that their life constantly presents the opportunities for expansion. I had been taking on God’s job and in that, not tending to my own garden of growth. That time is over as I need every ounce of my energy, for my inner growth. I pulled out my sword and drew a line in the sand, stating to the universe that I would no longer allow any distraction in my life that takes me for even a moment from this path of ascension. I have no time to waste.

I searched my energy field to see if there were any others that I was still holding an opening for. I found one remaining. I lovingly and gently called my energy back. I cut all ties and cords and called back every bit of my energy that I had left in anyone, thing,  or place throughout all time, space and dimensions. Come home! I need all of me to once again out picture the master that I am.

When we allow any of our energy to be open to another, we allow a pathway for chaos to enter. The energy on the planet that is not interested in my ascension and return to power, will work through the unconscious aspect of a person to create drama, confusion and discord. It is not personal to the person but rather they are being used to transmit this discordant energy. Right now, there is so much chaotic energy and fear floating around, it is a hey day for it. I have to be mindful as it is truly my own unconsciousness that allows anything to enter to harm me in any way. I have to be aware of the energy that I allow in my field and what it is doing as well as what I am doing. The time of being asleep to any aspect of ourselves is departing. As our power returns, we must be conscious in its use to create for our highest good and the highest good of all.

The inner path is one we must traverse alone.

We are taught to care for others in a backwards way. In truth, we must care for ourselves, first and foremost. The highest gift that we can offer another is that of our own joy. We must tend our own inner garden and stop playing in that of others. It is time to close the door on energies that drain us, whether that be our child, a friend, a relative. It is time to set our boundaries, close the garden gate and go within to that peace and joy that awaits our attention. God is within, quietly waiting for us to notice. Society has created rules of the game to keep us from our truth, from finding our source of power. We are raised to be outer directed, to be the good daughter, good friend, good employee and to neglect ourselves. It is time to expose that lie for what it is. To take back our power, to listen to our own song and dance to its beat. Ascension is a path taken alone. No one can do it for you, no one can travel with you. It is my walk with God, and no other.

I feel called to the starting gate. Places everyone! I feel this call like a clap of thunder and want to shake everyone with its import. Ascension is at hand and the changes begin in earnest now. Do not wait or hesitate but close the doors on all that distracts and open the door to your heart. It is the gateway true, as it takes us home. We are being called.





Anxiety on the Rise

Beautiful bridge as I drove into Vancouver. Like two ships sailing the waters.

As our planet is being blessed with energies pouring in from our sun as well as other star systems and planetary bodies, the levels of anxiety are rising. We are being gifted with energies that speed up our vibrations, which will eventually allow us greater ease and movement in all of our bodies; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is an amazing gift. But right now, it may feel like anything but!

LIke this photo, the mast head could be likened to our crown chakras where the light streams in . It then is filtered down through our bodies’ circuitry to enliven all of our cells. I am a transducer, along with many others, allowing the current to be stepped down through my body so as to be more accessible for the  masses. So on a high energy day like yesterday, I was in reclining mode as all my being was fully engaged in this process.

I love how the clouds move and change throughout the day. It is time to allow that fluidity into all aspects of our lives.

As the light floods in, the debris rises to the surface to be sloughed off. It is a cleansing process. This is where the anxiety kicks in. The ego self feels that it is about to lose its job and it is fighting to stay in control. Our higher selves are moving in to bring us to unity consciousness while the ego strives to maintain its separation. The ego cannot win as we are coded to evolve and move into oneness. You can help your ego out of its anxiety by having a conversation with it. I never understood the notion of eliminating the ego. It has served me well when it was in charge and I have expressed my gratitude. I then let Henry (yes that is my name for him) know that he had reached retirement age. I gave him the gold watch for a job well done and introduced him to Sophia, my higher self, who now runs the show. For the most part, Henry has been gracious in his retirement though occasionally he throws out some advice which I thank him for, reminding him that he is free to drift along now, not concerning himself with the workings of my days. He has grown to be fond of Sophia and admits that she is skilled in running my show.

There is a clearing that is taking place to allow room for the new aspects of ourselves to enter in. We are in the process of bringing our entire soul group into this body. We can invite in all the highest vibrational aspects from all of our many lives and make use of our myriad gifts garnered throughout time and space. How fun is that!!! The anxiety arises in the letting go. The fear that we are losing something instead of the joy of all that is to be gained. This is being outpictured through the loss of jobs, relationships, homes, security. The outer structures of society are crumbling, forcing us to go inside for some connection. This is all part of the plan to move us from an outer directed world to an inner directed one where we know our connection to Source.  All of our security is internal. We were taught to look outside to social security, an insurance policy, dollars in the bank, a corporation as the means of survival in this world. Now the pendulum has swung and we must face ourselves in a new way.

Two insects mating, i moved them outside and they did not register my interference at all. They were so fully in their moment that the outer disturbance held no import for them.

To let go, we must trust that there is something better coming our way. We let go of old angers and find the freedom as love flows. We let go of focusing on the ills of the world and discover the peace of the space around us. We let go of possessions and discover the lightness that brings. We let go of trying to control other people’s lives and discover that we have work to do in our own. We let go of seeking answers outside of ourselves and  discover the wisdom within. Everything that we seek, can be found within our own being.

So as the anxiety rises up in your being, greet it with a smile. Thank it for alerting you that things are different. That much is falling away, that much is crumbling. Rejoice in this news and surrender to the dismantling of the old way of living. Allow the new to flow through you and see where it takes you. Stay in the moments, feeling each emotion fully and then releasing once again. The in breath and out breath. We are being newly born. Treat yourself  with the upmost tenderness and care. We are birthing our divinity. What a sight we are!

I AM Being Reborn in a New Way

A new vista, a new day!

I awoke just now and throughout the night with that phrase playing in my head. I Am being reborn in a new way! I am a new being in a new land. My gratitude is immense for this gift! I have waited a lifetime, no, many lifetimes for this moment.  It is symbolic that today, the Fourth of July, is the celebration of the birthday of my country, and I am feeling this rebirth of  myself.

July has arrived with a flurry of energy. I am reminded over and over to trust in divine timing in all aspects of my life. When I am aligned and present in the moment, the magic enters with such ease and grace. On the first of July, I experienced waves of high anxiety running through me. I was trying to trace its source while I was fully feeling each wave. These waves came in the midst of a high energy two day wedding of my nephew. It was an Indian wedding with Japanese culture added to the mix so quite a spectacle of sights and sounds as their two family cultures merged.The family ancestral lines were open to be cleared from both cultures. I was aware of much energy moving and shifting. After a late night, I awoke early to the most intense waves of anxiety I had ever experienced. Off the charts! I knew it was something to do with myself and two of the dearest hearts to me. I sent out a call for help and a dear friend came to anchor me as the waves crashed within.

The Beloved painting that I created for the newlyweds. The Rumi quote is: "I want your sun to reach my raindrops so your heat can raise my soul upward like a cloud."

The divine mother came in and showed me what was taking place. The three of us created a trinity that was now in full motion. I held the mother flame as another held the father flame. The third carried the Christ energy and the moment had arrived for that energy to be anchored openly on the earth plane. As mother and father, we had nurtured and protected that flame and now it was to be released in its full glory. A fourth had also played the protector role to this bearer of Christ light in the years leading up to this time. The one chosen to be the father had abdicated his role and his son stepped in as father. I love the way the universe ensures that all will come to rights, whether we step in to our roles or not. There is always a back up plan and there is no judgment if we choose another path. The third, the bearer of this Christ light, fearlessly stepped in. I witnessed the planetary grid light up as his essence streamed forth. My mother’s heart felt all the emotions of Mother Mary when Jesus’ light entered into the world. Knowing that it would be distorted, misunderstood, tried and tested. Knowing that the Christ light stood in loving vulnerability to the world, as any type of protection was not a part of its essence. The Christ light is pure love. Waves of grief rolled in as the weight of the sacred drama of the past was released to allow this love to move in its purity. Trusting that this one so dear to my heart, was up to the task and no longer needed to be shielded by the mother’s protective heart of love. As my mother’s heart cried out, he sent a wave of such loving assurance, that my friend was stunned by its impact. He said, “All is as it should be. I am ready. The time is now. Have no fear as I was born for this moment. Be at peace. ” His pure love spread around the planet as a flame. The time is now, the earth is prepared to hold these energies once again and this time there shall be no distortion.

The designs projected on the ceiling in the wedding room.

I and the one acting as father,  had held the polarity in our beings as we awaited this moment, knowing it was to come. And yet the surprise that it was now, that we are here in this landscape of the new. The Christ light enters for us all. As this light went forth, it acted as a trigger for many souls, alerting them that it was now time to release their bodies and energies and step through the door to the other side of the veil. Each one knew this as their contract. It is what their souls offered to assist in bringing in the new age. We each have our part to play in this most magical of times. I could feel the anxiety as this information was carried to the individuals as well as that of their loved ones who were sensing their imminent departure. It moved through me in waves of tears as it felt like there would be hundreds of thousands taking their leave. I knew it was all part of the divine plan yet felt the fear, anxiety and grief as the trigger was pulled. The beauty of their gift of departure was fully felt as it clears the way for the new light vibrations to enter in. I honored their gift through my body as I sobbed and shook with the waves of energy.

After this high voltage light moved through me, I was limp. Spent. My friend, who knows me intimately, said that she had no idea this was what I was working on.  Yes, I have been blessed to have been cloaked, to have worked under cover of my Father/Mother’s love these past years. Now that cloak has been thrown aside and my heart must stand on its own, beaconing its light to the world. The same is true for these hearts so dear to me. We have removed our cloaks, sheathed our swords (an act of courage for this heart!) to stand naked in the flames of love.

The mehendi design on my hand, part of the Sangeet ceremony.

As a people, we had to have moved past the guru time when the impulse to deify the Christ light was present. We had to grow enough in ourselves to recognize this light as our own. To feel it light up inside our own hearts and reflect the beauty there. To own this light as our power and not give it away to another. This has ever been my prayer, since my own awakening, that each one would discover the beauty of their own heart’s light and fan that flame. That each would tend the altar of their own heart and know it as the source of all nourishment and love. With this unveiling of the Christ light into the crystalline grid that surrounds our earth, all have access. We are being supported to bring this light into our beings and know our own Christhood. That was ever Jesus’ message that was usurped by the church as a means of control. There is no controlling one who answers to their own authority as the Christ. This is our birthright, to be the Christ. To emanate that love into the world. It is not for the elect, it is for all. We are all invited to sup at this table, to imbibe this light and become it.

All is internal. The sacred is found within. Acceptance is found there as is strength and courage. The wedding saw me facing a family that had rejected me after my divorce five years ago. I was placed on the do not call list and felt its sting after 25 years of being a member. Yet, I had never resonated with this group, though I spent many years trying to make myself fit in. I honor my nephew for extending the invitation when it would have been easier for all to not have done so. It was a joy to be in its midst, no longer looking for acceptance from this tribe, rather knowing how fully accepted and valued I am. There is such freedom in this!

The first night was a bit rocky for me as the triggers came as I felt the unease my presence created. There was in me, a young woman, a middle aged woman and all the ages in between, yearning to be seen and validated by this family. This is when friends of the soul are so valuable. A call the next morning cleared it for me as she reminded me that it was all for created by me, for me.  Every thought that was triggered was there for me to feel and release fully. To burn up in the flame of love with such gratitude for each player who gave the awkward hug and then rushed away in confusion. She helped me to see it all as energy given me to feast upon. To have no judgment of it, rather to watch it work its magic on me. I was being so gifted! The wedding day itself found me enjoying the moments in greater fullness of understanding. I wore a sari that I had purchased in India for a wedding I attended. I had forgotten how beautiful it was and the beauty that I felt while wearing it. The divine feminine goddesses infilled me as I donned my garment. I was imbued with their grace. Grace……how it fills my life. We are so cherished, so loved, cared for at every turn. This wedding was for me to heal old wounds, to clear the past and write a new story. To allow the river of love to flow, knowing that was all that was required of me.  I have grown in my ability to see myself in a new light. I am empowered, I am standing in my truth. I am awake to who I am. My magnificence thrills me as I breathe deep and clear all that I am no longer. My heart offers up its chalice, wanting it to be so clear, so polished, so empty of self, so well crafted in beauty as to be worthy of the Creator’s love. The Creator has always held us as worthy, as divine, as part of the whole. Our task is to know this in each cell in our bodies and beam that knowing into the world.

I raise my cup to my two dear hearts who have played their parts with such grace. I am honored to be in their company. I celebrate our trinity. I celebrate the fourth who sheltered this flame for many years and then stepped aside when the timing was right. I celebrate the one who abdicated his role and the one who stepped in. I celebrate this bearer of the Christ light who has held to this purity through the years. I celebrate this new life that has been gifted each of us. I walk this sacred path in awe and delight for its mystery. I hold each of you in love and appreciation for your hearts that are playing your parts so well. Espavo.  (It means thank you for taking your power). As well as Namaste (I bow to the divine in you.)