The Aftermath

I love Mount Shasta!

The day after the Solstice, I awoke in my tent to a great fatigue in my body. Wow, it almost felt as if the energies had fried me! I managed to get up to go to the bathroom but returned to lie down. I thought of the juiciness of an orange in my pack but let that thought drop as I felt too tired to peel it. Now that is fatigue! I decided to stay in my tent until the heat of the sun would drive me out. It was a beautiful day but I felt almost too fragile to be out in the elements. As the sun made its warmth felt, I crawled out to contemplate where I could continue to recline without ants swarming over me.

A phone call altered the course of my day as I decided to make the drive to Sacramento for the weekend. A friend had planned on joining me to camp, that fell through, rain and cold were forecast for the weekend, my son was not well and could use some tending and I wanted to make a piece of art as a wedding gift for my nephew and his bride. So, following the flow as the stream twisted and turned, I packed up my camp. I love how easy it is these days to be unattached to the whats, wheres, whys and hows of life! To be fully present with an open heart and tune in to the energies of the moment.

My man, El Morya

The four hour drive flew by, fortunately driving is relaxing for me. I tone and sing and have some of my best meditative times in Maxie. I had purchased a powerful picture of El Morya that I placed on my dash and communed with on the drive.  He might appear stern but I know his heart that is so passionate with God’s will and love. I laughed to remember my second sacred marriage vision where I was stating my readiness and calling for my scepter, my crown and robe. As you can see, these are pretty standard adornments for our ascended master selves! I know this sounds fantastical to many, but I am following my prompting here to share such imagery as it is the truth of who we are that we are growing into. We are being asked to expand into the truth of our beings and believe me, we are beings of great light.

Today was the rest day after my drive. Happy to be in the comfort of a house (thank you former hubby for this safe landing spot) with my son. I have not spent any time out of doors really as the sun felt too intense, the wind a bit too pushy……I did get dressed to attend a women’s group with a friend. On the drive to her house to carpool, I suddenly knew that the energies were too chaotic for me to be out and about. I felt tearful and tired and knew that I needed stillness, comfort and a long nap. My friend understood as what else can we do in these times but respond to the  needs of our bodies that are such amazing beings. We are transforming internally on a scale that would boggle our minds if we could but see it. I am so grateful for how well this dear body handles all that is thrown at her. I was so grateful to be home, to rest, to stare out at the trees and light.

The stillness of the pond from our weekend retreat is still with me.

There will be time in the future where my energy is a steady stream that I can move upon but for now, I flow with its ebbs and currents. To have no fixed agenda, to allow my highest good to present itself each moment, to follow my heart’s promptings and let it stir me to tears as I feel the love enfold me. To dance internally with the diamond of my heart. I am blessed.

2 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. Ahhh… embracing the energies with open arms. I Love you Linda! Sharing strengthens our love circle and helps others understand the frequencies bouncing around us. I am releasing as much as possible each day with toning, singing and letting go of ancestral “stuff” regarding my old behavioral patterns.
    I’m really appreciating those old patterns I easily recognize that come back so often for me to practice my Love and Light on. Realizing all is illusional vibrations helping me formulate a new scale of vibrational even-ness. When those fractals of out of balance frequencies come passing through it is getting easier for me to just smile, laugh in appreciation and watch the old strength they carried have no place in my field any longer. It’s all for the greater Love of all…..
    Rest and laughter is good medicine for me even if it’s just between Me and myself. It gets around the planet and into the places it needs to go. We are One
    My Love always..

  2. Dear Bev,
    Thank you for all that you do! I love the toning, it truly moves energy quickly. Some days I forget that tool, thanks for the reminder today! Yes, I am resting heaps this weekend and I too believe it goes where it needs to go for all of us. We are truly beginning to live the oneness.
    I love you,

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