Heart Entrainment

It is time for me to paint a new heart image instead of this with its bruises and batterings. It has been made new in this light.

Our hearts are such powerful instruments of love. A beloved of mine, is called “the chaos eater” by his tribe. He is in charge of situations involving disruptive energies at events. It is a role he has played for years and is now ready to leave behind. As we mature as a society and come into the oneness of unity, there will no longer be chaos nor a need for anyone outside of ourselves to monitor or police our behavior. We will bathe all in love rather than imprison ourselves in harshness. We will understand that love can melt the most recalcitrant heart. That all anger and violence is a call for help, a call for love.

One morning during a recent Venus transit event, I met this man directly after his encounter with an intense situation. A man was being verbally aggressive with his Chief, almost escalating to physical aggression. My dear one dealt with the situation with the old warrior adreneline based response. I could feel his heart pounding and the energy running through him. I placed my hand on his heart and looked into his eyes. Within a minute or so, he began to melt. LIterally, his whole body sagged as his breath came out in a sigh of release. He wondered at what I did to him. I told him that I entrained his heart with mine. I have been practicing it in my dream time and know that I can do it with thousands. I breathe out my love into another’s heart, filling it with a slow, steady beat that nourishes and restores calmness and peace. I fill each cell with the knowing of its truth as love. Truly, that is only a breath away for us all.

Peaceful scene that quiets my heart.

When we encounter difficult situations, pass by others in conflict, feel dense energies, we can practice our heart entrainment techniques. You do not have to say anything nor even touch another. Simply drop into your heart of love, breathe in that love and send it out to the other hearts you see. Send pictures if you like of a peaceful lake or a quiet stream or flower filled meadow. Perhaps see a puppy licking the person’s face. Any image that brings to you a feeling of peace and calm. You are transmitting a feeling. Our hearts are connected and we can feel one another more and more these days. Carry your heart into every area of your life. When you walk into a room and you feel tension, cleanse it with your heart flame. Carry your atmosphere around you always. Offer your heart flame to all as an aid when you feel discord of any kind. Melt it all away.

I look forward to the day that we no longer erect statues to the warrior of old energies.

We are letting go of the warrior of old and becoming warriors of the heart. We are learning that all fear comes from the lack of love. We are becoming lovers. We can love all of life free with our hearts. Whenever you see pain expressed such as a short tempered clerk at the grocery store, a mother speaking with anger to a child, people driving with aggression……breathe into your heart and know that you can send out a flame of such peace and love that it can be felt. Send it out with abandon. Do not hold back. Let your love fly!  Think of a society where there is no need for police or security. We become the security by holding one another in love. Where folks are no longer trained to carry guns but are trained to entrain hearts. To be heart whisperers. To listen to another’s story with an open and receptive heart. To reflect back to the other, their own beauty and light. For in truth, all aggression asks only to be loved. To be acknowledged. To be accepted. Once that is felt, the heart sighs in joy. The shadows are changed to light and all appears brighter. It takes effort to live in the shadowlands. All there are awaiting freedom. In this time, we are asked to free all of our own shadows as this in turn, frees others as well as our mother earth.

So many of us are diligent about recycling, buying organic and living a green life in support of our mother. It is beautiful to see. Yet if we walk around carrying our shadows, holding to resentments, being non-forgiving of others or more commonly, of self, we are polluting the earth. We are clogging her drains with shadows that keep her from flowing free. To love ourselves free is our most important work. To face every emotion that comes to us, squarely, in the now moment, dealing with it directly with love. To stay current with our feelings rather than tucking them away in the attics and basements of our hearts. The Venus transit and all the cosmic alignments of late have come to assist us to clean house. We are being asked to do a thorough spring cleaning of all that we have stored away out of fear of feeling it fully. Open your heart, sweep all the shadows and cobwebs of pain to the fore. Feel each memory in its full depth, thank it for serving you once, then release it to the earth. Our mother will take it and use it as mulch to grow more beauty and light. Ask her assistance. She is eager to see the weight in you lifted as it lifts her. We want to live lightly upon her. Our heavy unresolved emotions weigh more heavily than all the plastic bottles we throw away.

Water reminds us to let the feelings flow freely, through us to the earth. That way our energy runs clear and bright like this waterfall. i want to be this!

We talk about our carbon footprint. What about our emotional footprint? What trail are you leaving behind? Footprints of peace and love that others who follow in your steps can feel? Or footprints of heaviness and pain that others must clean up?. Ask for assistance from the angels and our mother earth. All are here to help you if you feel frozen by the prospect of this clearing. Begin, one memory at a time. Take them out of the closets and release them to be made new. Think of how many goodwill bags of stuff you can clear! Think of how light you will be with that weight gone! Once the river of love can flow freely through your heart, you will walk taller and with a lift in your step. Your being truly does become one of light, that is who we all truly are. We were never meant to carry around heavy bags of remorse, pain, anxiety, suffering. Our hearts were created to love all. To transmute all back to the light of day, to the truth of the only reality. The reality of love.

Let your heartlight stream so bright, illuminating your brilliant colors just as this canyon did.

Clear your heart. It clears mine. We are one so what I do, you will feel. What you do, affects me. Offer this gift to yourself, to one another, to your society, to our world. The time is now. Breathe deep and send out that heartlight, first to yourself with so much love and gratitude for your own beauty and light, and then to all others. Become a space clearer, bring your heartight everywhere. Our world is becoming brighter by the day. Add your light to it and breathe in the feeling of joy and love. I love you all so.

37 thoughts on “Heart Entrainment

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      You are welcome! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. The carbon footprint idea is a way I may be able to expand to a certain audience. The essence is LOVE. Isn’t it exciting to know it so clearly?!
      ribbons of heartlight streaming to you with such pink and golden love

  1. this is beautiful and so timely for me…thank you, LL. I think i can let go of some old stuff and i am happy someone is holding some love entrainment so i can find my way again!!

    • Dear Kate,
      So glad that we are in sync! We are all finding our way in the lovelight. Blessings and ribbons of heartlight streaming to you,

  2. Words cant express just how much this resonates within me. Thank you Soo much for posting , Venus transit is bringing the Divine Feminine to the fore, heart entrainments will change the world :)

    • Dear Ewa,
      We are mirrors for one another! I am so glad to meet you. We are changing the world with our beautiful hearts of love. I awoke this morning and knew myself as dazzling!!
      streaming ribbons of heartlight to you with such love,

    • Dear Karen,
      Wow, I am thrilled that the energy of these words had that effect! It tells me that your heart is one of immense beauty and light. So glad that you are shining it in the world.
      Streaming mine to you with love

    • Tears at your words. Yes, I am here now and can hold all in my heart. Thank you for witnessing my truth. I love you, Linda

  3. I was recently rushed to an ER and had a clogged artery reopened in my heart. For days I felt the love telephone callers pouring love in from all sides and was forced to expand the concept of how large my heart chamber was. It seemed I could hold about five tims as much love as I could before imagine. When I would get another call I would unload the love to the next caller. The response was predictably warming and calming. The heart is so much more than you can imagine. And people were feeling me 5,000 miles from Hawaii where I was. Trust this force …trust the transmission.

    • Dear JIm,
      I am so glad that your heart is expanding in its capacity and that you are aware of it as it happens. I trust your physical heart heals as it embraces this expansion. When my heart shattered in a million pieces after meeting and then parting with a beloved, I discovered that each shard became a whole. Who knew? Alchemy at its finest. On the Venus transit when I was asked by the Creator to anchor the new codes of divine love in this earth plane with this same beloved one (the universe orchestrated a few day reunion and healing), I was shown that my heart held the earth in its embrace. That to hold the earth was within my abilities. I had been up late the night before facing my fears of being enough to hold what i was being asked to do. I knew it could lead to my heart shattering once again. I surrendered and knew that were I to explode in a thousand points of light and exist no more on this plane, I would feel only joy!
      My beloved could not hold the idea in his mind when I shared what we were being asked to do yet he offered me his heart with such childlike trust. And in that offering, the alchemy took place. The union not being physical as was asked of us, on 10-10-10, but rather childlike innocence of such purity. The divine love that has been anchored now is beyond male/female, beyond sexual, beyond any duality. I have carried this purity with me always and now understand so much of my path in this life. To hold and anchor this divine love is the all of me. That i have been entrusted with this mission, leaves me breathless with awe. Thank you for sharing your story and listening to mine. I trust the all and the oneness and my own heart most of all. I am glad that you are trusting yours. Streaming ribbons of liquid lovelight to you, Linda

      • In reading your reply here I just simply had to share. Towards the end of 2011, my dad passed. I love my dad deeply, yet could not stay in sadness as the Love outpouring from old friends of my parents, as well as neighbors and relatives, came to honor him and share their love for my dad with my family. It was a tsunami of love that I felt that filled me up. It continues to do so just at the remembrance of it.
        Resolving my dad’s meager holdings proved to be a further call to hold Love and Light. As an issue arose that I thought I had resolved years ago, there were many tears, frustration and anger that poured out of me as I attempted to work through it by talking to my wonderful husband. This night was tiring and left me feeling spent. As I prayed and meditated before bed, I asked to be free of those feelings surrounding this issue once and for all. Immediately I received an image in my mind of a shard, stuck into my body sharply at an angle. As it was pulled out, any space where it had been was instantaneously filled with White Light and Love and healed completely. No wound, no scar, no trace. Only Wholeness and Love.
        I received this message loud and clear and it continues to help me to release any negative thoughts or feelings that remain. For how often are we afraid to even jiggle or wiggle an old shard for fear of the pain? It doesn’t have to be that way. We do not need to live in pain or fear of pain. Just trust and ask that the Light and Love take its place and be willing to release.
        Holding you and others within this Light, Love and Peace,

        • Dear Denise,
          You are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story. I love your image of the shard and how true it is that we fear pulling it out. Trust is so important and the knowing follows that knows that light and love are always there to infill the deepest sorrow. Thank you for your beingness and the light that you share with us all.
          I feel your love and am a mirror reflecting it back to you. Ribbons of heartlight streaming and playing in your delightful heartspace!

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      How wonderful that our hearts have found one another across the oceans. The ribbons of heartlight stream bright between us and create a golden cord on which the liquid lovelight dances. I love you,

  4. Linda, like Kate I am grateful for someone entraining my heart with this love field. Thank you for this beautiful invitation and holding this space for me/us as I encounter difficult feelings and focus on allowing and elevating–dissolving them in love. Beautiful. I love you. -Meredith

    • Dear Meredith,
      We are entraining one another’s heart with such love. I am beginning to feel the fun of it, of seeing the child in all that asks for this heartlight to surround them. Seeing the reality of love so clearly that all else dissolves as mist. I love you so dear sister of my heart,

  5. I have not heard of the term “heart entrainment”….and yet I know it is very much a part of who I have always been and continue to be. Thank you for these words of wisdom.

    • Dear Kate,
      from one heart whisperer to another……welcome! We are changing the world.
      Streaming ribbons of heartlight your way with love,

  6. Thank you oh so very much for your inspiring ,beautifull message today..You have helped me start the clearing process of negative, and hurtfull situations i felt as a child..Much gratitude to you..and all that you do..You are simply DEVINE!!!!xoxoxoxo

    • Dear Deborah,
      I am so grateful to be a catalyst for your clearing! Thank you for sharing that with me. I see your divinity shining through and know your powerful heartlight can change all back to the truth of love.
      Streaming ribbons of heartlight to you, filled with love,

  7. Dear Karen,
    Oh, you have made my day!!! Thank you. We are one light and one love.
    My ribbons of heartlight are streaming to you with such love,

  8. ‘That all anger and violence is a call for help, a call for love.’ is such a helpful insight and perspective. Seeing and realising for what it truly is, makes responding from the heart easier and the most logic response: { action ~ reaction }, thank you Linda, for your beautiful and profound writing!
    Love and blessings,


    • Dear Laure,
      thank you for your words. I am a mirror for your beautiful heart. It is so easy to see the little child crying out for love in each one. My heart opens wide and surrounds that tantrum throwing child with a pink blanket of love, whatever the appearance of age.
      Streaming ribbons of lovelight to you,

  9. Brilliant! Thank you so much for this sharing/invitation, LL. I will surely join you, skipping, loving, and laughing with wild abandon! Entraining the heart….perfect!!!

    • Dear Claudia,
      Oh, I love skipping with you in wild abandon! We can weave our ribbons of heartlight everywhere!
      yours are so beautiful.
      Beaming love,

  10. A lovely, lovely post. You have said very eloquently so much of what I feel and know.. Thank you for writing. Thank you for entraining hearts along your path. You have given me more food for though and action. My heart is full. and I will carry that forward.

    • Dear Denise,
      It is a pleasure to be a mirror for your beautiful heart! I am grateful for the way you carry your heartlight into the world. Keep on shining!
      Streaming ribbons of liquid lovelight to you,

  11. Oh, Linda. This helps me so much. I too have had the visions. AND am going through this without knowing what it was until know. Calming the chaos with my heart light. Namaste. Love. Heart’s blessings.

    • Dear Melissa,
      I am so glad that you wrote. How beautifully you have walked your path, trusting without knowing. Now the knowing begins to come on strong. Thank you for beaming your beautiful heartlight into this world.
      Streaming my ribbons of liquid lovelight into your heart with love.

  12. Wow Linda – this is so beautiful… I am so grateful to be able to see, feel and acknowledge all of the love that I am capable of, and see and feel others on the same path/ or on totally different paths! We are the most powerful of creator gods, and waking up to this fact is Glorious!!! This is truly an awe inspiring time to BE. Yay Team/US/ ALL!!! :)
    Thank you again xoxoxoxox jen <3

    • Dear Jen,
      I, too, love our team!!! We are amazing, glorious, majestic beings. I felt dazzled by myself today!! Glad to meet another dazzler. Thank you for shining your light so brightly. Sending ribbons of heartlight to dance with yours

  13. Lovely. And a wonderful reminder to me this day.

    I have been in an intense situation, much like the one you described, and found myself forgetting that the best and most powerful response I had was to transmit love from the heart.

    I used to do this automatically whenever coming into the frequency of chaos and somewhere, along the way, I forgot it was the first and best course of action.

    Thank you for a very timely reminder.

    • Dear Neva,
      You are so welcome! I believe that we are all here to remind one another as it is so easy to fall into forgetfulness. Thank you for being a pathfinder on the road to love all this time. Blessings and love to you,

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