My Mountain Magic Continues

The magic mountain that has captured my heart.

These days with Mount Shasta continue to be so full. I am expanding and expanding in her/his light. I drove to the end of the road this morning to commune with the energy. I hiked up a ways till I came to a rock that was carved to fit my body. I sat and closed my eyes and allowed the mountain to fill me. My open palms began to tingle as they were filled with violet light. The energy moved to my lips that felt alive with the kiss that a gentle breeze pressed close. I laughed at being kissed by a mountain but was assured that it was true. I have taken the mountain inside of me as I surrendered to her/his wisdom.

Up close and personal.

I was shown that I now carry the mountain’s energy in a new way. I will move as a mountain and wherever Spirit directs my path, I will bring the anchoring, steady presence of deep peace and unwavering strength. Those who know me, know my Spirit can be bubbly and quick but this is a new infusion that is gracing my life. I can feel the chaos storm clouds in the air but I am to tone my tone and anchor deep within the mountain’s air that now moves with me. There are many mountains in the land, this deep anchoring occurring for a tribe of us who came here to hold it all as the tension grows. Our hearts are mighty and our roots strong as we put forth our song that all is well and all will be well in this world of ours. We are holding open the ascension gates for the masses to pass through. Many are yet unaware that there be gates at all but soon their hearts will show them where to turn.

Joy flowing in all my cells.....singing!

The excitement is building as my heart shows me the truth beyond the surface chaos. We are moving into the time of creating our deepest desires through our hearts’ fire. We each add our piece as we imagine the world that we wish to live in. Dream big! This is our time. A friend called to ask my opinion of an opportunity that came to her. Her heart felt joy filled excitement as she took it in. Later her head began its dialogue of the old work ethic; you must stay in one place, establish yourself, slowly build your business by being responsible and dependable. It takes time, you cannot be running off to take a joy break!

Fiery sky saying goodnight.

Yes, this has been true in our past but no longer holds. We are creating through our joy, truly it is by living in the moments and filling each one to the brim with our joy, that we bring through our dreams. We are being asked to create in an entirely new way. I have no rule book, there are no guidelines to follow of how to work this magic. Yet, I know that this ability is mine and each day look forward to practicing my craft, grateful for Spirt that cares for my body’s needs.  We are encoded to evolution and are ever moved on that path. In each day, there are opportunities for joy, it depends so on the lens you choose to wear. I have always been a rose colored glasses kind of gal!

My tent just fit in this space created by five trees. I offered tobacco at their feet and have slept blessed and deep.

And what of our hearts’ desires? Many teach how to use the law of attraction to bring material things. As most have discovered, things do not happiness bring. I have dropped the word money and speak of it all as energy, abundance. I open myself to receive abundance on every level. I go into the feeling of what I want and see myself living in a place where each person I meet is one who can look deep into my eyes and our hearts can commune in the sweet music of home. Where all are loved and valued for their unique tone. Where my heart leaps up each morning with the sun, eager to see love manifesting in all things. Knowing all are cared for, there is no want. Co-creating our vision of Eden reborn. Feeling loved in every fiber of my being and being that love in the world. Knowing that I am seen as I see others for their truth and their light. No outer appearances to deceive as all is known in this radiant light. As a people, we all share the basic desire to be loved and to love. To know our place in our tribe, to add our note to the song. We have let go of things and search for the feelings found in peace and lovelight.

Pure waters flowing out of the mountain that taste like crystal light.

May your moments be filled with the love that wells inside. Each of us has been blessedwith this well of love. It may take drilling and clearing and you may have to go deep. But rest assured, the well is there, ready to be tapped so that you can drink in the liquid lovelight. An elixir so rare, hidden so near. Who knew? Dive in, drink deep and share this light.

Embracing All of Ourselves

Image from yesterday of Mount Shasta that captures some of the magic that I took part in.

Mount Shasta called me back to experience the OM crystal as it was activated. I felt it as a blast in my body that required a retreat from the darkening cold of the day. I awoke in the night with a belly swollen and cramped as the light sought integration in my body.  I flipped open a book and   came upon this poem that spoke to my heart.


Reading poems
I question the grief

still in process moving through my belly,
the stiff contours of my throat, the shaking

that lives in back of my thighs, calves,
extreme targets of energy having rested

there for years burrowing in with my mind
saying do not feel, push down and now

nowhere to go except to feel
the slim connection still there, joy

remains behind and underneath
the grief as i allow grief to flow

out, acknowledging yes I have been
too long in pain.

-John Joseph Crimmins

( I could find no personal information on this poet and ask his indulgence to reprint it here.)

Dear hearts braving the cold to come together in honoring this Holy Mountain of Shasta.

I see so many folks in the throes of this pain that is crying out for release. Our bodies will no longer carry this burden, instead they are demanding to be lightened. Our freedom is at hand as all around I hear the nervous laughter and laments, “I am being shredded”, “all is falling apart”, “we are in the fiery furnace”, “my life is out of control”. We are letting go of this stored grief that we had thought so cleverly hidden that none would ever find. I was surprised to find how I had hid lumps of it, deep within my cells. It is the great unmasking as we shed our false selves to come with our bruised and battered hearts to the mirror of ourselves. The mirror asks of us, “Will you love me without the mask? Will you find me acceptable despite my blackened face? Can you see the light in me and love me yet?”

Yes and yes again. I embrace each lump of coal, each sorrow that could not be borne, each arrow that had embedded in my frame. Now is the call to be the warriors of the heart that we are. To acknowledge our mastery, our mysterious natures created from sinew, bone and thought. Our bodies are rejecting the role of landfill of our lives. They are wanting to glow with our heartlight, to dance with fluid expression, to fill with the Christos, the light from on high. Quick, let us be about the plucking of those arrows of shame and remorse, dig out the pockets of betrayal, scrap away the unworthiness and haul up the leaden buckets of not enough love.

Gold, blue, browns.....our mother dazzling in her light.

Our earth has been drilled and filled with toxins aplenty. Our hearts lament, and wish to take action. We look outside ourselves for a cause to join to appease our aching hearts. As in all things, we have been trained to look everywhere but to the one source. It is inward, always has been, in each and every thing. I have made of my body, a dumping ground of the most toxic of thoughts and emotions. I wore my mask well so that none might smell the stench of decaying darkened moments. We spend inordinate time and money to dress well, attend to the hairs on our head, cover our scents with perfumes all the while, the inner dross grows in its darkness. To clear the toxins from our mother’s heart, we must clear our own. This is the work of the now moment. To free ourselves to be the light and beauty that we are. To retrace the steps to each moment of darkness that we could not face. To call upon our angels and star families to take our hands and help us do this thing before us.

It is time to claim stewardship over the microcosm of our beings so as to be enlightened stewards over the macrocosm of this mother of ours.

Many have been in the process of clearing households, letting go of possessions, feeling the freedom that comes from owning less and thereby, having more. This is the next step, to do the internal housekeeping with a loving heart. To embrace each shadow with a heart felt hug, to greet all with a smile of welcome. There is no time to wait. There is no agency to call upon. This task awaits each one. Trust to your courage, your fortitude and call on your team to guide the way. But begin, we must.

As you clear, ask for each cell now vacant to be filled with your own light. Each of us has a storehouse that is larger than our homes, larger than our cities, larger than this dear planet! Yes, you are that light, that love. Call it forth into your newly prepared rooms. The Creator is asking to take up residence in your heart and mine. He/She cannot enter when we have packed all the rooms and shut the doors. The love is wanting to enter in. Toss the judgments out and make room. This is a window given in love, take it in love and run with it. Breathe deep and ask. You will be shown where and how to begin.

A life of lightness and such love awaits. You will no longer need anyone nor anything to assure you that you are OK, that you are acceptable, that you are anything but the love that will course through your veins. This I know to be truth and my heart rejoices in it. Let the river of love flood through your being and your life will be transformed. We will then see true magic as our earthly mother dons her garments of light once again. Do you see? We have held the keys all along. We are the creators of our reality. Which world do you chose to live in? If you choose peace, harmony, abundance for all……make sure you are all these things and it shall come to pass.

The Aftermath

I love Mount Shasta!

The day after the Solstice, I awoke in my tent to a great fatigue in my body. Wow, it almost felt as if the energies had fried me! I managed to get up to go to the bathroom but returned to lie down. I thought of the juiciness of an orange in my pack but let that thought drop as I felt too tired to peel it. Now that is fatigue! I decided to stay in my tent until the heat of the sun would drive me out. It was a beautiful day but I felt almost too fragile to be out in the elements. As the sun made its warmth felt, I crawled out to contemplate where I could continue to recline without ants swarming over me.

A phone call altered the course of my day as I decided to make the drive to Sacramento for the weekend. A friend had planned on joining me to camp, that fell through, rain and cold were forecast for the weekend, my son was not well and could use some tending and I wanted to make a piece of art as a wedding gift for my nephew and his bride. So, following the flow as the stream twisted and turned, I packed up my camp. I love how easy it is these days to be unattached to the whats, wheres, whys and hows of life! To be fully present with an open heart and tune in to the energies of the moment.

My man, El Morya

The four hour drive flew by, fortunately driving is relaxing for me. I tone and sing and have some of my best meditative times in Maxie. I had purchased a powerful picture of El Morya that I placed on my dash and communed with on the drive.  He might appear stern but I know his heart that is so passionate with God’s will and love. I laughed to remember my second sacred marriage vision where I was stating my readiness and calling for my scepter, my crown and robe. As you can see, these are pretty standard adornments for our ascended master selves! I know this sounds fantastical to many, but I am following my prompting here to share such imagery as it is the truth of who we are that we are growing into. We are being asked to expand into the truth of our beings and believe me, we are beings of great light.

Today was the rest day after my drive. Happy to be in the comfort of a house (thank you former hubby for this safe landing spot) with my son. I have not spent any time out of doors really as the sun felt too intense, the wind a bit too pushy……I did get dressed to attend a women’s group with a friend. On the drive to her house to carpool, I suddenly knew that the energies were too chaotic for me to be out and about. I felt tearful and tired and knew that I needed stillness, comfort and a long nap. My friend understood as what else can we do in these times but respond to the  needs of our bodies that are such amazing beings. We are transforming internally on a scale that would boggle our minds if we could but see it. I am so grateful for how well this dear body handles all that is thrown at her. I was so grateful to be home, to rest, to stare out at the trees and light.

The stillness of the pond from our weekend retreat is still with me.

There will be time in the future where my energy is a steady stream that I can move upon but for now, I flow with its ebbs and currents. To have no fixed agenda, to allow my highest good to present itself each moment, to follow my heart’s promptings and let it stir me to tears as I feel the love enfold me. To dance internally with the diamond of my heart. I am blessed.

Solstice on the Mount Shasta

Up close and personal.....taken from Panther Meadows

The Summer Solstice was a magical day coming as it did on the heels of much clearing. I had spent the weekend at an event with 13 wise women. We had co-created a beautiful tapestry of light that was infilled with the new energies. During the weekend, I experienced a dark night of clearing in my tent that was very intense. My head felt like it was being drilled with a jackhammer, waves of nausea rolled through as my emotional body went through a wringer. I emerged rather fragile the next morning, grateful to have come out the other side. The core separation from Source was up for healing, that sense of abandonment and exile from the Creator. A pain so huge that it threatened to overwhelm me. The following day, in a flood of tears it was released into a burst of laughter as I knew that it had all been an illusion. I was never separate nor alone. I am one with the Creator and all of life. Oh, the joy and relief of this knowing!

The well of the Mother on the mountain, we drank deep of this holy water.

The mountain called a friend and I to it on this special solstice day. We hiked into Sand Flats where I took a nap at the meadow with the mountain blazing its light down on us. We then made our way up to Panther Meadows where Saint Germain is said to hang out. We hiked across the snow fields to the womb of the mountain, the spring where the water originates. The Native Americans of the area call it the Mother and honor it in ceremony.

Panther Meadow magic!

We took out our crystals, cards, drawing materials and snacks and had a beautiful few hours communing with the crystalline energies that surrounded us. It was magical, snow and sun and the sound of the water burbling in the well and the snow melting in tiny rivelets of water. The air was vibrating with all the energies pouring in from the sun. I felt like a battery being charged by solar light. As the day was winding down, we hiked out and drove up as far as the road allowed on the mountain. There was a large gathering of folks, all glad to be on the mountain for this special day. I met a wonderful woman, another of the Mary’s. She actually carries the Monad of the Marys. In our sharing, we discovered that we had worked together two weeks before during the Venus transit. She was called to fast and pray for 7 days to hold the energy for what was taking place at Stewart Hot Springs. She did not know what it was, only that it was of great import and her light was needed. I cried when I heard this as she was holding the energies for Joseph and I as we anchored the new energies of love on that day. Oh, how mysterious is this universe of ours! How wonderfully interconnected we all are.

How grateful I am for each one who listens to his/her inner promptings and follows the direction given. She had been traveling and offering her services to the light for eight years, traveling in her van with her cat. It was such a delight to meet and share our hearts’ love. It was also such a validation for me of the work that Joseph and I did. Praise God! She gave me a photo that she had taken that day of the sun. There was a heart revealed with a flame coming out of it! I had been that flame and knew its heat.

On the way down the mountain, we stopped to watch the sun set. It was such a blessed day. We were so gifted with new energies of love and openness. I felt sated to my very core. I was so very grateful to crawl into my tent that night!

Solstice sunset

We are Ready!

Me capturing the beauty of the river.

Things are moving so fast, it takes so much energy simply to be in the energies and then I want to write and reflect on the energies. Ready for bed but I want to try and capture some of this before it disappears into the next moment. I am in a new space. Betwixt and between worlds had become the norm for some time. But now I am in a space where interaction with the illusion is taxing to the point of not being possible. I went into a grocery store today and was overwhelmed walking past the aisle for detergents. Chemical smells are toxic to me. Our senses are so heightened that a tiny sprig of lavender, crushed under my pillow from the end of a long day on my braid, woke me in the night with its power. LIghts seem too bright, even the beautiful outdoors can be too much for me when I am in this stage. The feel of the breeze on my skin can be raw.

sunlight sparkling

A friend sent a phrase she had received for me in meditation, harvesting celestial diamonds. I love that phrase and it made me think of my beloved, El Morya, with the diamond in his turban. I was drawn once again to daydreaming of the possibility of him as my beloved. I then read a recent channeling from Saint Germain saying that the upcoming solstice would see many ascended masters and archangels, lady masters and light beings taking embodiment in order to reunite with their twin flame! My heart lept at this sign as I had never heard anyone else speak of this. I felt its truth for myself but did not really think of how many others are awaiting their twins from the stars. Oh, I so wish to see this happen for all of us. For everyone to have their divine counterpart to share the lovelight with. I always felt that it would be the step that would set this new earth into motion. It feels imminent.

This marking on the path intrigued me. The rungs of the ascension ladder we are climbing?

The fatigue factor is mounting amongst the wayshowers. We are tired to the bone. I am ready for a long honeymoon in the Great Central Sun or some other exotic locale, perhaps a swing by Venus to bathe in the lovelight there. This show cannot continue much longer. I am ready to push any button just to see something happen! At this stage, any sign of movement would come as a relief. The care of the physical vessel, the wonder where to lay it each day, the inability to even imagine the process of searching for a place to live no less then furnishing it,  is too mind boggling for me. Continuing to journey feels hard. I feel so done. I want to lie in a field and be one with the breeze, the grasses, the dirt, the sun. Let the elements play with me, return me to the elements that I came from.

The view of oleanders outside the window as seen from the couch where I have lain prone.

This cannot go on for another six months. I feel that the solstice will spark some outer change as I move through my dreamlike days. I feel that I will drift into the new, floating into that space with such ease. Greeting my beloved as if it is the most natural thing in the world to find him beside me. Letting go of all beliefs……be lie fs. There is a lie embedded in them. A limitation as there is in any form of expectation. They confine what is possible in each new moment. I have shed it all, and know nothing. I live my truth in the moment, aware that the next moment, it could differ greatly. I celebrate this! I am showing up with all of who I am in each moment with my heart open. I am accepting the shadow aspects that are still coming to visit and be loved. I have let go of thinking that they “should” be gone by now. Oh, here is Miss Victim come to call once again. “Hello darling, you did not receive your due last time? I am so glad that you have called again. Let me embrace you and thank you for serving me as you did. We were a good team for a time. Now we can hug and say goodbye.”

Ascending does not mean the end. Rather a beginning of more joy, more understanding, more reunions with loved ones and more wholeness to offer in service.  We are a continual work in progress as we turn every aspect of our being over to the will of God. As we surrender to divine timing. As we trust in the order of the universe. As we know ourselves as sparks in God’s heart. I am ready for my new home, to create it through my heart. Ready to live in it. Tomorrow I pack my dear Maxie (my car) and head up to Mount Shasta to camp and attend an event before the solstice. It will be good to sleep on my mother again. To be with the mountain and water and see what magic it all holds. Thank you all for shining your light so bright. It helps me to see at night!

Clearing and more Clearing as the Chaos Rises

Oh my, these final exams of the heart are not easy!

There are times where the process takes us so deep, we cannot catch our breath to reflect. I am on the fast train to mastery this month, judging by what has shown up in my world. I am grateful for the inner images that pull me into daytime naps and dreams. They are what is sustaining me. A couple of days ago,  a friend arrived to do our favorite Stargate card activity. It is an old deck and system, from the 70’s she thinks, yet retains a power punch. It gives an accurate reading of where you are in your life but requires you to do the interpretation work. By doing it together, we offer one another our insights. Before we began, she stated that she needed a 20 minute nap. I love friends who are as present to their needs as I am.

We each lay down on a couch, she fell asleep and I went into a dream like experience. I was praying and doing some healing work on my dear Joseph. All of a sudden, hundreds, then thousands, then millions of folks lined up behind him to receive the healing. I saw how we can stop thinking small, we are expansive beings and what we call forth for one, we can call forth for the multitudes. My heart was throbbing like a drum in my chest as I felt the ribbons from my heart reach out to each one. Amazing. I was then spiraling with Joseph. I was riding a red dragon, his was gold. We were spiraling up to the Great Central Sun and diving back down the core of the earth, like a corkscrew. We turned into a pink flame of love pulsing in the inner core of the earth. Any separation dissolved as there was only light and love. To be that flame was the all of all. The flame burst into a million stars throughout the galaxy, each star appearing separate as a point of light but I could see the firmament that wove them all together. All was connected. All was one. Glistening, shimmering so bright. We have been trained to have such a limited view like a pinprick instead of a huge telescope of understanding. We are expanding into oneness, unity, heartlight.

I recalled Joseph saying that he had begun to see people as neither masculine nor feminine, rather simply energy.  We are moving to this androgyny as all duality falls away. The light from that flame moved up through the earth and I saw how everyone is being fed this love from our mother as well as receiving it through the sun’s rays from our father. Wonder. Later as we pulled out our card decks to play, I pulled the healing heart card. I loved the image as I had visualized myself touching his heart along with all the others.

A dancing oak tree, so tall and graceful. I lay against her and asked to be tutored in her ways.

This morning I feel a clarity that is sharp. I see that we have been given opportunities to close loops with others. I see myself moving as quickly as I can to activate, expand, complete with others. Once done, I feel that that particular lifetime is closed. It is a strange feeling as I can have been in such closeness, experienced a fullness and depth of sharing only to hear the click of the lock as that book closes. We are clearing our remaining karma with folks, completing our commitments to hold the door open for others. Last night, a final one with a loved one swung closed. The depth of love is so great,  I have stood holding the gate open with full hearts.  Many are desirous of the warmth of the light but reluctant to take the steps to claim it as their own. It is a lesson to me to allow him his path. To finally close the door on the pushing energy that is second nature to me for all those I love. I felt sadness as I surrendered him to the holiness of his own timing and path. I have done my work, I bless him in his and now I step back and allow.

Surrender is the name of the game, over and over. Trusting the divine timing for each soul on its path. Grateful for the tests that challenge me to my core. I felt such a Kali type anger flow through me the other night, so tired of the deceptions, the lies that continue to exist, the desire to continue in the comfort of the old dead story. It did not come out with grace nor softness, it was hard and pointed.  I felt remorse move through me at my action. I had to forgive myself for allowing the pain of all the years, to color my eruption. I asked for forgiveness of the other and had to allow my own.

Oh, the dearness of all of our hearts. The more impersonal life feels to me, the greater my love for humanity. I feel so deeply the dearness of each one striving to move through the mountains of pain and suffering. I watched the old shadow of being exiled, being cast from the tribe, the community, arise. Oh, how many lifetimes had I been rejected for stating my truth. I felt gratitude that this feeling was here to be loved. This dear self who longed so for community and acceptance, without having to live a lie. I embraced her and told her we would become a community of two, I would hold to her always. Then I gave the feeling of loneliness to the earth and she took it with such love. Sigh…..more inner space to now be filled with my own Christ light of love. I breathed out the loneliness and breathed in the love of Source. What a magical exchange. We are so gifted. We are so loved. Everything that appears in our world these days, is of importance. Everything a gift to be opened with a grateful heart. Hear me, oh universe, I AM grateful!


Heart Entrainment

It is time for me to paint a new heart image instead of this with its bruises and batterings. It has been made new in this light.

Our hearts are such powerful instruments of love. A beloved of mine, is called “the chaos eater” by his tribe. He is in charge of situations involving disruptive energies at events. It is a role he has played for years and is now ready to leave behind. As we mature as a society and come into the oneness of unity, there will no longer be chaos nor a need for anyone outside of ourselves to monitor or police our behavior. We will bathe all in love rather than imprison ourselves in harshness. We will understand that love can melt the most recalcitrant heart. That all anger and violence is a call for help, a call for love.

One morning during a recent Venus transit event, I met this man directly after his encounter with an intense situation. A man was being verbally aggressive with his Chief, almost escalating to physical aggression. My dear one dealt with the situation with the old warrior adreneline based response. I could feel his heart pounding and the energy running through him. I placed my hand on his heart and looked into his eyes. Within a minute or so, he began to melt. LIterally, his whole body sagged as his breath came out in a sigh of release. He wondered at what I did to him. I told him that I entrained his heart with mine. I have been practicing it in my dream time and know that I can do it with thousands. I breathe out my love into another’s heart, filling it with a slow, steady beat that nourishes and restores calmness and peace. I fill each cell with the knowing of its truth as love. Truly, that is only a breath away for us all.

Peaceful scene that quiets my heart.

When we encounter difficult situations, pass by others in conflict, feel dense energies, we can practice our heart entrainment techniques. You do not have to say anything nor even touch another. Simply drop into your heart of love, breathe in that love and send it out to the other hearts you see. Send pictures if you like of a peaceful lake or a quiet stream or flower filled meadow. Perhaps see a puppy licking the person’s face. Any image that brings to you a feeling of peace and calm. You are transmitting a feeling. Our hearts are connected and we can feel one another more and more these days. Carry your heart into every area of your life. When you walk into a room and you feel tension, cleanse it with your heart flame. Carry your atmosphere around you always. Offer your heart flame to all as an aid when you feel discord of any kind. Melt it all away.

I look forward to the day that we no longer erect statues to the warrior of old energies.

We are letting go of the warrior of old and becoming warriors of the heart. We are learning that all fear comes from the lack of love. We are becoming lovers. We can love all of life free with our hearts. Whenever you see pain expressed such as a short tempered clerk at the grocery store, a mother speaking with anger to a child, people driving with aggression……breathe into your heart and know that you can send out a flame of such peace and love that it can be felt. Send it out with abandon. Do not hold back. Let your love fly!  Think of a society where there is no need for police or security. We become the security by holding one another in love. Where folks are no longer trained to carry guns but are trained to entrain hearts. To be heart whisperers. To listen to another’s story with an open and receptive heart. To reflect back to the other, their own beauty and light. For in truth, all aggression asks only to be loved. To be acknowledged. To be accepted. Once that is felt, the heart sighs in joy. The shadows are changed to light and all appears brighter. It takes effort to live in the shadowlands. All there are awaiting freedom. In this time, we are asked to free all of our own shadows as this in turn, frees others as well as our mother earth.

So many of us are diligent about recycling, buying organic and living a green life in support of our mother. It is beautiful to see. Yet if we walk around carrying our shadows, holding to resentments, being non-forgiving of others or more commonly, of self, we are polluting the earth. We are clogging her drains with shadows that keep her from flowing free. To love ourselves free is our most important work. To face every emotion that comes to us, squarely, in the now moment, dealing with it directly with love. To stay current with our feelings rather than tucking them away in the attics and basements of our hearts. The Venus transit and all the cosmic alignments of late have come to assist us to clean house. We are being asked to do a thorough spring cleaning of all that we have stored away out of fear of feeling it fully. Open your heart, sweep all the shadows and cobwebs of pain to the fore. Feel each memory in its full depth, thank it for serving you once, then release it to the earth. Our mother will take it and use it as mulch to grow more beauty and light. Ask her assistance. She is eager to see the weight in you lifted as it lifts her. We want to live lightly upon her. Our heavy unresolved emotions weigh more heavily than all the plastic bottles we throw away.

Water reminds us to let the feelings flow freely, through us to the earth. That way our energy runs clear and bright like this waterfall. i want to be this!

We talk about our carbon footprint. What about our emotional footprint? What trail are you leaving behind? Footprints of peace and love that others who follow in your steps can feel? Or footprints of heaviness and pain that others must clean up?. Ask for assistance from the angels and our mother earth. All are here to help you if you feel frozen by the prospect of this clearing. Begin, one memory at a time. Take them out of the closets and release them to be made new. Think of how many goodwill bags of stuff you can clear! Think of how light you will be with that weight gone! Once the river of love can flow freely through your heart, you will walk taller and with a lift in your step. Your being truly does become one of light, that is who we all truly are. We were never meant to carry around heavy bags of remorse, pain, anxiety, suffering. Our hearts were created to love all. To transmute all back to the light of day, to the truth of the only reality. The reality of love.

Let your heartlight stream so bright, illuminating your brilliant colors just as this canyon did.

Clear your heart. It clears mine. We are one so what I do, you will feel. What you do, affects me. Offer this gift to yourself, to one another, to your society, to our world. The time is now. Breathe deep and send out that heartlight, first to yourself with so much love and gratitude for your own beauty and light, and then to all others. Become a space clearer, bring your heartight everywhere. Our world is becoming brighter by the day. Add your light to it and breathe in the feeling of joy and love. I love you all so.

The Venus Transit of Love that Now Flows Freely

Beloved Mount Shasta as I drove in.

Days have disappeared as I find myself coalescing in the safety and warmth of my former home. My former husband has graciously offered me this space of respite as I need it in my journeying. He is playing a role he once abdicated. In the grace of the universe, he is offered it once again in a new form. And I,  accepting it with a grateful heart.

My recent days in Mount Shasta were so full that I am still busy integrating and coming back into form. The Star Knowledge event was very eventful for me! I knew that I was to once again meet the man who I had known as my beloved almost two years before. We had not seen one another since shortly after 10-10-10, when we were called to anchor divine love on the planet as did many others. That anchoring opened up the earth to receive the energies that were now streaming in with the Venus transit. It also drew out all that was not love in my beloved. It led to our parting after our few weeks together and his inability to communicate with me nor even hear my name without a reaction. It led to the shattering of my heart.(four small words but an explosion in my world)  In time, it led to a greater capacity to love.

Dark clouds of rain and hail over our event site.

My son was coming to join me for the event and I debated as to whether I should wait for his arrival so that he could be at my side as a buffer when I met this man again. I felt into my courageous heart and decided to go alone. He was sitting with a group. He rose to give me a Lakota handshake. I awkwardly turned it to a hug. Eagle (his chief and my friend) advised us to go for a walk. The talk began about surface things. I cut to the chase and said, “The divine feminine in me is in need of honoring. I need you to address how things ended before we can begin anew.” He replied in his old way, “I do not perform on command.” I said that I understood that but the time was now before us. We could be present for one another in the days ahead or let this opportunity pass us by. I told him that I could have no relationship without this honoring taking place. He said, “I will offer a prayer that I say the words that you need to hear.” The words were found, the tears were shed, the river of love began to flow once again between our hearts. We walked and talked and the lightness was freeing and so fun.

The next days flowed like a dream. What truly transpired is only to be understood in the mists of the heart, not in the language of the mind. We played out a sacred drama in full view of the tribe, just as we did when we came together for the first time. He was the “go to” man of the event so was on duty most of the time. We had moments scattered throughout the day when we came together to look into one another’s eyes, to walk hand in hand, to glance across the gathering and smile at one another’s presence, to share a plate of food. There was an interesting reaction from some of the grandmothers as they tried to step in between he and I and ignore me.  I knew that I was embodying the divine feminine energies and it triggered reactions from those not fully in their own power. Many of them were still using the masculine energies to ride upon, not owning their right to embody the feminine fully.

On the night before the Venus transit. I was shown that I was to enact a planetary pageant of the merging of the divine feminine and divine masculine. This man was to once again join me in this work. Thank God for my son being here to hold space for me as I was up till 2am facing the fears that came pouring in.  Here is part of what I wrote that night:

Two chiefs, Golden Light Eagle and his brother, Blue Star Eagle, singing with the drum.

Tonight is a whole new thing. Yesterday feels like child’s play. Joseph and I are called to play out a much larger role. I see it, he does not but has surrendered to play his part. Joseph and I are the divine masculine and feminine, coming into balance. He is me and I, him. He has played the external warrior and I the interior one, yet warriors we have been.

It is time for the Christ energies through the Sophia and Magdalene lines to be anchored. I carry those codes as does one of the speakers and a couple other women present.  So much will happen tomorrow. As I was told by the Black Madonna that I met in Bainbridge island, The Book of Love would be activated by the Venus transit, awakening the Magdalenes with that knowing.
All the players are here. We have the opportunity to collapse false timelines and reactivate the organic ascension timeline. Chief Golden Light Eagle holds a consciousness of what is to play out. The whole thing has my body vibrating like a drum. I feel all that Joseph has lived in my body. It is unreal. Tremors of lives have moved through me. I am so glad to be back at the motel in the warmth. It has rained and been so cold and we are in a dome tent structure with out heat so it has been challenging. Miles is such a blessing as somehow he sees the whole picture and is able to help me put it into context.. As he says, Joseph does not have to have full awareness but rather needs only to surrender to his part. This he is doing with a sweetness that makes my heart swell.

I only know that my heart will lead me through this next day and I am offering up all that I am to this. We are anchoring this timeline so that it is the reality that all will be able to walk if they choose. I can feel others, all about the earth, at our stations ready to play our part. My Goddess. What a time! I am in awe, a bit overwhelmed, staying centered and connected to the Creator. The fire in my chest is so intense, maybe I will combust before morning! Tomorrow I help birth a new world. This is that big. How perfectly it has been orchestrated. Tomorrow I feel I should be dressed in ceremonial robes…….we all remember this from other times, the pageantry of it. No personality involved, only priestess and priest, feminine and masculine. No identity, and yet form. I am living the mystery and am in awe. I AM liquid lovelight.

The merger happened without the physical yet was so powerful. Yes, a look can do it! So much happens on other dimensions. Whew. I am still integrating and pulling myself back into wholeness. Joseph says we will continue to unwind this and he will make his way out of his life of service with the tribe (he travels with Eagle, his chief who teaches around the country, assisting in ceremonies) and reassemble himself around his poetry, the life of his heart’s desires. He is a bard of much power.

Beautiful blue sky and dancing clouds that came to play on the last day.

For my part, I am ready for my beloved to be with me. I am breathing deep and staying unattached as to whether the energy will manifest through him or another. I was shown on a deeper level that indeed we are twin aspects of one another. I sang parts of his soul back to him through many dimensions. Life is a magical mystery tour and shows up in ways we cannot foresee. I was open to being present for him to make amends and relieve himself of the guilt of how he ended it. I was not prepared for the miracle that took place as so much of his fractured mind returned to wholeness. To find that the possibility of our togetherness was once again on the board. (after a long year of holding that desire so present in me and then finally releasing all) Lesson in mastery to be so present yet unattached to the outcome. When he sent me away before, my heart shattered in a thousand pieces throughout the cosmos. When I was asked to merge with him again for the transit, I surrendered, knowing that I might once again find my heart in shards. Yet, I have discovered that the shards have allowed my heart’s capacity to love a hundredfold as each shard becomes the whole.

Dome for the event, pic by my friend, Mark

I am holding the reunion with my beloved in my heart, not focusing on the form it comes through. Letting go of all expectation as that is a means to limit what is to come. Feeling the joy of our new world of community where deep heart contact is the norm with all. Where each knows the beauty of their own heart. We have entered the magic lands. Envision it with me, feel it deeply and we will draw ourselves home. Espavo (thank you for taking your power.)

Flowing the Energy South to Shasta

Mount Rainier glowing in the evening light.

June is here with all of its glory for us. It was time for me to leave and take the energy I had brought to Mount Rainier from Mount Shasta and flow it back south. The two mountains were glad of the communication as was I. I am so grateful for the feeling of community that I experienced during my time. This is being carried with me as our pods are getting ready to gather. We had to become mature enough, leaving behind our personality selves in order for the living together to work on the level we desire it. The releasing continues as the leaving brought up some old patterns in me that were difficult to experience as I watched them flow through me. What I am learning is that the energy shows me truth and I can trust it. When something shifts, I must follow it. The movement is quick these days and there is little time to ponder. When I feel it take a turn, I am to let go and move with it. This is the time of flow!

Maxie with her chucks in place so she doesn't roll into the sea.

The eclipse energies came through on the first to cleanse my body in preparation. Base of neck and shoulder activated, body aches and headaches, nausea. I could only lie down and allow them to play out. I pointed out to my team that I needed to be driving the next day so this was their day so make the most of it while I was able to be still. They did! I awoke clear and ready for the day. (thank you team!) About an hour into the drive, I decided to take an exit to the capital, Olympia. I had a peek at the capitol building, I so love domes! I stopped in the visitor’s center and asked about the drive around the peninsula. The young man assured me that it was worth the extra time. For some reason, I decided to take the journey, envisioning in my mind, Hwy 1 in California, with its  dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean. I laugh at what my mind will tell me to get me to agree to some pretty outlandish stuff. The drive added about  three hours to my trip, did I need that?? For the most part I found myself staring at trees on both sides of the highway despite the line on the map that led me to believe that the road was right on the coast. I love trees but not hemming me in. I found myself saying ho’oponopono for miles on end. OK, I see that there was a higher plan as I have often done this, flowing rivers of forgiveness along the Pacific coastline. This particular piece needed this done, it seems. So after some frustration,  I surrendered and took in the beauty of it all.

I love the feeling of orange and pink together!

This morning I find myself just a couple of hours north of Mount Shasta. There is an excitement about these next few days. I do intend to be transformed by the energy of the eclipse and the Venus transit. There is tons written about this time and for me it means that I have access to so much more of myself. I am laying down all former beliefs about who I am and opening to the highest aspects of myself that can anchor into this body. I am ready to embrace my Venusian self of love and beauty. Venus is all about love!

I had a wonderful meeting with a soul sister and her Black Madonna while I was in the north. She was gifted the Madonna many years ago when she was in Spain. It was carved in the 1500’s, and she is an amazing being. The statue holds the energy of all aspects of the divine feminine. In my communion with her, I was shown information about Book of Love that was written by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. It was hidden for centuries due to the church’s program of keeping people enslaved to the patriarchy and their own coffers. The history is not my forte, but what is important to me is that the Magdalene’s are on the planet now. The women who hold the Christ consciousness and the Book of Love’s teachings are all around the world. I saw that my heart contains this book. It was encoded within me as well as many others. I could feel that this was done for safekeeping. The codes would be accessed when the time was right. This Venus transit is the key that unlocks the codes. We are ready to return to the truth of love. We are open to knowing a love that transcends the boundaries of the conditional love that we have lived. We want deep communion with one another’s hearts as well as with our Mother Earth and all her creatures and kingdoms. Oh, how blessed is this time!

Now to walk as that love in the world. Oh, that my presence can emanate the Magdalene’s love. That our hearts can be the chalice for a love so pure that it can change the world. Yes, this love is coming to change our world. Hold to your visions of the world that you wish to see created during this next few days. Turn from the noise of the outer illusion, and sink into the beauty and wonder of a world of peace, harmony, abundance for all. A world where each person knows their own beauty and sings it out to the cosmos!

This post gives some good advice for this week:

I will write again after the transit on the 5th/6th. I am attending an event where we will be in ceremony for the next three days as we move through this sacred portal. I will be with my friend, Chief Golden Light Eagle and his clan and all others who were called. Remember, we are all in our right place to experience these energies. Gift yourself with inward, quiet time as the heavens align to lift the veils and bring in more of our starry natures. Intend and allow yourself to be transformed. Bask in the wonder of it. I love you all.