Eclipse and its Gift of New Energies

Ring of fire at the full eclipse, amazed that I was able to capture it with my camera awkwardly held behind the eclipse viewfinder.

The solar eclipse came in with new energies streaming like ribbons of light. I felt drunk with the energies! And this from someone who does not drink. Every cell was alive and being filled with this new light. I arrived in Mount Shasta the day before to meet with two friends. On the drive up, I saw many clouds shaped like ships and felt a communication with them. They said that they were gathering for the event, just as I was. We were all sharing in the excitement that we felt! That evening after dinner in town, we did a clearing on one another that involved letting go of deep ancestral patterns for ourselves as well as for the general population. Through our intention, we can move things from the microcosm of self to include the macrocosm of all. I heard that we needed to be as clear vessels as possible in order to maximize our abilities to be channels for the eclipse energy. The work continued in our dream states. I awoke seeing many women stepping out of their “inner tubes” of weight. It is time for the divine feminine to assume her power. Women will no longer have to cloak it in excess weight. It will come off effortlessly as we love the divine feminine that we are. I was putting lotion on my legs and thanking my vericose veins for supporting me when I believed that life was about hardship and suffering. I lovingly stroked them and knew that they could now be absorbed back into my body as we are living in a new time of freedom and joy.

The river water vibrating to a new rhythm in the crystal bowl.

My friends and I spent the morning south of Shasta, visiting the three waterfalls near McCloud. My one friend filled each of her crystal bowls with water from the river which she then “played” and energized. She then gave it back to the river and we intended the vibration of love and purity to flow to all waters across the globe. The energy of the waterfalls was cleansing for my cells, opening me in a new way to receive the gifts from our father sun dancing with our mother moon. We returned to our room for a nap as we felt the energies escalating as the day moved on. We wanted to be prepared for the eclipse. There were many gatherings taking place around

The newly charged river water bathing the crystal whose energies wanted to join in with the river.

the town but we were guided to stay quiet. The motel had a large grass area with trees and picnic benches that was lined with a row of lilac bushes in full bloom. What better place to be than this! The day was full of ease and grace. We laid our blankets out and set our crystals in the sunlight to absorb these amazing energies. There were a few other folks from the motel joining us for the viewing. You could feel the excitement, like Christmas Eve when all is prepared for the great unwrapping and you are in that place of quiet. I felt deeply that I was prepared. I had done the clearing work. I was fully anchored into Gaia’s heart, I could feel her heartbeat. And now there was only to surrender to the gift that was being offered.

The moon beginning her journey across the sun.

I danced around, stood to look through the filtering lens to watch the moon’s progress across the face of the sun, then dashing over to view the mountain and sing songs that emerged from my heart to his. Then back to chat excitedly with the others, then laying down for moments of deep stillness. There were moments of group toning, creating new patterns of anchoring light. The crystals were singing in delight. Such aliveness in the air. We were blessed with a clear view of the entire eclipse. As soon as it was over, the clouds moved in. It felt like a blanket thrown over all to allow it to disseminate as well as to give us a breather to integrate what we had received. There was a sweet parting as one of  our triad had to head back south to make it home for work the next morning. Two of us stayed another night, sleeping with an sense of peace and joy. The energies take a few days to integrate and I am still feeling the sleepy effects. I drove to Portland yesterday, a six and a half hour drive. I felt that I was moving in a dream space and asked the angels assistance to keep me alert. I was asked to carry the energy up to the Northwest as in out  breath and will then journey back to Mount Shasta in two weeks time as the in breath for the partial lunar eclipse and the Venus transit that will happen then. I am grateful to do this. What a blessed time we are in. Our world has been reborn on many levels and we will see the evidence around us. Of course, the biggest evidence is found within our hearts where we are shifting to unity consciousness. Oh, blessed day!

Mount Shasta!

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