Feeling our Father’s Love Raining Down

My mother's day card from my eldest son. Our tradition has been no gifts except a handmade card, the biggest gift of all. I am feeling like this tree today, grounded in the lotus of our mother and touching into the love of our father.

I awoke this morning from a dream where I was being bathed in liquid lovelight from our father. This is the gift being given during the upcoming solar eclipse on Sunday. I will be in Mount Shasta, one of the prime viewing spots to receive its download of light. It is there for all of us, simply intend to open and receive his blessings and love. The sun’s gifts are masculine and the moon gifts us with her feminine energies. In a couple of weeks, we will have a lunar eclipse to balance ourselves before the June 6th Venus transit. Venus is the planet of love.  I drove home from the movies last night…my second solo movie adventure within a few days……singing to the Venus love star. She is one of my home planets. My family are Venusians, here to bring in beauty and love. In another aspect of my dream, I was gathering folks from different rooms to speak to them about their concerns. As I went to a last room, a woman came out of the central meeting place and said, “You knew the truth of this before the rest of us yet I could not hear it.” I laughed and said, “Good for me and good for us that all are hearing it now.” The it was the truth that all is love. All. Every bit of everything is about love. That is the truth that sets us free.

A pair of white pigeons has been flying about the yard. This feather floated down to me as i sat and watched their dance. A blessing.

Today is my last day here with my former hubby for a time. We sat and had our morning cuppa together and spoke of the gift this time offered and how we took it. Our higher selves are rejoicing in the love that was born anew during this time together. Our minds would not have planned for this yet our hearts led us to this time. The Venus transit is bringing past loves and wounds to light so that they can be made whole, returned to the love that is their truth. We are so blessed and so loved. I am awed when I see in each moment how I am cared for. All shadows can come out from hiding if we offer them the warmth of our love. I am seeing that happen more and more. Folks having almost tourettes’ type moments of strange utterances spouting from their mouths, totally out of context of the conversation. Yet I see that it as the shadow, peeking out to see how it will be received. By holding a space of love, the person’s shadow can feel a sense of safety and come into the light to be transformed. We can do this for ourselves and one another. What a gift!

Beautiful dragonfly gifting me with its transforming presence. All of nature is speaking to us as they work to remind us who we are.

Movies, I rarely go to theatres as the sounds and visuals are too overwhelming for me. I went to the old classic theatre in town that shows movies abit out of the mainstream. Last night I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was delightful with wonderful British actors/actresses and the glorious visual colors of India. A group of British retirees moves to Iindia to live out their lives in a place where elders are honored and pounds have more buying power. Each of the members of the group have transformative experiences, choosing to allow the new to enliven them or for one member, rejecting the experience to return to the familiarity and comfort of the old. It so exemplfies the space we are now in. Our familiar way of life is leaving and we are being gifted with the opportunity for unparrelled growth. We are here at the shift of the ages. We asked for this privilege, and yes, it is indeed a privilege to be on the earth now more than ever. Millions lined up and only 7.5 million of us were chosen. We were chosen because we were masters. We are the strongest of the strong. Yes, everyone here on the earth is a living master. Think of this when you look into the eyes of a homeless person, watch a politician spinning lies, feel the sharp words of another. All are here to offer their gifts, all are trying to remember who they are. We came in knowing the power of love and vowing to not forget it this lifetime, as we had in so many others. We came to be transformers, to open hearts, to care for the earth, to bring all back to oneness. We each came bearing our gift and the only requirement is to become that gift and offer it to the world. I am called to be the best and brightest LInda Marie that I can in each moment. To play large in the field of life. To be a heart that can transform all that comes to me, back to its reality as love. And only love.

The swift moving river on my walk the other day. Stirs my blood!

The other movie that I saw was Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I cried for over half the movie, it was so beautiful. There is a wonderful love story and once again the transformative personal experience of someone leaving their staid life and reaching for greater happiness and joy. The water scenes and desert landscape scenes undid me. I sobbed at their beauty, It was only yesterday that the reason for my response became clear. Archangel Michael had told me about three years ago, (through my friend, Celia Finn before I knew that I could channel him myself or that he was an aspect of myself!) that when I understood the lessons of the desert and the ocean, I would be able to do something wonderful. In the past years as I drove all about the USA and crossed the southwest deserts many times, I always felt that I was spreading seeds that would one day bloom. I would hear, “You will rebloom the desert.” Maxie (my lightworker partner of a car) and I would faithfully lay down our seeds in trust and love. I would imagine the flowers flowing out behind me in their many hues. The sheikh in the story shared my vision as he wished to bring water to his desert land. He held a vision of it in bloom. I fell in love with his eyes, the way he carried himself and his philosophy of life. This film spoke to me that the time of miracles is at hand, that deserts will rebloom, that my sheikh is on his way as in my dreams he is asking me if that physical form was pleasing to me. Oh yes!

This bird sat above my sons and I and gifted us with his gift of melodious song. Lovely!

We will remember this time as one of magic and miracles. In the film, it seems that all is destroyed in the end after years of hard work. Yet, the true gifts arise and the characters are able to grasp them and rejoice in them. There may be some chaos as the new makes itself known but you and I know to go deep into our heart spaces and hold to the beauty and light found there. All will be well if we believe it so. We are creating the world we wish to live in. Stay in your heart and shine your heartlight so bright!


6 thoughts on “Feeling our Father’s Love Raining Down

  1. Your words bring joy and tears of beauty to my heart.
    I can not explain the joy and excitement contained in my heart for this eclipse.
    The transit of Venus, is here up on us! I feel like a symphonist exercising my heart instrument. It brings Joy to my Soul. It expands my field to eternity.

    • Dear Karen,

      thank you for reading! I love that we can share our feelings so easily these days. love the name of your blog!!
      blessings and love, Linda

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