Happy Mother’s Day

Some children's sidewalk chalk drawing that I passed today. It said, We love mom

Mother, what a fundamental part of our lives. She can be nurturing, supportive, dismissive, critical, challenging, a pain or a blessing. It matters not, she stands big on the horizon. The divine feminine is returning to the earth and we can feel her love penetrating even the densest of hearts. Our Mother Earth is infilling us with her lovelight as seeks to bring us in alignment to her evolving energies of oneness and love. We are all growing and expanding into the love we are. As our earth becomes the star that she truly is, our galaxy evolves also. We will be a part of the Golden Rose Galaxy. Oh, that fills me with such delight! I am a rose girl and so resonate with this.

Roses surrounding the bench as we waited to be seated for brunch yesterday. My sons took me out to celebrate Mother's Day a day early to beat the crowds. I am wearing a dress of my grandmother's, who did show me a sweet love.

As for our personal mothers, it matters not whether we are relationship or not, whether we delight in their company or not. We can honor the soul contract that they agreed to by giving birth to us. We can feel gratitude for the love which they surrounded us in or the withholding of that love. All of it is in the name of love. The mothers that did not play out the sterotypical loving presence, were following a more difficult script that we assigned them. They agreed to play the challenging role in our lives to allow us to remember that we are love. Some of us needed the exposure to the polarity of love to find it once more n ourselves. Of course, once we found our truth, that we are love, we can honor ourselves and love ourselves by stepping out of any non-loving script and writing a new one.

Part of the sidewalk art that expresses the little child in all of us who loves her mom, no matter what.

You can then choose love in any form you wish! In that way, you can be blessed with our mother’s love no matter what you scripted for yourself with your biological mother. I left my family of origin script, decades ago as it no longer served me. My mother ended the script by disowning me which allowed me to chose Mother Mary as my comforter. She rocks me when I am in need and crones sweet lullabies to me. I still call on her in this role, despite being 56 years old. We all have need of the mother’s heart. I am so grateful for mine for stepping out at the perfect time and Mother Mary for stepping in. How beautifully and completely I have been enveloped in the mother’s love all my life. My gratitude flows.

May has been a month of such cleansing energies as our Mother/Father God offer us assistance to return to more of our truth. We are being asked to mother ourselves in a deeper way, to be gentle with our hearts and bodies and emotions. My heart has never been so exposed, so raw and vulnerable. I am being newly born into the lovelight on the planet and I treat myself with the tenderest care. Rest all you can this month, spend time with Mother Nature as she has healing gifts to give. Be rather than do as much as possible to allow yourself to be transformed. A newborn spends its time eating, eliminating, sleeping, crying and gazing about in wonder. That describes my days! So on this mother’s day, mother yourself like the sweetest of newborns because you are being newly born. Honor our Mother Earth by sitting with her, lying on her, delighting in her. Honor our divine Mother by loving yourself as she loves you. Let go of critical judgments of yourself in any and every way,  replacing those thoughts with the ones you would speak to a newborn babe.  Oh, you sweet one. Oh, you beautiful being!



6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Bless you sister goddess for this most perfect reminder and love message. Of course I have the Divine Ma!! So perfect!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      You are so welcome! Yes, we chose the perfect mothers for us. Wishing you a blessed day.

  2. Thank You Linda. This and You are So Beautiful and Supportive.

    I was Totally unable to sleep until 6 this am, for 3 hrs… and don’t Feel safe to drive to Calgary today. Reading this has helped me to Shift and I will go for a walk on Your path beside the creek So that I Can Release and Relieve.

    All Love my Dear Sister x0x

  3. Such beauty in your words of Love. I feel very warm and Loved, Mothered on this 13th day of May.
    Your sidewalk drawing spoke to me, the smile sent streams of love light.
    I look forward to seeing you this month.
    I Embrace you,

    • Dear Earth Mother Bev,
      I am so glad that you feel loved! You are love. I too felt the sweet energy of the little girl.
      Loving you,

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