Clarity Coming In After the Chaos

Pink peonies are teaching me soo much. Look at all the different petals, hundreds in this one bloom. This is our multidimensional aspects, all contained in us, just beginning to unfurl into full glory!

The super moon loosened its grip on me last night and I found myself standing in a place of clarity.  Yesterday I felt that I was ill, not physically but emotionally. Fragile, raw. Who would take care of me? How would I exist? As a society, we have little patience for time outs as all is geared to productivity. There are a few mental health days, sick days and even three days alloted to process your grief if a loved one dies. Imagine! I needed a time out even from myself! This moon was like a tornado that had captured me in its eye, churning everything about and then suddenly dropping me from mid air onto the ground. Bit of a bumping landing.

Here is the bud, tightly packed with potential, the ants crawling about encouraging the blossoming.

I looked at an apartment yesterday, it was the first hot day here. I saw myself contracting to fit the space, knowing that to be wrong as I am to expand. Heat…what was I thinking? I can’t do heat in this valley. I am craving island mists and water and mountains. I was given a vision of the islands off of Washington, knowing that is where I am to head. A new friend popped into my mind. Not sure where she is, but somewhere up there.  Ok, follow that energy stream. Whew, relief to know something, feel a thread to follow.

Joy returned, I could feel my senses coming alive again. I made a birthday dinner for my son. We watched Ponyo, a beautiful Japanese film for all ages that shows the energy of the new earth. Treat yourself to it, you will not be disappointed. It shows the magic and beauty of life and how love trumps all. Feel the layers behind the layers of the story.

The tornado moon wiped out any further interest in anything smacking of “New Age”. So many things have been done for so long and have become an obstacle to moving forward. The dancing I attended…nice but the vibration was not mine. Everyone craving connection but for me, it did not bridge that gap. Workshops, paying to listen to anyone feels old. We are stepping into our own experience of knowing. There is joy in sharing but we need a new format of coming together to co-create and play….not work. Playshops? Our vocabulary itself is outdated as there are not words for what I am wanting to express. A tone does it so much better. This new energy is streaming in along with our own newness,  gifted by the super moon.

Created this months ago, year ago? Started connecting all with gold thread...we are all connected.

This morning I read a response to my blog and the person asked me to send healing to her son who was struggling. Without even processing the words long enough to think about her request, a stream of energy flowed into my crown, down into my heart and out to her son. I began to tone, speak and sing in “light language’ ( words and sounds not deciferable). I reached out and touched his chakras and sent love into them. I felt his sweetness and picked him up to rock and cradle. I sang him a lullabye. All of this transpired within minutes with no thought on my part. It was beautiful. This is the magic I am wanting!

Later the friend I had thought of in the northwest called, first time hearing one another’s voices. Delight. She saw me there on the island, our place to begin whatever it is we are to begin. Laughter as our vibrations played together.Joy in discovering a fellow pollinator.  My heart danced with the frequency of magic. This is it, simple, sweet, easy. No real thought required. Ease and grace all the way. Wow….I feel a bit giddy that it is finally here. The “I am ready” that I have been feeling is for this time. Something big is happening, is hovering in the wind and will soon be upon us all. The way to be ready is to be in our hearts. To connect to the grid of love that encircles the earth, the one we have all co-created. Ponyo showed how to do this. To hold the vision of beauty and truth and the knowing how we are loved. Fear is the trap. I was grieving this life as I knew it, for despite our limited view, we have all glimpsed moments of breath stopping beauty. Yet, what is ahead is beyond any idea that we could dream of. This is what we are on the cusp of. It may come wearing a disguise, may look like chaos and confusion but it will drop us all down into fields of splendor. This is what the moon was teaching me as she swirled me in her super charged energies.

Feel the love, see the love all around you, hold to the reality of love. Our world is changing and it begins, one heart at a time. I am turning on my newly polished heart light. The tornado scrubbed it bare, no filters, no covering remains. I am practicing breathing it, filling it, expanding it. Seeing if I can produce a high beam. Pink light flowing, just like my peonies. I am connecting to each one of you.

Magenta and soft pink....I am feasting on these peonies today.

Bulletin! My second friend called from back East, she will soon be reuniting with her beloved. Same as my friend above. Interesting, me holding the container of this knowing when each has kept it quiet, not wanting to expose the tenderness of the love to others. I feel that my beloved is right here with me, holding the energy of the six of us. We are the seeds for the community of divine partnerships that I felt I was to help birth. Oh, the wonder of this. She too feels all that I have been experiencing. We are on the cusp of something so profound, so life changing. Each moment, each day until the eclipse on the 20th, is to be savored, to be present with in reverence and love. We are in a sacred passage. Honor it, honor yourself. Call on one another for strength and comfort. I am here, beaming my heartlight to each one of you. There is an endless stream as our Creator streams HIs/Her love through us. Call it forth and drink deeply. I love you.

2 thoughts on “Clarity Coming In After the Chaos

  1. hello linda, i have been reading your blogs for several months now. you are a beautiful writer. you must have a hugh heart as what you express is so loving.
    i am glad i found you on facebook; sounds like you have a beautiful family although i have not seen you in many years.
    i just wanted to say hi.

    • Dear Maureen,

      Thank you for your beautiful words. Yes, I do have an amazing family! I have been blessed. My heart is a mirror of yours as what we see in another, we hold in ourselves. So, delighted to meet your open heart here. I trust that your life is full of magic and love. We are on such a journey in this life to turn every thing back to the reality of love that is the truth of all. Thank you for reaching out. I remember sharing a bed with you oh those many years ago in that little house in Blasdell. Wow, that surely feels like another lifetime or few ago! I am so grateful to be who I am now and be alive in this time on the planet. blessings to you and your family. Much love, Linda

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