Catching My Breath as a Cycle Ends

The Rocky Mountains from the bus trip to Banff, Alberta

What a full week I have had. I left Kimberly, British Columbia and traveled to Banff  on a Greyhound bus about a week ago. It was lovely to sit up high and have a clear view of the mountains. What a wonder they are. When I arrived I had a day and night to myself  which was much needed. I laid in the hotel room and communed with the mountain framed in the sliding door. Heaven! Friends, new and old joined me the next day.

The stream running through Marble Canyon


One of my desires was met with a winter hike up Marble Canyon. The snow was deep and snowshoes would have been handy as we occasionally fell through the crust. The sky was a brillant blue against the blinding white snow. The stream ran through icy passages, the birds called, my legs ached from the climb, my lungs delighted in the crystalline air, my heart was soaring, alive with the elements.

The hole my foot made as I fell in up to my crotch, landing on my butt! Deep!

The next day found five of us traveling to Lake Louise for an activation of the energies there. We sat by the lake, sang, toned, played instruments and called in Archangel Michael and all the kingdoms. A red dragon joined us, speaking through me (an aspect of me is a red dragon!! I knew I was fiery but wow!) to congratulate us on our earth work. The five of us only came together at the last, two knew that they were to be at Lake Louise for this date but the other three of us came in at the end. I love how the universe lines everything up so beautifully.


one of the most beautiful spots on the earth

The next morning as I looked out at the mountain, the sun created a dragon on its side! The restaurant where we ate breakfast had flags of different countries decorating its ceiling.

He is a beauty!

Above us was the Welsh flag flying its red dragon! One of the women departed and later texted to say she stopped for lunch and the chef came out with a dragon tattoo on his arm! The dragons were making sure that we knew that they were still with us. I felt such a sense of completion. For some of my friends this was the final in a series of earth activations that they had been doing for the past couple of years.

Can you see the dragon lit up by the sun? I was so delighted with this gift!

It was the claw of the dragon that completed his picture and triggered the lighting of the grid across the USA. For me, it was just about the end of my almost three year trek around the USA and parts of Canada. Our group traveled on through Montana to Idaho which was home for two of them. Montana saw me feeling very emotional, recalling my days there with my young family 22 years ago, when we joined a community intent on bringing in the Golden Age. It ended in heartbreak as there were distortions in the organization but that desire never truly left. And now, here we are. Finally the energies are aligned and thanks to all the folks who have done so much work with the crystalline grid and raising the overall vibration of the planet with their prayers and intent, the Golden Age of Peace is at hand. Wonder of wonders. I feel so blessed to have a body to be here for the celebration that is being prepared. The earth is ascending! We are all ascending with her! What a time, what a gift.

How beautiful is our earth.

My seed bag is empty. I felt it and a dear friend confirmed it. I have planted all the seeds that were mine to plant. It is now time to sit back and watch them grow. My tears of gratitude water them, my heartlight shines on them for warmth and my soul rests in the knowing that they will sprout and flourish in the energies of these times.

I returned to California not knowing my next step. Anxiety and despair held me for a day or two, my car in the shop, not knowing where to lay my head. Vulnerable. That is how I felt. I surrendered to God all thoughts of figuring anything out. I felt flat, so finished, so tired. I did not care any longer what happened next. I had felt that I would be walking into my dreamland, my Shambhalla and instead, I was back where I started.

Beauty and more beauty

My former husband and sons graciously took me in. Friends called and held me in their loving embrace, seeing me and lighting my way out of that wilderness. I am so grateful that I have gifted myself with such beautiful souls throughout this journey. The players have changed as I have, yet there are some new, some old, who know my heart. I have decided to rent a small apartment here, commit to a six month lease, (you have no idea how big this is to me to commit!) and spend some time co-creating with my two sons. We all feel that there is something to be brought into fruition with our togetherness at this time. The relief I feel is enormous! I have passed many tests, driven down many roads and taken some interesting turns. I have been watched over with such love. Oh, how we are all loved! Such a grandness to it. I am filled with such gratitude.

My first time seeing Lake Louise in the winter with its ice and snow.

5 thoughts on “Catching My Breath as a Cycle Ends

  1. Thank You Linda for ALL Your Efforts. You are a Wonderful Soul and a Wonderful Human Being. I Adore You and Am So Grateful to Be Your Friend x0x

  2. Oh Lovely Linda, you are finished planting seeds! You are so beautiful and gracious!
    The work you do is divine joy to my heart. I understand exactly how you feel.
    Yes, a place to nest for a time will be so fulfilling. I can’t wait to speak with you.

    Life goes on here at the farm. Ed is building us a strawberry bed. A place for them to grow and be nurtured. I have twenty- four plants I am raising. The Seascape strawberry. I am going out to help build it.
    I would love to talk to you about the end of June. Let’s talk my dearest!
    I’m very happy your journey has came to a resting point. Love, Rest, Joy and creative time wished for you.
    much Love,

    • I love how you build beds for the plants to grow and prosper. Lucky plants! Thank you for the end of June offer, I think it would be wonderful, and will let you know soon. Yes, having planted the seeds and letting them grow……enjoying this new phase.

  3. The ground is moving, the sprouts have emerged, and oh my, what a world you have inspired. WOW! All the light you shine rehearts me to infinity and pure blISs. Thank You! I see you ALWAYZ in perfect health, being, and knowing. Much love dear beamer!

    • “rehearts me”……Billy I LOVE your expressions!! thank you for seeing the truth of me, I see that of you. Your beautiful heart like a spotlight so bright you can see it clearly from space. loving you fellow beamer!

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