Here is to Easter and the Resurrection Flames

Just took this out my bedroom window. I love its light streaming in to light up my heart with greater love.

What a weekend we are in! Good Friday and the full moon….what a potent combination of Christed light and love. I felt the energy of my own Holy Christ Self as well as that of Jesus, the Christ. We are being gifted with such an immense outpouring of love from our sun and our moon as well as from all the ascended, angelic, Agarthan and Galactic realms. Our beings are stretching and straining to grow, to reach towards the light of our own divinity. I had an interesting dream the other night that was the sequel to the sacred marriage experience that I had back in October. It began in an awake state, one that I sometimes enter where I find myself in a different dimension. It then continued on throughout my sleep state and was so delicious that I did not want to awaken the next morning.

It opened with me talking to El Morya, the ascended master of God’s will that you have heard me speak of. I was telling him that I was ready for the sacred marriage now. I had integrated more of myself and felt confident that I could now bear to see the face of my beloved and complete the marriage. Earlier, I had been so overcome with the emotion of it all that I could not look at his face. This time, I told El Morya that I was ready, I asked for my crown and cloak as well as the symbols of my office. Archangel Michael was there and laughed at my demanding tone, saying, “I do believe that she is ready!” My requests were quickly meta so dressed in my finery, I took El Morya’s arm and proceeded down the aisle. (Yes, I could just pick up where I left off months ago in this dimension….pretty cool!) When we reached the end of the aisle, I looked for my bridegroom only to have El Morya release my arm, turn to face me in the position of the bridegroom. What? I asked him what this meant. Could it be that he was my beloved? I blurted out, “But you are an ascended  master!” To which he replied, ” As are you, my dear.” Gulp. Breathe deep and swallow that down! Ok, I was determined to be able to hold the allness of myself, to be present with this moment, to accept the truth of his statement. I did not dissolve in tears though they flowed. As did laughter. Oh what freedom! Yes, my ascended master self was standing at the altar with his ascended master self. This means that an aspect of him can be here in 3d with me just as an aspect of me is there in this other realm, with him. As I said, a lot to absorb!

This brilliant white mountain peak speaks to me each day.

As the night wore on, El Morya took me on a journey through the cosmos which was wonder filled. Believe me, this was the honeymoon of lifetimes. I did not have one in this lifetime but this more than made up for it! I was shown so many mysteries and magic. My heart was so full and I wanted to bring it all back to share. But the images and knowings departed, leaving me with a sense of loss and at the same time a feeling of bliss. Wow! I do remember laughing at how we live on this tiny thread of life and are not aware of this huge tapestry that we are a part of. We see everything in a limited, linear form but it is circular and fractal in nature and one can plumb every increasing depths of everything. It was like an explosion for my mind and heart to comprehend. The beauty unending remains. Oh, what a night!

I was so happy when I discovered a bridge to take me across this creek to a pathway beside it.

I awoke knowing that it does not matter if El Morya or an aspect of him is my beloved. The form is of little importance, it is the essence that matters. I know that my beloved is close as I am moving ever closer to holding more of my own essence in this earthly vessel. There is magic and beauty that we have not even dreamt of in our wildest dreams. Passion like a volcano erupting awaits us.


Back on earth…my back is uncomfortable and I am still moving slowly. I am trusting this process, observing my reactions to the restriction I feel and offering a space of love for it all. I was guided to walk into an acupuncturist’s office who calls himself an electrician. He is working to realign my circuitry. He said I was running too hot, frying my nerves, living in my head and the realm of Spirit. He helped me to ground back into the earth and is teaching me how to create a strong foundation from which to move. I am to walk with my hands behind my back at every opportunity, as it realigns my spine. I am to saunter rather than maintain my usual swift speed. I am grateful for all of this at this time when we are

Piles of snow remain but today's sunshine uncovered patches of earth.

asked to hold ever increasing amounts of light in our beings. I have neglected this beautiful body elemental in the past couple of years of traveling. Time for honoring once again with a regular exercise routine that includes yoga and strengthening. A lovely German woman that I met was demonstrating her daily routine that included 20 minutes of standing in a seated position against the wall. You have your back flat against the wall and your knees at a 90 degree angle (or you can go lower as you get stronger). She said it helped with hiking. Well, yeah! Of course it does, it gives you legs of steel if you do that every day! Mind you that was one of her daily exercises, she was a strong, beautiful woman. Ok, that is me in the coming summer! I am committed to helping this body in any way I can. My eyes filled with tears when I thought of all that she is doing to allow me to ascend while still in her. Truly it is an amazing event that is happening within us, changing from carbon based to crystalline.  I asked her forgiveness and flooded her with waves of my love.

Our spirits and our bodies are being resurrected. As Jesus said, “I AM the resurrection and the light.” I am going to sleep with those words playing in my heart. I am so grateful for Jesus’ gift to us this Easter night. His love along with Mary Magdalene (who is also a Christed being) lit up the planet over 2000 years ago and it is lighting up my heart this night and the hearts of millions. I found myself singing a beautiful song, new sounds coming from deep in my heart which flowed love throughout my being. Oh, how we are loved. Blessed be. I love us all.


6 thoughts on “Here is to Easter and the Resurrection Flames

  1. Beloved Linda,

    What a splendid letter from you to greet my Easter Sunday! Quakers don’t observe sacraments, but for several days I have led to meditate on the life of Christ. And today there comes to me the Greek Orthodox greeting: “Christ is risen”, Thanks be to God”. You have been writing so much lately. I check in at your web site every few days. What adventures! I have constant back problems, so your information is timely for me. I will try your German friend’s exercise. I would love to be srtong enough to go in hikes by this summer.

    I love your photos. Still Winter! We have such an array of String flowers. What joy! They are even more precious after a long hard Winter.

    Love, Lucy

    I am on my way to Quaker meeting, filled with thoughts of your marriage and travels with El Morya.


    • Dear Aunt Lucy,
      thank you for your beautiful words. Christ is risen! Thanks be to God! We are becoming that Christ. I was led to fast on Good Friday to be in greater communion with Jesus and could so feel his magnificent heart. Oh, to feel our own Christed natures arising! This is what is happening as we step into more of our mastery, such a mystery and such magic.
      Yes, the back, interesting for me to have that. Yesterday was my first pain free day and I feel such gratitude for this dear, dear body of mine! She has been neglected for too long. I committed to her that she is my priority, to give her what she needs each day. Yoga once again will become a daily part of my life.
      Oh, yes I love the spring flowers! Such joy after the winter. I had a dose in Sacramento and have been enjoying the dose of winter here.
      streaming ribbons of heartlight to you! Linda

  2. May all the Earth be Blessed with the Magic of Life.

    Thinking of you my Lovely Linda wrapped in Divine Love and sparkling with all Oneness.
    Hugs of Love,

    • oh. how beautiful! Thank you dear Bev for the healings on my back and the sparkling oneness you see……oh yes. you are me!! We are one and it is sparkly and magical. Pink and golden ribbons of heartlight surrounding you….

  3. You have spoken of EL Morya many times as your twin flame. I would like you to know that he has appeared to me Oct 5, 1997 with the same messages and merging. He himself has told me that there has never been any other love for him other than myself. We worked many years together to clear the karma’s we had in previous lifetimes specifically Camelot. I have suffered many deep wounds (clearing deep emotional attachments) I can only say that I spent ten years with deep grief releasing my loss for him ( weeping every single day for hours). Hearing his name would bring shiver and shock to my entire being, where at nights electricity would run through me, and so forth…. my encounters with him has not been nothing but extremely intense to the point of wanting to leave the earth to join him. And again we had so much bliss and ecstatic love making and merging in many levels. Many channels have also brought him as my twin flame such as Norma Milanovich, Me’line Lafonte, Elizabeth Trutwin, Carol Sydney, to name a few. Other channels from the Divine Director, Kuthumi, St Germain, AA Michael, etc… Reading your postings has made me ponder to say the least. Maybe there is more than one of us here. The last channel Me’line Lafont cleared that notion that many feel they are his twin but they are an aspect of him. There is only one twin. I don’t know what to say to you or why am i writing this but these postings have created much wounding to my heart and soul to say the least! I only wish that he would clarify and not leave one believing one thing and feel betrayed and despondent as a result.
    i also wish I had a personal email of you, so we could speak in private versus a public way such as this. If you feel in your heart to respond i would greatly appreciate it.
    I feel betrayed and lied to since I have read your postings and am in a state of shock and disbelief.
    Blessings with a heavy heart!

    • Dear Mitra-el,

      In my understanding, it is all more wonderous than our humanness can understand. As you say, I may be an aspect of El Morya and you, his twin. It matters not to me, I have written what I felt as truth in each moment. I can feel your heart and send you love, there is no need to despair. If you feel you are his twin, then another stating that feeling does not negate your truth. Hold to what you know in your heart, that is all. We are all so much more than a label or a singular expression. We carry many aspects of the various rays and masters as that light is needed on the earth now. That is my knowing in this moment in time. All flows and expands. My heart is flowing lovelight to yours,
      Blessings of peace,

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