Connecting to a New Landscape…Happy April!

St. Mary's Lake in its winter splendor

Happy April! I know that time is an illusion yet while we still play in its fields on some levels, I find a new month offering new opportunities. March was an exhausting month as the energies pretty much flattened us. We were integrating like mad all the new codes that came streaming in from our dear sun and releasing and clearing all that was stagnant and stuck in our inner beings. April rushes in like a breath of spring, ready to move us into a new inner landscape of freedom and love. I am delighted to find myself in a new outer landscape of snow and mist and rain. My Avalon self is happy! The freshness of the air coming off the mountains is so intoxicating. It is my form of getting high, no side effects other than getting a little giddy! I am sitting here looking out at a clear sky this morning which allows the mountains to come into view for the first time since I arrived. Oh, my heart is being fed!

Straw bale building to house the generator. It will be plastered in adobe when weather permits.

Last night I went to a potluck gathering with my friend. We went out to St. Mary’s lake where a community of folks are building their dream. My friend will begin building on her parcel of land this summer. It was great to see the mix of ages, young and old, all so full of an adventurous spirit, so appreciative of the beauty that they have chosen to live in. It is a slice of heaven. As I sat and watched a woodpecker visit the pine cone stuffed with peanut butter on the deck, the shifting clouds filling and then emptying the valley laid out in front of me, the dear hearts sharing food around the table, little ones making their way through the maze of adult legs with their trucks and toys, tears coursed down my cheeks. My heart’s desire so beautifully expressed. I drank it all in, feeding that place that is so ready to be in community with my pod of peeps.

Can you see the solar panel positioned against the rocks to catch the sun which is abundant here?

Trusting in divine timing, in the ability of my heart to create form from the formless. Knowing that this is coming for me and to me. Appreciating the joy of these folks as they are in the thick of it. Living in basements as they build the ground floor of their homes, one couple with a circular house with views all about, beautiful functional woodwork and design in the home we were at…..sensing the hard work and determination of each family to create with the land. There were solar panels and straw bale buildings in evidence, the valley has an east west lie which allows a longer growing season explained one man who told me he was still eating potatoes that they had grown last season. The land and the people radiated such joy!

Mist drifting across the lake

I had a conversation with the founder of this whole enterprise, a German who had traveled here with his wife to discover his own Shangra-li. He said he could see that I had wisdom to share and wondered how I was doing that in the world. I told him that I wrote a blog. His comment alerted me that the time is coming to move out into the world more to share my heartlight. He commented on my balance and strength but then said, “You are too soft, too open. You need protection.” A lovely sentiment from the masculine whose role is to protect and defend. I told him that I had plenty of practice in swinging my sword but that now my heart’s softness and light is all the protection that is needed in these new energies. Indeed, a facebook friend of mine, Nicky Hamid, expressed it so beautifully this morning: “We no longer need to protect our heart and so it is the dissolving of shields and the embracing of all that we are. Moving from isolation to integration.”

Another view from the deck.

My heart is flying free this morning in the clearness of the light and views. The fresh air is gently wafting in from the open window into my room, hot cup of tea at hand. Time to make breakfast and watch the day unfurl. A person last night commented, “Who needs a tv out here, we have an ever changing view of sky and mountains and water.” I concurred. I could feel the bliss of lying by the huge windows and gazing out at the majesty of the scene with such appreciation and gratitude. As we feel that, wherever we happen to find ourselves, we do indeed create heaven on earth. I know that I can hold that vibration of appreciation anywhere but here it is effortless as the beauty spills out before me. I am soaking it in for all of you and streaming it out through my heart ribbons. Can you feel it? I love you all with each breath.

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