Happy Spring! Good Enough to Eat

Little flower cakes that were to complement a silver tea set at the art gallery.

Spring has sprung and the sun got the message this morning and is shining his way through the clouds. I feel that I can eat this liquid lovelight that is flowing in just like these little fairy cakes. Yum! I am looking forward to living on lovelight. I have always felt that we were meant to be living on sunlight and air. Think of drinking in the beauty of a daffodil in full bloom, taking a bite out of a cloud. I am so ready for the magic.

This tom turkey was strutting his stuff on one of my recent walks. I love how the sun caught his back feathers in the glowing light.

The changes have continued at warp speed as we move into this new land. I felt a wave of sadness yesterday. I let the tears flow, less concern these days as to their cause, more desire to fully feel all that comes up in my heart. We are letting go on so many levels, it is not necessary nor easy to discern what is at play. I exist so much of the time in the new realm, whole days can pass with me playing with the energy of my heart, creating the world that I am to inhabit. There are so many hearts playing with mine, co-creating the wonder and magic. The love is the paintbrush, as well as the fabric it all lies upon. There has been a sense of aloneness to the journey as we have been creating from our separate places where we have been asked to anchor our light. Soon, we will begin to come together on this physical plane as we do on the etheric planes.

Once you clear out space in your emotional body, there is a peace that descends that allows for stillness and joy in the non-doing. I see so many rush about as I used to, it feels so foreign to me now just as my beingness feels odd to so many. I have little preference for how my days unfold as little charges me one way or the other. The irritations, impatience, desires have quieted…..and I allow myself to flow. I trust implicitly that all that I need will flow to me. I will be guided as to where to be and any actions that I need to take. My mind no longer functions in the old way as I have surrendered into no mind. My heart guides and the universe responds by opening the paths.

The freedom to be free of fear is a blessing that I acknowledge with joy. No longer concerned with how others see me, with what my purpose is, with doing good, with participating in the outside world, with how many friends I have or which ones have come or gone, with how much money I have left, with concerns about whether my body is heavy or light at the moment, with where will be the next place I land, with where my community is,  where my place on the earth is……. The list goes on and on. I live in total freedom! It is the most beautiful place on the planet. Once there, all the rest is of little consequence. It matters not where I live, who surrounds me, what makes up my days. All of it is beautiful! I feel so full of grace and love. Blessed beyond measure.

I have a dream that moves with me and in me. My heart is creating it as I breathe. Every

The native redbud trees are in bloom. I love them as their fuschia pink color matches my heart light!

person on the planet has a pod, a group, a community that they resonate with and belong to. It is the place where folks are overjoyed to see you, where you are acknowledged for your gifts, where you are loved unconditionally and where you feel a deep sense of belonging and of home. It is your place of peace. I know that this time is coming for all of us and my heart plays day and night in this vision. A little bird just landed on a branch outside the window I am near and began singing his heart out to me. What a confirmation of heart light! So sweet……this is the new way. We acknowledge one another, not simply our brother and sister humans but the animals and plants and all of nature. We are in tune with one another and flow that love back and forth effortlessly. He came to sing the truth of my thoughts to me and I responded by speaking and feeling my appreciation to him. Delight!

In this new energetic landscape,  we no longer need others to participate in trying to make our dream a reality. I can lie on my couch, dreaming and all who are part of this dream, will be brought to me and I to them. It truly is that magical! We will be drawn together by our vibration, our heartlight and co-create out of pure joy. Money is not the currency we will use, it is heartlight, pure and radiant. Oh……I have seen myself laughing with the joy of this new way for months now.

Time for a walk to anchor in these new moon energies as a day has passed since I began this post. A huge healing of hearts happened last night in my family……my former husband stepping up and opening his heart. I will write of that grace tomorrow. For now, savor the new beginnings that this moon gifts us with and dare to dream big!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Spring! Good Enough to Eat

  1. I see you in all the beauty that surrounds me. Your words echo truth in the waves, the vibrations, the Oneness we are.
    I will meet you in that beauty and our heart will feel pleasure of wholeness. Your words are divine Love. Blessings my dearest……….

    Hugs of cheery Joy,

    • We are seeing one another in the all. The oneness envelops and enfolds us. So much love for your energy streams of delight!

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