The Sweetness of Life

branches plucked from a backyard tree, stuck in a glass jar, set on a checked table cloth, soft with the colors of spring......sweetness!

I am lost in wonder at how the days fly past and I have moved through so many landscapes. The past three days have seen me very close to the earth, literally, pulled there. Lying on her or the couch, or lounging on the front stoop where it is sheltered from the chilly breeze and warmed by the sun. No walks to speak of and the exercise routine that was happening, is not any longer. Though, yesterday my youngest son and I had many laughs watching each other take turns with a weighted hula hoop. Pretty funny! We both got the hang of it but had entirely different body motions to keep it from falling at our feet. Most laughing that I have done in awhile and it felt great! I prefered the swaying hip movement and he did the back and forth pump. Oh, how silly as we tried to keep it aloft when it began the descent down the legs!

Our physical symptoms are so diverse as we go through this ascension process, For me, great gulps of rest these days as well as great quantities of food to keep me warm. Pants are getting tight, I have put on weight which I am trusting is just what my body needs as it morphs into more and more light. I spend half the day drinking gallons of water and the other half peeing. Truly, it takes heaps of my day! Heavy vise grip on my head on and off for the past few days. Various ares of my body buzzing, aching, vibrating. All is well! When I feel my angels at work, I tell them to go at it. Get me ready for what is ahead. I feel tremendous gratitude that I have the freedom to rest when I need to. I know that I am doing exactly what I planned for myself. I have let go of judgment about how others seem to do so much as I lay here. This is my piece of the puzzle, this is my path and it takes all that I have to give each day, to be it.

A friend called today to say that her angels had responded to her request for an upgrade on her knee that had been troublesome for years. She asks daily to have her body prepared with ease and grace, as do I. Today she was walking in her garden, felt her knee give way, as if her leg had disappeared, when she saw three angelic beings whose gaze was focused on her knee. Instantly, she knew that her knee was being replaced. She thanked them and has felt a newness in the area just above and below her knee as she adjusts to this replacement. How magical is that?! Ask and you shall receive. If symptoms become too much for me, I ask my angels to ease off and they do. As I am right now in a space where I can simply be, I ask them to take full advantage and go for it! The more light I can comfortably hold in my body, the greater service I can offer my mother earth. I can anchor the incoming energies and allow them to move through her with ease. This helps her ascension process as she reciprocates in grounding me to aid me in mine. It is a beautiful system where as we help another, we are helped. As we feel joy, we open the earth for more joy. Magic, I tell you it is magic!

Purple cauliflower, how beautiful! I love eating all the colors!

The sweetness has been growing with my sons. We are creating a resonance, a frequency of such love, it is a tone almost. It feels peaceful, open, and so deeply heart connected. We share things we read and cry with the beauty of the expression of some aspect of life. We go to the farmer’s market and marvel at the colors and variety presented for us to chose from. We cook together and savor the tastes of fresh vegies and fruits. We each spend time alone and treasure the times we come together, lying on a blanket on the ground, feeling the peace of the other in the house somewhere, warm hugs and stillness.  I know that this is the energy of the new communities, the pods to come. I play with the air that tells me it is taking this frequency that we are sharing and it is spreading it out into the ethers. There it is being woven into a tapestry of the new life we are co-creating with our thoughts and feelings. Feeling the peace and bliss is so important! I cannot describe exactly what the new looks like but I am feeling the edges of it more each day. And the sweetness of it, takes my breath away! This is how we will live! The love we will feel for each other is a memory of home from deep in my soul. This is truth, there is only love!

A bench on my river walk where I can sit and watch the water flow past.

There is great change afoot. I see March as the month of magic. There will be announcements of arrests of folks who have been in control of this whole game here on earth. We have been enslaved on so many levels and the truth of the ways and means of it all, is coming to light. Know this to be the step towards our freedom. There will be more ufo sightings as our galactic brothers and sisters make themselves known to us. They are here to help us restore our planet. The inner earth beings, the Agarthans, more of our family, are ready to join us on the surface of our earth, once again. If this sounds like science fiction to you, be open to the wonder of it all! We have come from stars across the galaxy and many of us from other universes to be part of the ascension of the earth  to the fifth dimension, the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Peace. It is such an honor to be here, to add our light to this mission. It is time to greet our relatives from our home planets, to hug our families and friends that we left so long ago to incarnate here on earth. What a celebration awaits us all!

We are in the midst of the evolution of our species. We are becoming new humans as we return to more of our galactic and angelic natures. Day by day, the memories are being restored as we begin to honor the light that we are. I see the softening of hearts, the yearning to let go and live in peace and harmony with nature and one another. The nature kingdom is helping all it can, loving to interact with us, to play in the fields of possibilities. No one knows what we will create, how it will look as we are all bringing our puzzle pieces to the table. I only feel the vibration of it and hear the tone……oh, the beauty!! Know how important you are, how unique and beautiful is the gift of you. Please love yourself, know that you are so deeply loved for choosing to be here and play your part. Open to the beauty that is all around you. Take deep drinks of nature in any way you can each day. Today I laid my sheets out on chairs to dry in the sun, no clothesline available. I love the thought of my daughter coming to stay in a day or two and feeling her delight as she heads to bed and slips into the smell of sun-kissed sheets. It was one of the little treats that I loved to gift my kids with. Soak it up; the smile returned by the person you pass on the street, the hug of a friend, the sharing on the phone with a dear heart, the bird singing outside the window, the hot water hitting your face in the shower, the water that is plentiful from the tap to quench thirst, the smell of spring rising from the earth. Gratitude and love fill my heart tonight.

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