“In Lak’esh A La K’in”. We are ONE

rainbow tribeI love how my higher self reminds me to stick my camera in my pocket to capture images as I walk. They often lead to these blog posts. This is part of a mural at the Harvey Milk School here in San Francisco. It is around the corner from where I am at present. I love how the rainbow tribe that we are all a part of, is depicted. We are dancing together in harmony and unity! There are stars all around guiding us and joining in our joy. The earth is crystalline and her light shines through to play with us.

I love how I can be with myself through the many waves of emotions of a day and watch as I return to this place of joy and peace. No one told me that it works this way. We are taught to hide our pains and sorrows away in the back of our hearts to protect us. Instead, the old feelings block the flow of love that we are. Our hearts are designed to pour forth love like a faucet pours forth water. If we jam something in the spout, the pressure will build up until it bursts. Our hearts are the same. Years of accumulated pain has built up and the incoming energies are forcing the love in our hearts to burst through and wash the pains away in its mighty river. So cleansing and freeing. All of us are wanting to be this love as it is encoded in our dna, it is who we are as a species. We came here to be transmitters of love. All that we see that does not match the reality of love, is there for us to flow back to love. I have been practicing this with judgment. My, how deeply ingrained is this habit. Notice the word, habit…that means it is a behavior that can be changed. As anyone, thing, situation

butterfly woman

I love my butterfly friend for expressing her nature so beautifully. My judging mind can loosen its grip and be grateful for the pathway she opens of greater authenticity for all by dancing her light in the world.

comes into my experience and I begin to see a label of any kind emerge, I am placing a STOP sign in my brain. Stop Linda and flow your river of love into yourself for judging yourself in any way. For all that I judge in another or a situation, has a lesson for me. It is a trigger awakening me to an area that is asking for my love. I see a heavy women in her spandex clothes and I flow a river of love to the part of myself that believes that I must dress a certain way or be a certain size to be loved. I love that aspect of myself that believed that lie and in doing, I heal that illusion for many. Once you begin this practice, it becomes fun as you see opportunities for freedom arising as judgment releases its stranglehold on you. I was shocked at how fast and furious judgments of all kinds flew through me! I flowed love to the aspects of me that felt shamed by my judgments and loved her for out-picturing the programming that she was conditioned by. In loving this aspect, the shame lifts and I am free to be more conscious of my judging nature and to change it.

Peggy Black and her team of angels (Copyright 2006 © Peggy Black, Transducer, Scribe and Witness.All rights reserved.) offered wisdom and guidelines for our new multidimensional selves. One of the suggestions was:

Always ask yourself is this word, action or emotion being offered life-diminishing or life-enhancing.

This practice helps as thoughts arise and we take the moment to decide whether to continue in that vein or chose another more uplifting one. She continues with this:

You are here to transmute and transform energy through the alchemical chalice of your heart.

I love the chalice of my heart!! It has become such a dear symbol to me over the past year or two as I think of my heart as a chalice of love offered in service to the Creator. Here is the last I will share but you can read the others here:  http://lightworkers.org/wisdom/148920/wisdom-and-guidelines-multidimensional-humans

Each time you shift and emotional response from anger or judgment to love, joy or gratitude you are doing global service work on a personal level.

Isn’t that amazing? How we are serving others as we serve ourselves. That never fails to tickle me! It reminds me that we live in a win-win universe of such love. Honor the love that you are and turn on your heartlight! Let it flow to all as well as to yourself.



Moving Through the Energy Waves

Today I awoke to feelings of sadness and heaviness. The waves of energy pouring through took me up and down and shook loose some more debris that had been loosened in yesterday’s expansive energies. I spent some time packing boxes, sorting through and deciding what to keep and what to release. A wave of sleep then hit me and took me deep into the underworld. I met some heartache that still had a tendril attached that came up for release. I felt the damn erected to stop the river of love that flows on all planes but this one. I saw the fear that created the dam and felt compassion well up in my heart. I could bless it all and know that  it is not mine to break down the dam, it is mine to continue to flow the love with no attachment to acknowledgment nor effect. I called a dear friend who had been feeling the waves yesterday and had called for support. I sang him back to himself and today he offered that support to me. I know that all is well yet it is lovely to have someone sing my song of joy back to me when I cannot sing it for myself. We are one and there is such beauty in our supporting natures.

plants in stages of growth

Nature spoke to me as she does more and more these days. I passed this clump of ferns and they explained that we are continuously growing new fronds as well as discarding the old that have lived out their usefulness. There is a natural pruning that takes place. It is all in harmony if we do not try to hang on to what is ready to depart nor attempt to hold back the new growth. The old becomes mulch for the new growth if allowed to follow its natural rhythms. I saw this to mean to follow my heart’s impulses, allow the flowering of new ideas and ways of being in the world. I am so ready for the new! 2012 is being tauted as the year of creativity, the year of the artisian. We are each artists painting the life that we desire. This year, we have gifted ourselves with new tools ( I LOVE new art supplies) and we can play like children, in the joy of the moment of creating rather than with an eye to outcome. Beauty will arise but it may look very different from what you had in mind. So playing with no agenda is the path to freedom. The unexpected will be more common than the expected….woohoo, now this is my kind of year coming up!!! I love surprises!

Here is a link to Lee Harris’ Energies of 2012 video that is so peaceful and lovely. It tunes you in to the energies that are ours to play in. 2012 Year of Power – Lee Harris www.youtube.com

Happy New Year! Moving into 2012 with JOY

I was called to welcome in the new year with myself, honoring the sacred passage to the energies that 2012 offers. I lit my candles and incense, donned my robes of mastery and wore my crown, acknowledging my royal roots. We are divine beings and I was shown that it is time to carry myself as such in the world. Indeed it is this acknowledgment, that opens the gateways to our inner wisdom and gifts. The timing is so beautiful as the frequencies of our planet are rising as we awaken into unity consciousness. As we each take up our rods and staffs, our symbols of mastery and power, we take our places as the stewards of the dawning Golden Age of Peace and Love. It is time to own our expansive natures as we continue to offer our services to one another, to our mother and to the Creator. We came to co-create heaven on earth and it shall be so. It has begun and it feels so delicious!

BE FREE written on a wooden board

I came across this on my walk in the park and its violet letters spoke of Saint Germain and his freedom flame of violet light.

I loved this graffiti, BE FREE, on a retaining wall I passed, as it is exactly the feeling I have as I walk into the landscape of 2012.  We can chose freedom in every aspect of our lives. We can chose to free ourselves from roles that no longer fit, from jobs that no longer feed our souls, from habits and beliefs that limit rather than expand our outlooks, from relationships that constrict rather than ennoble our growth. Every aspect of our lives is up for change and renewal. I have read that the energies of January are about destabilization. Uncertainty is a place that we are learning to accept and be comfortable with. We are learning to grow our heart- lights and find our security within. There will be movement in the outer world seeking to throw us off balance as the structures of the old paradigm come tumbling down. The old way of doing business is no longer supported as so many have cried out for freedom and peace. It is manifesting in the outer world as we become it in our inner worlds.

How do we do this? How do we become peace and discover the freedom to be our authentic selves? As I reflect on my path, one of the first things that stand out is the mirror exercise. Standing in front of a mirror and saying, “I love you”. It is so simple and yet so powerful. For me, simplicity is a draw. I do not have the patience for lengthy and drawn our processes. As you look into your eyes, you will begin to notice aspects of yourself that you have not met, looking back at you. Introduce yourself, say hello and begin to get acquainted. I love the surprise of seeing a new aspect of myself peering out at me!  You may find tears flowing, it may be uncomfortable to stare into your own eyes but you will find parts of yourself that are seeking love. You can stand there and love yourself fully. Nurture your beauty by saying all those things that you wish your mother had said to you as a child, all the things that you wish your lover would say, all those things that you have longed to hear.

I remember my first experience with a “healing session”. It was all new, this idea of energy work and some new friends offered me a healing. At the end of my time on the massage table with the three of them gathered around me, one of them channeled a message from Jesus saying, “This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased.” Wow, did that rock my world! The idea that Jesus was happy with me, that I had done some things right. Tears flowed freely at this sentiment being expressed. You are divine, speak the words to yourself that you long to hear. Another example was from an older Indian professor at an ashram for Indians where I was the lone foreigner. As I was granted admittance through a friend, I was allowed to take a 10 day meditation course. This professor, who spoke English, agreed to work with me. At the end of the final meditation where we went out into the cosmos (I had no conscious experience nor understanding of this at this time, simply trusted that was where we were going!) He said to me: “You are a force of love in this world.” This was perhaps the most beautiful thing anyone had ever said to me. I was not ready to own this at that time (4 years ago and about a year into my inner journey) but haveNote on sidewalk since come to know it as my truth.  Speak the words that make your heart alight with joy: I am beautiful, I am dear, I want to do good in the world, I am love, I am joy……on the list goes. Love yourself for this and so much more. The more I grow in my own light, the more I see the dearness of others’ hearts. We are such amazing beings; resilient, resolute, compassionate, loving, courageous, giving……and the list goes on. Claim these qualities. Look at this note that I passed lying on the sidewalk today. Don’t you just want to hug this person and tell them that all is well? How dear is the heart that admits it is scared. Who among us has not been in that place. He (it feels like a he to me) goes on to apologize. Wow, a master in the making right here!! We are always growing and stumbling and being brave and feeling scared. But we keep on keeping on as this person did. To be human is to experience the gamut of emotions, to feel them all and let them move through us. I sent my heart-light to this note writer and thanked him for his courage as I held him in the pink flame of love.

We are taught to play the tapes of “you are not good enough, you will not amount to anything, you don’t take care of yourself, you are not bright enough, you are clumsy, you are difficult, you are not trying hard enough…….yada yada yada. Delete those tapes once and for all. When you hear them, tell your mind STOP in no uncertain terms and replace them with new tapes of your own making. Create a mix that you would play to a dear child. You are a dear child in the Creator’s eyes. Gentleness and kindness for yourself, let these become your new year’s resolutions. This act of loving yourself, will create peace in your inner world and that allows peace on earth to become a reality. To live in a world of love, I have to become love. It starts with me. It starts with you.