Winging My Way Back to the Mainland

On a plane, flying away from the Hawaiian islands. It all feels surreal to me. I drop into my heart and feel the codes from ancient Lemuria that I have picked up as well as the beauty of the garden of eden that we are returning to. I am so grateful to be a vehicle for these codes, a seed carrier. I see how I am asked to anchor them in to the mainland at the West Coast. I have a knowing of this and feel the spiral as I play my part. All of this is outside the rational mind, it takes place on the screen of my heart that has come alive in newness. I feel the cast of characters, the change of scene that is happening at the moment as my body flies from one backdrop to another.

Sacramento, a place where I experienced some of my darkest days. Yet, I come again. I had just received a request from an old friend to come and anchor light in this area. Ha, here I come. I see that we visit and revisit places, situations, and emotions in our lives until we have fully unwound the coil. We may think with our minds, that we are done with something but our hearts have the final say. We have to come to peace, come to a place of neutrality, a place where there remain no triggers in our relationships. We know when we have reached this, as the coil gently lets go its last wind, and slips into the mist, freed from the torque that held it in place, Each unwinding gifts us with a new found freedom. As I let go of more and more of these coils that I have kept in place with my emotions, I feel as though I am flying, The freedom is so intoxicating!

The choice is there in every moment to surrender to the reality of love that is present in every, yes, every situation. Close your eyes and drop into your heart. I have created a beautiful heart space, you can decorate yours to your heart’s content! I go and join my mighty I AM presence, beautiful Sophia, there. She is always so happy to see me and we feel such joy to be together.

I sit on my golden cushion, which is illuminated by a sunbeam so bright, and smiling, let

I feel that I have come full circle in many ways, coming to completion with cycles of my life, free to step off into the new!

myself go. I can ask to be the eagle and see a situation from a higher perspective. All the hard edges disappear and a softness surrounds whatever is my issue. I see that I have a choice to let go… much takes care of itself when we withdraw our anxious energy from it and bathe it in the flame of love. We can bathe our whole being in this flame and feel the truth of knowing that we are loved beyond measure.

I feel great peace as I take this next step. Excited at the opening of a space to be and sit in my own juices for a time. Allowing the ripening to take place. I feel creativity flowing in my palms as my hands vision handiwork that delights. I am called to co-create this new earth through my visioning, focusing much of my attention on sending our my ribbons of liquid lovelight and seeing the new relationships, economies. communities, and cities of light, coming into being.  Seeing all my brothers and sisters free, free to live as they chose, free from the survival activities and moving into their joy. Seeing the hearts opening all across the earth as the bubbles of love descend from the cosmos and arise from our Mother. The tears flow freely as my heart is asked to expand once again. I am called to hold the immaculate concept for this beauty and know that I am well trained. We are masters who have been in training for eons. I see us shedding our invisibility cloaks and shining our true essence of love out into the world. Our light will attract others who vibrate as we do. We are finding our family, one by one. Together, arm in arm, we are walking towards our new home. All can enter in, you do not have to wait for  an invitation. All of the kingdoms are awaiting our arrival. We simply have to make the choice to step into the new, to let go of our old ways of doing and embrace the beauty and love that we are. My gratitude knows no end!


2 thoughts on “Winging My Way Back to the Mainland

    • dear Martina,
      I loved your words about the healing that comes with the brush stroke! good to be back. Your place sounds amazing…..inspiring me to get dressed and go for a walk along the river in the sunlight. much love, Linda

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