Flames of Love in the Sky

Tonight was my last night on the island. Tomorrow I head back to California carrying my Lemurian codes and the Mary energies. The sunset at the beach blessed us with flames of pink light filling the sky. I have never experienced the love that the sun was emitting tonight. It went through me like a shudder as my heart expanded wider and the tears came. We had had a challenging afternoon with more being uncovered in our beings of times of being silenced, censored, quieted, as well as the usual torture, burning at the stake and myriad methods used to silence the divine feminine voice. The Marys are asking for the gag to be taken off and for we women to open our mouths and speak our truth. After we were able to remain present as various emotions surfaced to be loved, we decided to go to the beach to swim and cleanse ourselves in the beautiful mother ocean. The waves were strong and it took some effort to get out past their breaking fury. Once beyond, I could lay on my back and float with my ankles crossed, looking at the horizon as I bobbed along. Ahhhhh….exactly what my body needed. Coming back to my towel, I was delighted to find that a sunset wedding was being prepared for. It was such fun to watch as I LOVE

weddings. I get so giddy and feel like the little girl who owned a bride doll that was my pride and joy. At five years of age, I spent a night in the hospital getting my tonsils out (terrifying experience) and somehow my bride doll, with her little pearl earrings and white dress, was lost never to be seen again. I grieved for that doll! So, I was in heaven watching this couple exchange their vows. The Hawaiian minister blew a few deep blasts on his conch shell and the ceremony began. Love was filling the beach and my heart expanded into it. A musician played his ukulele as the couple repeated their vows of love. What a bold step marriage is. I am curious to see how we engage in our partnering in the new earth. Somehow I believe it will be more fluid, as we are with another as long as it brings joy and continued growth to both parties. Separating will be more fluid as we will acknowledge the love and know when it is time to move on. I know that there will be more love in all ways with everyone and everything.

The sky went from this golden yellow to the softest of pinks. I felt the color of love flow through me. It was an essence, so strong and pure. This is the liquid lovelight I see in my dreams. Golden raindrops of love raining down upon the earth. We are being saturated with love particles. I am truly in awe of what is happening! I have waited so long for this day and here we are!

My friend and I found ourselves laughing as I commented that the groom looked old, about 60 or so. Wait a minute….we are fast approaching that age and we are not old! We laughed at how we still use numbers and have a conception of what an age looks like but surely do not feel that applies to ourselves! After all, we are getting younger. I truly believe that this is happening. If you want to do a great meditation for infusing your cells with the

remembrance of immortality and health, check out the Children of the Sun’s latest transmission for Monday’s new moon. I could hardly move afterward as it takes you to such a deep place. A friend of mine began this service and she does mighty work through the site. They do a transmission every new and full moon to energize and infuse the planetary crystalline grid. It is a wonderful way to participate in a group meditation with thousands (she has something like 40,000 folks on board!) What an opportunity to send peace and love around the earth!! Here is the link:  https://www.childrenofthesun.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=448%3Agrid-transmissions-january-9&catid=39&Itemid=169

We finished our evening at a pizza place and I was amazed at the way I felt. I felt so much love and tenderness for everyone there! The older couples with their Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts, the children with their energy and joy, the waitresses with their patience and kindness. I complimented the girl taking the order on her calm and warm manner with the line stretching far behind us. She responded that it was easy as the customers were all so nice. This is what it will be like all the time! We will be living in the lovelight and everything will radiate and receive love. Oh, I am so grateful to be here, to be feeling all of this. My friend and I talked for hours over our pizza reviewing the dark energies that we have experienced trying to put out the divine feminine light. We gave thanks for it all, all that has brought us to this present moment. Gratitude flowed for all those who loved us enough to hold that harsher energy. We made our way home, lit our sage bundle and saged one another to lift the memories and allow the smoke and violet flame to return them all back to the love. I love sage, what a gift from our Mother Earth. I love the smell and I could feel the power of the release as she helped us to let go by clearing our auras and spirits. We are so blessed! Sage, sun emitting love rays, kind waitresses, pink clouds……Love is in the air……de dah da de dah……remember that song? I am singing it tonight. Sweet dreams.


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