Coils Unwinding and Grace Appearing

The green of this grass, the blue of the water, the steepness of the cliffs, the wind that was blowing.....all conspired to allow my soul to take flight

I have been feeling and observing the deep uncoiling of old patterns and beliefs from within my body and my psyche. We are being gently moved into the new land of unity consciousness. I am seeing that we cannot carry any of the old with us. All must go. All must be given away, let go of. When we depart in death, we know that we can take nothing with us. All the material accumulations of a lifetime, the recognitions or honors earned, the stories told and lived, all must be given into the flame of the Creator’s heart. There it undergoes the alchemical process of turning the dross into gold. We are ascending in our bodies, we are truly dying to the old and birthing the new. We do not have to die in the old way to return to the Godhead to renew our knowing of who we are. We can experience the death and rebirth here and now, in this physical plane.

So let the coils of “who do you think you are!” and “you are not good enough” and “others have it together and you are a mess”, depart once and for all. See them for the illusion that they are. These voices become more pronounced as we get closer to the threshold of our own Christhood. The pitch becomes feverish as we stand poised at the door, wondering what are our gifts? What can we bring to the table? What do we have to offer? All is smoke and mirrors to keep us from taking that one step that transports us into our new life.




portals and thresholds have been part of my journey these past couple of years, serving as reminders that the time was approaching for me to move through to the other side.



I have asked for ease and grace and direction now that I have felt aninternal switch being flipped, letting me know that my work here on Maui is done. I observed the anxiety arise, now what? Now where? I felt its unease deeply, you have no home, no work, no purpose. I breathed and came back to the love in my heart, asking God to show me the next step. I was called deeper into my heart to find the answers. And grace entered in and took my hand. A friend called and suddenly said, “I know somewhere you might stay as my friend is going overseas for two months.” This friend knew that I did not feel comfortable in the energies in Sacramento and did not stay long yet she felt guided to mention this possibility to me. I listened but rejected it as I was thinking coastline. A day or two later I awoke with the knowing that I was to call this woman and consider the possibility. As we connected, it became clear that this was the way of ease and grace opening to me. I would not have to search for a place nor deal with leases and rental agreements….all things that feel too foreign for this space that I am in. The surroundings would be familiar so getting food, walking along the river in the park lands, would all be known. No extra energy required to figure out. I had been shown that what I have woven here with a friend is to now be woven with my youngest son and he is living in the area at present. All is set up for me! Grace and yet my mind might have sabotaged me from stepping into it. Oh, we are such dear funny creatures, asking for grace and support and then thinking we know best the hows and whens and whos of it arriving! I accepted the gift with an open heart and feel such deep peace. My desire is to be in my own space (something that I have not had except the nights in my tent alone) and drop deeply into the stillness of my own heart. I have seen that is the service that I am to do at this time. For in the dropping in and with my presence with myself, I can birth my Christhood.We are truly at the threshold and each of us who steps across, sends waves throughout the planet that enliven and quicken other hearts to join ours in reclaiming our mastery and walking the planet as the masters that we are. As Jesus foretold, “All that I do, you shall do also and even greater than this.” I feel the truth of this in my cells.


A German man staying here at the house, gave me this bit of palm tree for my birthday.

What no one ever told me, was that stepping into our light and power and mastery would take everything we have. We have endured so many trials and tribulations and now we are asked to accept beauty and grace and light. As the light enters in, the fears fly up and we wonder if we dare to claim this light. Can I truly be this magnificence? Our beings quake at what is offered, at the immensity of the light that we are being asked to hold. At times, I can only lie and tremble as the waves move through me and I gasp at what is being shown.

I was so touched by this gift from a man staying here at my friend’s place through Air B&B. What a wonderful service, where you rent out your extra room to travelers. It is an example of the win-win industries and exchanges that are springing up all over as we remember our oneness. I love this new earth! So my bit of palm frond with his drawing and beautiful quote. Truly my heart has grown wings( I have certainly watered them well with my tears) and I am ready to soar!

Only a heart with wings can fly!

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