Touched Down Here on the Islands

What a difference a day or two can make! I am in Maui, staying with a beautiful soul sister that I met last fall at a Tom Kenyon workshop. We are so close, it almost feels like we are one another. We have had such similar journeys and are holding energy for the planet in a similar way. Yesterday her knee was hurting and she came home to find my knee was acting strange. We can be in silence as we tune ourselves to one another. Beautiful as words become harder to access ( I find myself gesturing with my hands to describe something or calling everything “thing”) our telepathic abilities are coming online. Our memories are being erased (no, you are not getting Alzeimer’s!) which is a blessing as it lands us squarely in the present moment. It allows old patterns of belief and behavior to melt away like the mist that I feel around me all the time. Have you experienced not knowing what you are doing, where you are? We are transversing time lines and dimensions as we align with our new light bodies and avatar selves. It can be jarring to suddenly “wake up” in a space and reorient ourselves to the moment we are in. What am I doing? Why am I doing this? It makes me laugh these days but if you do not know what is happening you may think that you are losing your mind. And yes, we are. We are losing our ability to live by our minds. We are being rewired to live from our hearts. What a blessing as that is where all the love resides and when you think with your heart, you are in alignment with your soul.It is amazing how interconnected we all are. I was reading a blog from a woman who I know to be another soul sister, and her other blog:
Our sites have matching gold colors and we are both playing in the fields of Shambhala. It is delightful that it is accelerating, this finding of soul family. The love energies of Venus are streaming in today to bless us. Can you feel the way our hearts are truly opening to these streams of pink, magenta love? We are becoming magnetized to one another, to our places and experiences that are aligned with our divine plan and the divine plan for the earth. There is a tremendous amount of clearing taking place as our old wounds and fears come up to be embraced and loved. Love everything and allow it to flow through you. Accept everything as the teacher it is and see the lesson that your soul is bringing to you. Let it flow in, let it flow out like the waves that crash so powerfully on the shore.
Last night we drove down this rutted dirt road to the ocean. As we walked out to the point, my friend said, “ I bet we will see a whale.” A few minutes later we saw a baby whale flipping his tail up to say hello. We were singing and laughing in delight with him and he graced us with six flips before diving deep with mama. It felt like such a communion. We were then blessed with the most amazing sunset. It started off with a soft yellow and continued through gold and finally into a Pele (the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano and fire) pleasing flaming red! Wowzer! I felt her flame burning inside of me!  


I picked up an old copy of the Mutant Message Down Under, by Margo Morgan. I had read it years ago but this time I understood it in a much deeper way. The tribe of aborigines that take her on a few months walk through the outback, have never lost their connection to the earth and one another. Their philosophy and way of life has such beauty and grace and we are moving towards that heart based way of being once again. No, we do not have to take off our clothes and subsist on grubs from the desert, but we do have to take off the protective coverings we have placed on our hearts and return to the knowingness that we are all one, with one another and with all the kingdoms of the earth. The flowers want to help as my flower essence friend demonstrated so clearly, the crystals want to help as demonstrated by my new soul sister of the Shambhala blog site who I asked for a reading. (I am no longer looking for outside confirmation for my path, rather felt a strong desire to connect with her to see what we would create together). She said the crystal that she will send to me, has already aligned with me and helped to merge me with my avatar self. Wow! Truly everything is here to serve. And the clearer we get on our path, the more we know that service is what we are here for. It took me awhile to understand this. First, as the “duty” woman that I was, I had to let go of any idea of service. It was an ego based notion, that to feel good about myself, I had to be helping others. When I let that go, I realized that it all begins by serving ourselves. It is not the selfishness that we are taught to not engage in, it is selfhood. Self care, self nurturing, self honoring. It is no longer abandoning myself in order to “be nice”. What is nice anyway? There is only being true to me. True to what resonates, true to what enlivens my heart. This did not come about it a moment. I began from a place of not knowing what made me happy, what brought me joy, what my truth was. I could tell you what it was for my family, but not for myself. It has been a journey. I had to first identify and then clear all the old limiting patterns and beliefs that served their function by helping me survive this harsh 3D environment. As I have become more peaceful inside, I serve our mother by making my footprint one of lightness rather than a burden on her. In loving ourselves truly for the beauty and wonder that we are, we allow her to reclaim her beauty and return to the garden of eden. That is one of the reasons that I was called to Hawaii, to pick up the Edenic codes for the community of light that I am to co-create. All is being restored through our pure hearts. Find something today to celebrate about you! I love your beauty!

2 thoughts on “Touched Down Here on the Islands

  1. Your words speak to my heart lovely Linda. It is so true we are breathing in our 12 strands of DNA, rewiring organs and changing the crystalline imprints with of our Souls.
    As I float around tending to my daily needs I think of your beautiful words.

    • Dear Beverly,
      Your words are now floating with me in the liquid lovelight. I so appreciate them and you for taking the time to read my blog! Thank you! What a wonderful experience this is, I am so curious to see what beauty we create together. Much love to you, Linda

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