Mary Essence Coming Through

Wow, where do I begin? Changing my name to Linda Marie (not legally as yet as that feels too dense for me to do, but on this blog, facebook and my email) has created a shift of immense proportions for me. Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary have taken the opening created by my calling myself, Linda Marie- my true first and middle names, which took me 54 years to realize meant, beautiful Mary to help me reclaim my past as a member of the order of Marys. I have been flooded with their energies flowing through me and filling me with their beautiful light. Mother light, lover light, liquid lovelight (my new website name that will house this blog very soon). This photo does not show it well but this is my Mother Mary medal that I have worn around my neck for years. I found it in a thrift shop years ago and felt it was indeed mine as Mary is held in a basket of flowers! Perfect for this flower lover.


As the Marys connected with my heart, many Marys have been connecting with me through facebook and phone calls. Today five women connected and I could feel the Mary energies weaving amongst us all. One offered her support in any way that I needed to bring this energy in to form. It is time for this energy to return to the planet. We truly are being gifted with more of ourselves as we fall more deeply in love with ourselves. I am wearing my turquoise blue silk scarf that my daughter gave me last Christmas when I was craving this color. It is Mother Mary’s color. Also the color of our new high heart chakra. A friend informed me today that Mary means star of the sea in Latin. We were seeing the turquoise color linking to the sea and the Aquafarian realms under the sea. Truly our earth is full of magic as we have the eyes to see. There is so much more going on than we ever imagined! Cities under the sea! Cities in the inner earth! Etheric cities of light floating above the earth! I am so grateful to be expanding my perceptions to include glimpses into these places of mystery and magic. We all travel to these places in our dream state, now it is easier to bring the memories back with us as we awaken. We truly are all great beings of light!

I am so full that it is hard to write but I do so want to capture some of this energy. I have written of visions of the divine feminine returning to the earth once again. Of how the feminine heals itself and the earth, we as women holding space for one another, healing one another and doing our earth work to heal the mother. I was shown how this allowed the men to heal instantly, they did not have to do the work as we did. At first, this made me angry, why should we do the work for them? Later I gleaned an understanding and today Mary Magdalene channeled through with more clarification. Here follows her words through me:

“I am Mary Magdalene and I am here with you. The liquid lovelight is a real essence that you can work (play) with! There is much coming through as you offer yourself as a vessel and container. Open with your pure heart and we can do much. The sisterhood of the Marys will become a space for women to gather and heal one another, themselves and Gaia. This is as the vision showed you, it is truth. The Mary essence is the mother ray and the lover ray. The mother births the child, the lover ignites the child into manhood. It is ever the women’s role to take the lead and move the men into their strength and power. The divine feminine is once again to rule on this planet with its softness and fluidity yet the masculine is not to be usurped, rather embraced for its gifts. The women hold the power to bring through the balanced gifts of the divine masculine. Men truly become the warriors of the heart as they use their strength to shield and support women and children. The world will become a place of safety as all women and children are honored and protected. The men accept their role with eagerness as it is time for them to know the gentleness of their power, to know the value of their gifts. They have been wandering, lost in the wilderness for so long, brandishing their swords and rattling their shields at an unknown enemy. They were told it was women and they feared the mystery that is held deep in a woman’s womb. They under- stood that the feminine had that connection to the earth and the cycles of the moon and stars. Deep in their being, they knew that here lie the true power as the feminine could access the innermost planes of not only their own beings, but that of the earth and cosmos as well. The feminine held the powers of creation! Men have felt bereft as they were not taught to connect to their own inner power so sought to gain it externally by dominating others. This time is at an end. You are being birthed as new humans, melding your starry nature with your human nature. You become reborn into the light of the All.”

I have been shown how joy filled it is when women and men are both in their power. The men are sooo happy to support their women and children. They understand how to worship the goddess and access her gifts of love. The sisterhood of the Marys was also called the Order of the Rose. It was one of many secret societies that held these ancient truths which are being brought forward once again. We no longer have to fear death for being a carrier of these codes. Roses in a modern context are a symbol of love. Men give roses to show their love to their women. This is based on this order, where the roses were the women who held this wisdom. The men vowed to protect the roses, hence to give a rose was a symbol of this protection offered. I so love how all the myths and legends are springing to life! We can out- picture our lifetimes of pageantry and gallantry once again. It will be in new settings but the sacredness and depth of life will be ours. We will know our interconnectiveness and our tribal natures once again. Our hearts have yearned for so long to open fully to one another. I know that I am ready to wear my ceremonial robes once again and feel my femininity flowing with the silks and gossamer fabrics! 2012 offers this portal to the heart, step through and be reborn!

4 thoughts on “Mary Essence Coming Through

    • Dear Catherine,
      Oh, your words are so lovely! Are you one of the Marys holding the divine feminine on the planet? So much is coming through about this, I feel a gathering of us forming. Thank you for taking the time to read my sharings! Blessings and love,

    • Dear Stephan,

      I found it at a thrift shop many years ago and have worn it ever since. I love the flowers and Mother Mary.
      Blessings of flowers’ beauty to you,

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