Happy Solstice!

What does that mean? God is alien? I spotted this sign as I was walking back from the park today. I read it as, God is an alien. That made me chuckle as I took it to mean He/She is from outer space, from the stars just like the rest of us are. It is only now as I read it once again that I see it is saying that God is alien…..alien to whom? Webster’s dictionary says that it is something belonging or relating to another person, place or thing. Something foreign. I like the hearts that the person drew as well as the small halo above the I. I am affirming that God is not alien to me as I am a part of Her/Him. No one or thing is alien to us. Indeed, I had just had the experience of toning and chanting in the park as my friend channeled Spirit. We were weaving a tapestry with my sounds and his words to flow universal love energies across North America. God’s heart was very present as was Gaia’s as she shimmered and tingled up my legs to meet in my heart with my Mother/Father God’s energies. I laughed that we fit right in at Dolores Park which is filled with folks all pursuing their own version of delight. I was twirling and swaying with the sounds that moved through me, my friend was speaking and chanting in a deep loud voice as groups played about us. I love the freedom from the constraints of the ego. It is wonderful to not worry about how anyone views anything that I do. It does not matter any longer, only that I honor myself by following the promptings of my own I AM presence. 

 Later on my walk, I saw this beautiful camellia in bloom. I loved her pink passion expressing itself as swirling skirts spinning about her. I loved that she rose above the confines of the iron fence spikes. The rigidness of the old that we are all now rising above. I feel just like her, so happy to be dancing free. Who knew that once you let go of all that you knew, there would be such freedom?! I am astounded by it. It is as if I have discovered universes inside myself. Vast galaxies of space that I am free to dance in with colors not yet imagined.

Then I passed a car with this little flower on its dashboard, dancing about. I do not know how it was activated but it was merrily grooving along inside the car. I laughed out loud at its silliness and cuteness. So cheerful and colorful, dancing her beauty even though no one was there to see…..oh, except me! She was dancing for me. I love how when we begin to dance with life, life begins to dance for us! I had started the day by spinning 33 times around. I had watched some utube that someone had posted on facebook saying that it helped to spin your chakras. I figured it was worth a try as it appealed to my sense of play. I like my  spiritual growth experiences to be fun! I felt a bit nauseous by the end but quickly regained my equilibrium. I feel that was symbolic of how we are being tested to see if we can hold to our centers as chaos whirls about us. Deep breath and dropping into my heart brings me back to myself. 

The sun set early on this the longest night of the year and my body is ready for bed. I am still assimilating all the beautiful gifts of energy that have streamed in today. I feel a bit drunk on the lovelight. A friend was here and said that Hilarion ( the ascended master of healing and truth) wanted to speak. I recalled that Hilarion had spoken to me last year at Christmas time and he had decorated me as the tree of truth. He had hung ornaments all over me. I wondered if he was coming to decorate me once again. Indeed he said that my ornaments were lovely! He also congratulated us on our work today with Gaia and commented on our purple robes of regality. I am feeling quite comfortable in my robes tonight. I am owning my own mastery in a deeper way. I love that I get to sing and dance and tone my gifts to the earth. What a great role I chose for myself! Thank you for the roles you each play and the gifts that you bring. Each of us is so essential to co-creating this new earth of ours. Can you feel it? Begin by delighting in your own beauty, I am delighting in it!

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  1. thank you Gail! It is lovely when we are affirmed in our feelings. We are all tapping into the field more and more. I love how this happens! Blessings and lovelight to you!

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