12-12-11 Magic

 Today magic was in the air. The past couple of weeks have pushed so much up to the surface. I was struck by the twisted, trunks of these trees in Golden Gate Park. The way that they are writhing about, thrown up upon the earth, creating portals and weird shapes. Strange things! It felt like all the twisted and dark things in my psyche that have been pushed to the surface by the incoming light. There is a certain beauty to be found as it rises to the surface. To know that I am now free of its constraints in my life. Ahhhhh….deep sigh of release!

As I walked and toned my way to my car, I came upon this old metal post that had been eaten away by the elements. I loved the way the ivy was growing up to cover the places that had rotted away. This new energy is doing just that. It is the bright green growth of the Creator’s love and our own love for ourselves flooding in.  The love streaming in is growing vibrant and strong in our beings. It flushes out all that is not love. It is effortless on our parts. We have only to open to receive it. And though and behold,  as the shameful, dark places in our beings are pushed up and out, they are returned to the love that is our truth. We are newly gowned in the green ivy of love. 

 I was feeling ribbons of lovelight flowing through my heart chakra. I saw dear hearts that I am connected to, at the ends of  each ribbon. So much love was streaming into my heart, it was aflame. I was a conduit for this lovelight to flow to so many hearts. It was palpable and I was guided to connect on the phone with some of the folks I knew and they could feel it being transferred from my heart to theirs. So beautiful. My heart was being tuned to hold more liquid lovelight and to flow it through me to the heart of my mother, Gaia. What a beautiful dance we all participate in! 

I walked to a cafe on my way to the ocean to send my voice out to her. How delightful is life with a pretty fern on my mocha and a mini almond croissant! I love that this cafe makes these croissants this size….perfect! When I buy a full sized one it is too big but I usually end up eating it all. So, love these minis. I was continuing to play with my heartlight. I spoke with a friend on the phone about my beloved and the divine partnerships that are coming through. She said that while I was talking, she was looking out through a narrow, two foot window in her house. Captured in that small viewfinder, was an eagle doing a dance in the air for her. She had not seen an eagle for about a year and as she connected with it, it said it was Linda. And then its mate appeared and they kept circling within her view  until she spoke of them to me, acknowledging them, and then off they flew. Amazing! She felt it was me dancing with my beloved. I had asked my beloved for a sign from him as I began my walk on the beach. And there it was, delivered in such a magical way!! I love this universe! I love how we are gifted with so many delights if we have but the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the heart to feel. 

I had brought this rock down to the beach to offer to the ocean on this portal day. It is one that I love, as it was the first gift from my wild Indian man. It represented a time of great struggle for him as he opened his heart to the truth of love.  I have carried it about with me for over a year. The sea grass formed a heart with me to hold it  and honor the love it held. I then tossed it into the arms of the ocean. I felt that I was allowing all the love that I have ever known to return to the great mother’s
heart. I let it all go freely but saw ribbons of heartlight trailing back to me. No love we have ever felt, given or received, can be lost. It is all connected with beautiful ribbons of multi-colored light. We are beings of love, made of love, made for love. We have been expressing all the aspects of duality in  this grand adventure but now we are being called home. Home to the love that we are. Home to peace, harmony, joy. Home to our own hearts. I love you all!

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