LIquid Heart Light

 I knew that these days alone held a gift for me. The other night as I was lying on the couch, playing in my heart space, an amazing sensation came over me. I was expanding the chalice of my twin flame heart. I work with my twin on this each day, pouring my love into it, asking for his love and calling on my Mother/Father God to add theirs to the mix. I then ask for the elixir to be used for peace on earth, the awakening of hearts, abundance for all……you know the list. But this night, the flame filled me and flowed out from my heart into my hands. My palms were on fire with it. I knew that they were radiating creative life energy and could indeed create the movement of returning things back to the reality of love that is in all. Wow, it felt wonderful and powerful and humbling to be an instrument in this way. My heart was on fire with this liquid love light….golden elixir. 

This is my recent take on the heart, see the gold that exists as well as the tears and scarring. A bit battered and bruised, covered over, scrapped  away at, stab wounds….this heart has it all. Yet the fire of love burns ever bright and is growing in size by the day. We are in transformative times and our hearts’ fire are burning through the dross, the woundedness, the victim consciousness, the buried pains from so many lifetimes in density. There is a purifying aspect to the flame. That white hot heat that releases all back to the primal elements. I relish the almost pain that I have felt flooding through me as I know that as I turn on my heart light to fan the flames, I am being given freedom. I am being given my heart anew. All scarring disappears in the heat of the flames. My heart is freer to hold and radiate light and love. My chalice expands which allows me to offer more my cup of lovelight. All on the planet are being offered this gift. You can close the door to your heart and let it pass by or choose to throw the door wide open and invite the flame to enter in. Allow the feelings of loss, of suffering, of betrayal, of grief to surface. Feel them fully and give them to the flame. Feed the fire with all that you are ready to let go of. Let it all go, stoke that fire and watch the bonfire of your heart ablaze! The freedom is worth it all. When you watch a fire burn hot and finally burn itself out, there are only the white and grey ashes left to blow in the wind. How beautiful a process….to turn all that pain into carbon that returns to the earth. Our mother accepts our sorrows in this form as now it feeds her, allows new growth to come. When we limit the flow of lovelight through our heart by storing all our refuse there, we create a burden that our mother cannot ease. Our hearts are leaden and our steps on her surface become heavy. Once we allow the fires to transmute it all back to love, we are lighter and our steps reverberate with that love. 

Here is my take on my inner sun. I am pulsing pink and orange and gold with some turquoise thrown in for my watery nature. The dolphins and whales need a place to swim in me! I am feeling called to go the the warm waters and swim with the dolphins once again. Today I experienced the rays of the sun, illuminating the cold wintry air here in San Francisco. I shared a walk and lunch with my beautiful daughter who came to me 28 years ago today. Oh, how we have tested and hurt  and enlivened and loved one another’s hearts through those growing years. She has been my mentor, challenging me to be more love. I am so grateful for the way our hearts now flow in such unity, how all the pain of the lessons we came to gift one another, has been fed to the flames. The ash nurtured the flowering that has bloomed so bright. I bought her a gardenia and pinned it on her as a corsage so that she could smell the sweetness of the love that she is to me. Sweet young woman, sweet heart of love. Liquid lovelight shining bright. 

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