Still LIfe

I set up this still life this morning to feed my soul. For less than $3, I am being fed mightily. A painting of mine is hanging in the corner next to this and its colors are a perfect match for the yellows, greens and peaches of the pears. Beautiful little organic pears, a few bites worth each and a whole week of meal’s worth to my soul. Aren’t we blessed! I may not have much of a view to the outside world from this apartment that has only one room that faces the openness of the street view. but these pears gift me with a world view of beauty and light. It is all perspective, isn’t it? We can see the limitation of the wall next door or the expansiveness of orchards basking in the sun and rain of our mother. I can breathe in the scent of ripening fruit and bite into the elements that created it. I feel so expansive today! I am gifted with warm pumpkin muffins from the oven (it is such fun to have a kitchen to

play in once again) and this scene of beauty that is inspiring me to create art today. Maybe a pencil sketch with a touch of watercolor to suggest the hues. My skill is not as great as my mind’s picture but I do create some art that fills my soul with delight and that is the whole point, isn’t it? To create, to anchor into this earth plane the beauty that we feel. I am so seated in my heart these days. There have been many miracles occurring for me as I play out my part of bringing in this new earth. There is much that remains invisible that my heart’s eye makes visible. To this, I hold. I am a vision keeper, I have been trained in the schools of Mother Mary to hold the immaculate concept. I hold to beauty and in truth, beauty is known through the heart rather than the eyes. Feel it all around you today, it is everywhere.