Solitude Continues and Brings Gifts

Watershed day…quiet and alone for the most part. My sons are still away and my daughter and her love stopped in for a few moments to pick up their turkey and pie to take home. I was not feeling up to stirring from the couch today. Yet the world came to me. Don’t you find it interesting how that happens? I do get a kick out of the universe and how it works. I took this picture somewhere at some time in the past few months but my memory is shoddy. I can feel the mist on my face and my feet on the rocks as I climbed closer. Today has been a watery day…tears flowed as I felt so close to the Creator. I was in the bath, offering my heart after clearing it of any remaining cloudiness. I had done the exercise I spoke of yesterday from Peggy Black about healing our wounded heart. I was imagining my heart like a crystal bowl, so pure and clear. It felt crystalline in my chest. I allowed its tone to rise as I played it in honor of the Creator’s presence in my life. I offered it and myself as the hollow reed to play those notes of Her/His love on this plane. A new sound emerged that I had not heard before. It felt good in my chest and it carried me along for several minutes in ecstasy. Ah, so good to feel that passion arise once again. 

A friend called and was describing his back country skiing trip. I could feel the cold crisp day and sense the beauty and quiet of the wintry landscape. I love this newfound ability of late of getting the energetic download from someone through conversation. It is as if I am there with them and feel it all. So much transmitted through our hearts these days. I like to include new pictures that I take but today I sought out these old ones from this summer to convey the images that I felt. Water, snow….I have been craving a winter landscape with a fireplace and cozy indoor scene to enjoy it from. Trees hushed as the blanket of snow is laid on their shoulders. Frozen ground crisp underfoot. I can feel all this. Funny as Hawaii has been filtering in and out for the past couple, few weeks. But despite my love of warmth, the winter scene is what is speaking to me of late. Another friend sent a message from her mom that I will be gifted the land for my community and that it is in Oregon. Hmmmm……who knows. I know that it is coming but not any particulars. I did feel a jolt of happiness that someone was picking up that energy in the field. A confirmation. Bring it on universe, I am ready!

Another friend called to speak of her desire for greater mastery. She wanted to be clear in stating her intentions and to be unattached to how they were received. I was able to affirm for her that she was in her mastery, that we are masters. We expect it to be linear and in every area of our lives at once. Yet we can be masters of abundance, yet kindergartners in setting boundaries. We do not achieve 100% in every area at once. We are masters in training and we can claim ourselves as such. Indeed in the claiming, we become that. I am a master and I am continuing to evolve and grow. It is a never ending cycle. We strive, we reach, we attain, we fall back, we move……we are spiritual beings playing at this game on our beautiful mother earth. I am learning to know myself as a master and to feel such compassion and tenderness as I act or think in old ways. To see it all as one, not good and bad. Simply me being Linda on this earth plane, sometimes wise, sometimes childish, sometimes kind, sometimes harsh. Bringing as much presence and awareness to each moment as I can and knowing that all others are doing so as well. 

As we spoke, my friend spoke of retrieving a part of herself that had been killed when she spoke her truth. As we looked at that, we both saw her laying in state. I then saw the essence of this woman rise to enter and fill my friend. At the same time, she entered and filled me. I realized that this sleeping beauty (that is who she appeared as to us both) had been waiting for us to call her back. We can claim our master selves to return, there are so many parts of us wanting to enter in at this time. It feels good to have her here with me tonight. I know that I can speak my truth in these times. I can claim that power. It felt great to share this new connection with my friend, with whom I  share a deep soul bond. I love how we can help one another to remember who we are. 

In a meditation, one of my former names was given to me. Shazara. I like the sound if it. Shazara….sounds like a master with a magical cape and a wand! I invite her in to play. So you can see how a day spent alone can bring such gifts. My agitation of the past few days has departed and a deep peace fills me tonight.  I know that I am a part of this magical, mysterious life on earth and I feel such gratitude. I do not have to know what is to come, only to live each moment fully, accepting all that presents itself and allowing it to move me where it will. From the space of my couch, I visited waterfalls and snowscapes, conversed with Sleeping Beauty and Shazara. I felt ecstasy and peace. Truly I have been gifted in this day!

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