Walking in the city of Heartlight

I was standing on a hilltop here in San Francisco, watching the sun go down. I felt so blessed to be able to be up so high and see so wide. The city lay spread out at my feet and I could feel the love vibrating from it. It truly is a city of love and heart. Each day as I walk about I see sights that make my heart sing. I do focus on the beauty as with any city there are parts that are waiting to be transformed back into the reality of love. Yesterday I took a walk and took a few photos of whatever captured my imagination.

I love the rainbow flags that line the Castro district where I am currently living. It is the gay district of San Francisco and in my mind represents freedom of expression. Each time I see this flag I feel that I am coming home (which I am) but in more than the literal way. I can feel

the hearts of all the men who had to stand up to cultural and family pressures to be able to follow their truth. There is a sense of acceptance here as most have had to walk a tough path to find their way home to their truth. This is the place where Harvey Milk lived his life of courage and opened the playing field by being a gay man holding a public office. There is the distorted side of sexuality that the world condemns and yet is fascinated by as evidenced by the tourists who come to walk on the wild side! You can pass store windows full of all kinds of unusual things, many of them involving penises as that is the side of homosexuality that gets all the press. But there is a heart side that is more the truth as there is in all relationships. The men (and women) here have asked to live in peace, to fly their flags and proclaim their right to love another man (0r woman). To have the same respect shown them as heterosexual couples. I am here to clear some of the sexual distortions and turn it back to the love that is the base of it all. In the end, that is what everyone is seeking, not a new sexual position rather to love and be loved.

The next thing that caught my eye was this beautiful garden that someone had created in front of their house. There were planter boxes on both sides of the sidewalk, full of sculptures, plants, rocks and delights. This clock was tucked amongst the greenery, showing its face with

its hands marking the twelfth hour. I did indeed feel that time stood still as I made my way through this little bit of paradise. From the harshness of the city streets, someone had taken the time to create a separate world. They did not concern themselves that someone might steal their treasures but put them out for all to enjoy. There were two comfortable outdoor chairs positioned against the wall inviting you to take a seat and a breath and still yourself, just like this clock. I was enthralled. This person or persons, has gifted the city with a reminder that life is good. A testament to his/their belief that people are good. An offering to allow a space of reflection to come back to the heart. To come back to the love. A simple walk, a blessed day. Breathe it in, the love is all around. We are asked to have eyes to see and hearts to feel. Everything is LOVE.

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