11-11-11 The Celebration!

Oh, deep breath. We are here. I have prepared for this day for so long. It is the day that we enter in, we walk through the portal to our new life. I may have posted this photo of this painting before but it is the image that works for me today. It is my favorite of my many paintings. The two white strokes are my beloved and I as we are walking through the golden door to our highest potential. Our highest service to the Creator and to our mother, Gaia. Today we are all gifted with this opening. There is nothing to bring except our hearts. All attachments fall away as we cut all cords to former beliefs, needs, desires, people, things. There is only this, the love, the love of our Mother/Father God for us and our love for Her/Him. The reality of love that is everything.

This energy can be so powerful as it comes in to these bodies that it is good to ground. Simply ask Mother Earth to ground you to her heart. You may feel her energy come up through your feet and legs as a tingling. Such a gift she gives to each. She loves to connect and speak with us. She wants all of her children to ascend with her. Imagine a love that can contain 7 billion people! She teaches us to love on that mighty scale.

Our Mother/Father wants to know our deepest desire. What is it that I want this day? I want more of my gifts to come in so that I can be of greater service to Gaia and mankind. I want to co-create a community that waves a banner that says, Home, this is a place of rest, of respite, a place of rejuvenation, a place to discover your joy once again amongst family who love you. Come! Yes, that is my deepest desire. To be a part of building such a place that is based on divine relationship. Where love is the beginning and the end. I wish to know the reality of love in all things and use my heart to melt all back to that reality. Love has become frozen on our planet and it is time to unfreeze it. To melt it all in our hearts back to the liquid light that it is, that we are.

Open your hearts wide and celebrate yourself today. It is a birthday of recognizing your own light and shining it out into the world. Turn inward and turn on your heartlight. We are all going home and it is what will light the way. I love you.

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