Sequestered, Silent, Peaceful

Do you like my childlike drawing of the beloveds? Yes, I am feeling this more and more each day, my heart twining with his heart to fill our chalice of love as the Creator streams down Her/His light to add to our chalice. Lovelight. That is my new word, lovelight is streaming in to the earth from the heavens as well as saturating the earth plane from Mother Gaia herself as she streams it up from her core. Each day, my beloved and I offer our chalice of lovelight in service to mankind and the ascension of the earth. There are new frequencies entering in. More detached, peaceful, soft. I feel as though I am drifting between worlds. There is a sense of missing friends, of a new kind of loneliness and yet no desire to take action to connect. Peace and stillness seem to envelop the hours of the days as minutes. It seems with each upgrade into a new frequency, there is a period of being in a void. A holding pattern as the body adjusts to the new energies. The past three weeks or so have been quite a roller coaster of upgrades. The light streams in making my body shake and move, heat up, cool down, all manner of strange twitches and pinpricks. Then the integration period of lying flat while energies are released. Today it was sadness. Not mine, but a global sadness as the old ways are dissolving. I work with Gaia, as do many others, to help release the denser energies so that she can take in more light. Whatever we are doing internally, we are creating externally in the world we see reflected around us.

I am grateful for the small group that I have been

working with to anchor in this divine love. Oh, to live in this love, to see the earth bathed in this love. Tears are frequent as I feel the enormity of this love that is our truth. Today we begin a week of energies such as this planet has never seen. The 11-11-11 portal comes to us on Friday and there are global events that you can tune into around the world. Please take the time to connect to one of the gatherings offered at 11:11 am and pm if you can. The power of many gathered in meditation for peace and love on this planet can create it. We are the co-creators of this new earth. This is an opportunity to step in and effect change in the new way, not so much by doing rather by being the love and peace that you wish to see in the world. I love this photo I took of the light on the water…..diamond light. That is what we look like, streams of beautiful sparkly light radiating across the lands. Turn your heart light on and shine bright! Soon we will see our reflection in everything.

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