Babies!!! This print was in a small cottage that I recently rented. As soon as I saw it, I felt that it was the reason that I was there. The babies are coming! This picture captures the joy and delight of the babies that I saw flowing in my vision awhile back. They are so ready to bring their playfulness to the planet. I am seeing that the community that I am to co-create is about divine love. It will be a place of divine partnerships and sacred relationships. There will be many being reunited with their beloveds and creating a chalice for these little masters to come through. Oh, they are so gleeful!

The realms are overlapping and I find myself living much of the time in this dream space of love. It can be challenging to have one foot in this reality and one in another yet that is what is asked of us. To believe in what can’t be seen, to hold the knowing of it deep in our hearts until it bursts through this hologram. There are so many 11-11-11 events being planned worldwide. So many hearts will be streaming their heartlights to the planet, the stars, the Creator and one another. The force of our hearts will break through to the peace and love that we know is our birthright. This is a sacred time. We are remembering our holiness. These little ones come to me to remind me of the joy. I can feel their fat cheeks under my lips and the delight of nibbling their chunky thighs. They are reminding me to dance and laugh my way to them.

Here is a link to my friend, Meredith’s blog that explains beautifully the whole awakening process that I have been through:

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