Witnessing the End of the MAYAN calendar

I love San Francisco but did not see myself here. I arrived yesterday and was spent after packing up from the house we had rented on the coast for a week. Did not know the next step but here it is. Deep fatigue, hot and cold flashes, head pressure are all here. My body is continuing to integrate more light as I continue to release more density. Today is the end of the Mayan calender and this age. I found myself awake all night…..re reading a novel, checking out websites, playing in my heart space, drifting. I realized that I was witnessing the last hours of the old consciousness of duality and adding my intent for the birthing of the new unity consciousness. The golden age of peace is at hand. My body temple decided to stay awake and bear witness to this sacred time.

When I finally fell asleep for a couple of hours at 6am, I was told that I had ascended. I was laughing in my dream and wondering why it seemed ordinary. All is incremental, our hearts let go, the love flows in more and more. It is such a gentle process that carries us down the river to the ocean of God’s love. The wonderful thing is that you cannot stop the river from flowing to the ocean, as it is its nature to do so. It is the same with us. We can resist or hold on to the shore but eventually all is swept down to the sea. I long ago, let go and allowed myself to be carried. To float on the river of love is a glorious thing. There have been times where I suddenly panicked and grasped for a rock or a branch to slow my passage. I clung on to some belief or value that I chose more time with before once again surrendering and dropping into the river of love. It has been such a game as we played in duality and believed in the stories we created. Now we can see that there has ever been only the reality of the Creator’s love for us. We begin to see that we are so much larger and grander than we ever dared dream.

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