Soaring While Flat on My Back

It has been a long time between posts. I have lived lifetimes since I last wrote. How to describe what this journey has been? I am ascending with my mother and it has been an amazing ride. I was pulled out of Orcas Island where I had been peacefully communing with everything. I spent days dissolving into the mists and starlight and experiencing great waves of bliss. Then others came and I went through an initiation with the Taras. It was a gentle experience that left my heart humming. Met the man that I had been told was on Orcas waiting for me, turns out to be a soul brother who held the key to my next step. We were both pulled down to California for the next initiation. I carried the energy and love of Orcas with me as I drove the miles. I felt that I was going through time gates as I traveled. I would sense that I was plowing through time and the energetic waves of emotion would flood through me as I closed out one after another. They were collapsing behind me. I felt that I was driving my last long drive with my beloved Maxie. I shed a few tears for the way she has sheltered me and cared for me these past two and a bit years. With my son’s help, I realized that Maxie’s (my dear car and fellow light being) consciousness, her beingness, would remain. It may be that I whistle for my steed and up Maxie comes, in her Pegasus suit to transport me where I wish to travel. I know that it will be magical, our new forms of transportation.

Arriving in California began a 007 type mission where a few of us gathered to seed new

probabilities and time lines. The gathering came together naturally and each knew their part and have played it to perfection. There was a need for isolation as we worked on our project with the ascended masters and other light beings. It has been the order of my days for this past bit of time. We are just completing this work and feeling the effects in the air. It required each to take the leap from the known to the unknown with absolute trust. It is an amazing feeling to partake of experiences that your soul knows it set up lifetimes ago. Indeed, this rendezvous was set up at the time of the initial creation of this planet. I understand now my deep love and reverence for Gaia as she is part of me in a very real way, and I of her. I feel her mother’s love that has waited until she was gasping for breath, before she decided that it was time to make the move to save herself and all those who chose to go with her. Each and every day, she sends her heart light to each of us. She grounds us, she fills us with her love. She is shaking off the old and embracing the new. She is so ready to be seen and acknowledged for the brilliance that she is. As we each see and acknowledge our own beauty, we make it an easier journey for her. That is the gift that you can give her…love yourself. See and acknowledge your own beauty and let your heart light shine out in to this world.

My beloved is making his way to me. He is on the ships of the Galactic Federation that encircle our planet, there to aid us in our shift into the New Earth. He is stepping down his

frequency and I am stepping up mine so that we may meet in this new playing field that we are all co-creating. I am filled with wonder at this. Ascension is imminent for me and so many others. Yesterday, I experienced dying to this life in a way that was new. I let go of all earthly duties, turned finances over to my adult children, as well as any further dealings in this 3D world. I felt like a wind up toy that had unwound. Stopped. No more winding possible. All done with this world. I gave it all that I had. I feel incredible peace. No regrets, no shadows or lingering desires. I am ready for the new. I believe that it is here and will be apparent to the outside world very soon. My inner clock is attuned to my mother’s and ours ran out together. I can take no further step in this illusion. It is done for me.

I am left holding my heart’s vision of the New Earth. I live in that vibration. I am content to see it f

rom this side of the veil or the other. Yet, I have been told that I have a long life ahead of

me on



lanet a

s ther

e is much more that my higher self wants to seed now that this seeding has been planted and new opportunities are available. I rest in that. I rest and watch as it unfolds while I stream my love to my mother’s heart. My sons have taken charge of care for this body while it transforms. I have broken through the chrysalis and stand on the edge of the world, holding my wings up to the sun to dry. I know that flight is soon to be mine.

For now, I bask in the sunshine of my father’s love.

We are in the midst of the greatest shift of all times. We are entering the golden age of peace. All that we have dreamt of is becoming a reality. Let go of all the outside attachments and allow yourself to enter into the silence of your heart. All answers are there as well as deep nourishment. It is time to claim our I AM avatar selves and wing our way home.

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