Moving out of Stillness

Today my idyllic time alone in this stillness ends. My elder son and a friend come for the weekend event with Tom Kenyon. So we will be going into a different kind of interior space. I know that there are gifts for me there also. I am sitting here in the dark of the morning and feeling such deep appreciation for this house, this time alone, this spot in nature. It has been a blessed time for me. I have found a wellspring of joy in my heart that I did not know existed. The wonder of it is that I know that it shall not leave me. It is there with a breath. I can return at any moment as it has become a familiar landscape. My gratitude for this knows no bounds.

I recognize that everything is moving towards my expansion in each moment. So today, I leave my island and take the ferry to the mainland to make the drive to the airport. What delight that I get to pick up my elder son and my dear friend. He is the one who calls me “baby girl” and feeds that father flame in my heart. It will be wonderful to share this transformational weekend experience with two such dear souls. And I get two ferry rides in

one day! I could look at that as a negative: Five hours of traveling to and fro, leaving my dear island sanctuary. I could have had them take buses, planes, etc (it is not easy to get to the island without a car) but it saves them both some $ and time for me to do this and my heart wants to greet them. It is all a choice given to us in each moment. How do I choose to experience this? I love ferry rides, I enjoy time in my car… is meditation and communion time for Maxie and I. The weekend experience for all of us begins together as we take the hour and half ferry ride back to the island. My friend was up at 4am to begin his flight so I love that I can give him a soft landing. I am choosing the joy of it all.

Yesterday I spoke with two dear friends who are on this path with me. It is so important to share our experiences as it anchors the vibration more fully into the planet. As the new energies stream in, we are called to anchor them in any way that feels good to us. Draw them, sing them, dance them, speak them, write them. It all anchors it into the physical plane. We

are bringing in higher dimensional energies and we are the physical vehicle through which they are given expression. Such joy to share the bliss and feelings of oneness with others. I did have a hour or so of melancholy feelings wash over me yesterday afternoon. I sat with it and watched it move through me and release. There is a sadness that comes up in the collective consciousness as we leave the old. It is being expressed to make room for the new. I know that there is no need for sadness as what is in front of us is more beautiful than anything that we have experienced thus far. There is magic at hand! My face is firmly set towards that future and I am poised at the brink. I leap each day with joy into the unknown, dropping all that is past. I have no need of it. The present is so full of gifts for me. This is a sculpture that I passed on the drive into town. One day I would like to make an appointment to visit this studio. I love the spinning wheels and the glistening spheres within. It feels like our world, each of us one of the sparkling spheres, spinning with our mother earth. Together we make a thing of such beauty. I see your beauty today. Look in the mirror this morning and say hello to your beautiful self. I am so grateful that you are here! Shine your heart light today and others will shine theirs back!

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