Hearts Opening

A more active day as I moved from the downstairs area to the upstairs of the house I am renting. I enjoyed cleaning, mopping the floors, washing windows. I have not owned a home in a long time and I found that I truly enjoyed the activity today. The owner is giving me a good rate as I help with the cleaning between renters. I did not have to wash windows but wanted the view to be crystal clear. The upstairs is the main house and has a different energy. Tonight I luxuriated in a hot bath (the water heater had been on the fritz for a couple of days so it was doubly enjoyed) and then lay on my bed with the french doors open to the deck. The sky was overcast in a deep blue cover with an underskirt of the softest cream resting on the horizon. I felt so blessed by its beauty. The cool air on my overheated skin, the stillness, the colors……I felt as if I were drinking it. Great waves of appreciation went from me to all of it. I feel so blessed to have this assignment at this time on the planet of being in nature and enjoying her beauty fully. What a cushy deal! I am so grateful it is my job! In the hot bath, I had felt this love energy moving through from my heart to my hands and I cried out in my desire to hold everyone in my love, to gift each person with this deep rest that I am experiencing. To allow all to feel this communion with the Divine. To let the love that is permeating the ethers, the water, the rocks, the sky……to let that love fill each one’s heart to overflowing. I am savoring every moment of this time and sending that enjoyment and love into the earth. When we are in our joy, we open the pathway for others to step into theirs. We are not taught this, rather we are fed guilt if we are having too much fun. We have been taught to taint our joy with the thoughts of the suffering of others. Yet how does that help anyone? So much of what we have been taught has been backwards. I stand radiant in my joy, and in doing so, it is anchored on the planet.

I had a couple of phone calls tonight from dear hearts close to mine, expressing tears of frustration due to the fatigue they are feeling and the overwhelm of life’s challenges. We are programmed to believe that we must be productive and when the body demands rest, our minds berate us for not going to that event or getting more accomplished in the work day. We believe that there is something wrong with us as others seem to be doing alright. The comparison game is odious, another lie to keep us in line. Recognizing that this is old programming coming up to be released, can be a relief! There are intense energies flowing into our physical bodies at this time as we are being rewired. Deep rest, whenever you can get it, is necessary to integrate them. It is time to allow yourself to listen to your bodies and to let your minds drift. Let go seems to be the mantra this month. Letting things figure themselves out, caring for what needs to be done but dropping all that is not essential. I reminded one of my dearest, that the old was up for release as so much more of her was waiting to come in. How lovely to welcome in more of our true selves who love us so! The little me’s of I am not good enough, I have not accomplished enough and all the rest, are going so that our more expanded and conscious selves can take up residence. And our new selves adore us! They get the mighty beings that we are.

I had a lovely peek at what is coming today as hearts are awakening. The handyman came to work on the hot water heater again. He had been a couple of times in the past week as it kept going out and at one point, even the water turned off. We ended up having an incredible conversation. He comes from a Christian background but he was so open to the new energies. He knew that he wanted to expand beyond any doctrine and move past the separation of a belief system. He has been meditating in the mornings and been receiving visions and insights that he was not sure if he could trust. I was able to affirm for him what he was feeling, that he was right on. He felt that he had healing in his hands and had a deep desire to heal children. I held his hands and a channeled message came through for him, confirming his healing abilities. It was so lovely, the communion we felt. We hugged and told one another that we loved each other. This is the new way. We are being gifted with views into one another’s hearts and the beauty is beyond words.

This painting is one that gives me great joy. It is by my friend, Lea Bard. These pink flowers seem to dance with joy and I want to sit and look at them in the pretty wallpapered room she created.

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