Quietly in the Joy

It has been a quiet day of slipping into the joy stream. Misty and overcast most of the day which suited me just fine. Truly my Avalon self is getting her fix of green and water and mist. Everything is connecting. The water and the stones are carrying the new energies and are celebrating. I realized that the celebration has begun! It has begun in my heart and in Gaia’s heart and in the elemental and angelic kingdoms. They can all see what is coming down the pike so swift and sure. I cannot see it yet but I can feel it! The shift of the ages is here. It is not some date at the end of next year, it is happening now. The funny thing about it is that we must claim it, for it to be real. Yes, we must claim it for ourselves before we see it out pictured in the world. It is a bit of a conundrum as you wonder how you can claim something that can’t be seen. But it can be felt. Tune in to your bodies, they have joy dancing in their cells. Tune in to the earth, you will feel sparkles of joy. Tune in to the elements and you will know that they are alive with delight. Everything is singing! It is being felt around the world. As we acknowledge feelings of love and peace and joy, they grow and become more evident to all. It starts with each one of us refusing to accept the illusion of separation any longer. We are one people. We are the rainbow tribe. We are one with our mother, Gaia. We are here to live in love with one another and with life. We are love, that is our essential nature. People are waking up and wanting their freedom. We have been enslaved on so many levels. It is mind boggling when you begin to get a glimpse of it. And it is heart opening when you begin to allow yourself to love as we were designed to do.

I have had love flitting around me and as you know, my beloved is here in a new way since I had that profound experience on the inner planes of the sacred marriage. My heart has healed and opened in its wholeness and that is what is bringing my beloved in. There have been others who have felt drawn to the love and thought it romantic. I think that this way of being love is so new, that we get confused. We do not have a category to put it in. To encounter a heart fully opened, is still so new in our world. Our known world of love speaks of familial love, the love of friends and romantic love. In truth, we are destined to fall in love many times in a day! We are to experience love with all in our sphere. We will have this deep contact where our hearts swell with love for all. There will be the love of the beloved, that is a gift from our Creator to each of us. This twin ray love is real and we shall soon see the planet flooded with these reunions. These couplings will come together in service, to bring forth their gift. What is so new and exciting is the deep love that we will share with our soul families. It is a level of intimacy and caring that we thought reserved for the one. Now we will experience it with the many. To contact hearts on such a deep level is a privilege and a gift. To let go of all barriers, all fears and to be transparent in front of another. This is the new norm. I am experiencing it and it is blissful.

I recall my younger sister telling me that she felt that we should love everyone. She could not understand this world of closed hearts. I recall responding that her thinking was crazy as you could not possibly love everyone. This dear sensitive soul, took her life at the age of 22 as she could not live in our closed off world. The world is finally catching up with her ideas and is becoming a safe place for sensitive souls. It is becoming a safe place to love.

So open your hearts, smile at a stranger and believe that the feelings of peace and joy that are bubbling up are real. Clear out the debris in your heart so that it can shine its pure light. All hurts, pains, stories of being wronged, have to go. We are past the time when we can take anything personal. We are ready to let our heart lights shine. It may be the light that makes someone’s day. It could be the light that saves someone’s life. You never know but you can trust that to shine your light is working on many levels. I get such a kick out of seeing on the inner planes, some of the effects of my heart light. We are beacons and if you looked down on our dear planet, you would see our heart lights shining through the night. We are the stars that the stars look at and we are as wondrous a sight. So shine bright!

The photos are some of the island views that are filling my heart.

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