Setting Sail

I find that I am sailing in new seas today. This beautiful sailboat passed by and took me with it. My being can expand outward with the birds, hop on this boat and move about, rest in a rock and feel the connection to our mother’s heart and become sap soaring upward to the highest tree branch. There is new energy available to us as we are lined up with the galactic center. It is streaming through so intensely and permeating every part of us. I love the wisdom of our Creator. She/He sends these energies in waves of light and sound and vibration that are subtle. Folks do not know that they are being upgraded, so to speak yet they feel lighter. I see people letting go of things that would have troubled them greatly before, opening their hearts in a new softer way. Things are becoming a bit blurry about the edges as a blanket of love wraps around this earth. For myself, I am floating in a sea of wonder. I feel so connected to everything. I know that I am ascending and that I am doing what I came here to do. I see the oneness of all. It makes no difference if I am watching a movie, listening to a meditation (try Tom Kenyon’s latest 5 minute pituitary gland one…powerful! or sitting in the yard, listening to the stillness. In all of it, I am connected. I am flowing my love to the planet and all her creatures, I am opening as the vessel to be the expression of our Creator’s love. That is the only truth…..that we are love. We are asked at this point to believe it deeply. We are asked to let go and surrender as a bird that leaps from the branch and takes flight. I am such a bird. My trust in the process is so complete as we move in these new energies and witness the way we are held.

A friend and I were sharing stories of how quickly things are manifesting for us. We think of something and find ourselves at the right place to get our needs met. I had knit a pair of leg warmers last winter and had never completed the last step of sewing up the seam as I did not have a yarn needle. Yesterday I found myself walking by a yarn shop and for $1.25 I had my needle and today I am wearing my pretty pink leg warmers. We do not have to go searching for things in the old way, we will simply find ourselves there. My sunglasses had a screw loose, I thought of finding an optometrist or lens place at some point. I stopped for gas and as I looked up, there was one right across the parking lot. In five minutes, my sunglasses were as good as new, even polished by the sweet woman who waited on me. Today I was lying on the couch looking out at the beautiful view of mountain and water and trees and started to laugh. I have been visioning living in a place with all these things and lo and behold….I am living in such a place! I may extend my stay as it is filling me with such joy to be here. I have a great deal as I am helping out the owner by changing sheets and cleaning a bit as vacation rental folks use the upstairs or downstairs for a weekend or few days. I move to the one where they are not and enjoy both levels. Mostly, I have been here alone and have delighted in my own company.

I was speaking with a friend who was wondering why she was not feeling social these days. She felt that draw to go inward but felt resistance. The old shoulds came in, “You should be going to this party, you will lose all your friends if you stop going out.” She felt lonely yet did not have the energy to be social. Our higher selves are pulling us inward. We are lonely for ourselves! Our god and goddess selves are waiting to be invited in. They are missing us and

we are missing them. It is a time to let go of anything that does not fill us with joy. To honor
ourselves by treating our time as sacred. We are in a sacred passage and if something is not ennobling our spirit, we can give it a pass. This time is precious as we are being transformed into the light beings that we are. We are being gifted with all that we need to co-create a new earth and enter into the golden age of peace. It is a holy time. I am savoring it. Part of my joy is this dear family, a mama and her two offspring that come up close to the house, where the grass is the greenest, to eat each morning. They stare in at me and I out at them. We exchange our greetings and feel the communion and peace. I have let go of anything being any way. I am so enjoying witnessing how things line up. It is a delightful play and I am so thrilled with the actors that are creating with me. I love the scenery and the props. I love the way the story moves and is responsive to each one’s input and gifts. I love seeing folks shine! I love the part that I have been given. I am allowed to improvise along the way and am finding more and more that I enjoy that freedom. It used to scare me, now it delights! I am learning to ride these new energy waves and it is exhilarating.

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