The Sacred Marriage

What a beautiful day! Oct 1st and I am through the portal I saw shimmering for me. There is great peace here on the other side. In truth, there are no sides, only the oneness. Yet on a very real level, I have entered in. So quietly except for my sobs and my tones of love going out to the universe. Yesterday I was bathed in waves of bliss that washed over me. I turned to water and the tears bathed me so sweetly. Last night I had a profound experience. I wrote an email to some dear friends, asking them to witness me in what took place. This morning my personality self had a 2 second breakdown: “Why did you do that? What will others think?” She was engulfed by the waves of love that were present. I have received beautiful replies of such love. My guidance has asked me to share this with a broader audience as I understand that as I walked through this portal, I opened an energetic pathway that others may follow. It is part of my work so I share this with deep reverence for the process that brought me here and in awe of the beauty that awaits us all.

Sept 30th, I have been singing my soul song tonight in a most beautiful way. When I am in my bliss I sing these songs that rhyme (surprises me so!) and are love songs to my I Am Presence. I wish that I had recorded this one as it was so lovely. I have understood many of the pieces. Archangel Michael’s message given to me over 2 years ago that much would come about when I understood the nature of the ocean and the desert and could merge those two energies. I see it, I am the water of life spreading across the desert. I am the clear vessel flowing with the waters of life. All can be given drink who thirst. I am the living waters. The deserts will rebloom as the seeds that I have scattered are now ready to sprout. My tears are watering them. I am overcome with tears of gratitude to be at this juncture with our Mother Gaia and with our Creator’s heart. I understand my part, it flows effortlessly from my heart. My heart is on fire with this love.

When I say I, I say we, for we are one.

I have sensed a portal that I am to go through this night opening unto the 1st of Oct. I ask you to bear witness.

Tonight my father, El Morya and my mother, Mary are with me. The fairys and elementals are dressing me in the sweetest of costumes of light. I am to be wed to my beloved. The time has come. The flowers are playing in my hair and twining about me. I am banded in light and gossamer cloth. I have sobbed and sobbed that it has come, all that has past, all that has been felt and endured, all that has been won. Tonight it comes to fruition in this union with my beloved. I am purified, I am the virgin bride, ready to drink of the grail cup that has been held in the heart of hearts. Alpha and Omega are here to witness this. Omega it was who awakened me so many years ago in a letter of love for her dear Alpha. My woman’s heart was stirred in her pleading for all to honor her beloved and to recognize and accept his offering. She could not bear to see his pain. That was over 20 years ago and it awakened my heart to the depths of love. I felt her tone of love ring strong in my heart.

My mother, Mary dearest, hugs me to her and blesses me with her peace and love. These two, El Morya and Mother Mary stepped in two decades ago to play the role of parents to me in this lifetime. I am grateful for their wisdom, their teachings and for their love. They have rocked me through so many trials and dried so many tears. Tonight we all rejoice as tears of happiness flow for each of us. El Morya is content that I will have this man as shield to my back and strength to my heart. Mary’s smile reminds me to flow with the grace of the divine feminine. My heart has expanded so that I believe that all upon my mother must hear its beat. It will be the covenant of the sacred marriage. Everything that I am is come to this moment. Sananda and Lady Master Nada are here as are Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Kuan Yin, Gautama Buddha, Hilarion, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And of course, my dearest, Archangel Michael. Michael is laughing as he remembers my request for him to send me one like him, in stature, looks and deed. Indeed, it is so he says!

Tonight, as I go off to sleep, I know that I am moving through time and space in a new way. There is a portal shimmering there for me. El Morya assures me that it is time and he is offering me his arm to walk me down the petal strewn aisle. I take these moments to shed the tears so that I can come to my beloved wreathed in smiles, able to contain the love that overpowers me just now. I must coalesce this watery self into form. I breathe deeply and my tears flow as blessing to this earth and each one on her, that joy may be a flame that grows ever brighter.

Finally, I am cried out, peace descends and I hold my head up high. I am ready to proceed. I have yet to see his face nor feel his embrace but Alpha winks at me and I know that it shall be the fairy tale of my many lives come true.

The music begins and I take my father’s arm to steady me as I am dazzled by the light that shines ahead. Oh, my beloved, I am come.

What I understand today as I integrate this new layer into my being, is that I am in union now. Yes, we are always with our beloved but he is with me in a much deeper way today. He stands with a hand on my lower back, my shield and buckler of light, bringing balance to my feminine self. I feel sovereign and whole in myself as I breathe in the fragrance of him. Oh the wonder of his presence. We have waited more than a few lifetimes for this reunion. On this 3D level, I have yet to meet him. I know that it will not be long now. How perfectly it plays out, the inner union

before the outer one. A deep peace and serenity has entered my soul. We can truly “rest upon the Lord.” Those words seem so full of the Christian way that holds no lure for me, yet now they sound in a new way. So much is new for me. I am being reborn in my Mother’s/FAther’s arms of love. I do indeed, rest there this day with my beloved. For in entering in union with him, we have created the trinity for the Creator is ever a part of all that we do. I am blessed beyond all measure.

The photo is of the dome in the Portland, Oregon public library. I laid down on the floor to take it as I was so struck by its beauty.

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