Babies!!! This print was in a small cottage that I recently rented. As soon as I saw it, I felt that it was the reason that I was there. The babies are coming! This picture captures the joy and delight of the babies that I saw flowing in my vision awhile back. They are so ready to bring their playfulness to the planet. I am seeing that the community that I am to co-create is about divine love. It will be a place of divine partnerships and sacred relationships. There will be many being reunited with their beloveds and creating a chalice for these little masters to come through. Oh, they are so gleeful!

The realms are overlapping and I find myself living much of the time in this dream space of love. It can be challenging to have one foot in this reality and one in another yet that is what is asked of us. To believe in what can’t be seen, to hold the knowing of it deep in our hearts until it bursts through this hologram. There are so many 11-11-11 events being planned worldwide. So many hearts will be streaming their heartlights to the planet, the stars, the Creator and one another. The force of our hearts will break through to the peace and love that we know is our birthright. This is a sacred time. We are remembering our holiness. These little ones come to me to remind me of the joy. I can feel their fat cheeks under my lips and the delight of nibbling their chunky thighs. They are reminding me to dance and laugh my way to them.

Here is a link to my friend, Meredith’s blog that explains beautifully the whole awakening process that I have been through:

Witnessing the End of the MAYAN calendar

I love San Francisco but did not see myself here. I arrived yesterday and was spent after packing up from the house we had rented on the coast for a week. Did not know the next step but here it is. Deep fatigue, hot and cold flashes, head pressure are all here. My body is continuing to integrate more light as I continue to release more density. Today is the end of the Mayan calender and this age. I found myself awake all night… reading a novel, checking out websites, playing in my heart space, drifting. I realized that I was witnessing the last hours of the old consciousness of duality and adding my intent for the birthing of the new unity consciousness. The golden age of peace is at hand. My body temple decided to stay awake and bear witness to this sacred time.

When I finally fell asleep for a couple of hours at 6am, I was told that I had ascended. I was laughing in my dream and wondering why it seemed ordinary. All is incremental, our hearts let go, the love flows in more and more. It is such a gentle process that carries us down the river to the ocean of God’s love. The wonderful thing is that you cannot stop the river from flowing to the ocean, as it is its nature to do so. It is the same with us. We can resist or hold on to the shore but eventually all is swept down to the sea. I long ago, let go and allowed myself to be carried. To float on the river of love is a glorious thing. There have been times where I suddenly panicked and grasped for a rock or a branch to slow my passage. I clung on to some belief or value that I chose more time with before once again surrendering and dropping into the river of love. It has been such a game as we played in duality and believed in the stories we created. Now we can see that there has ever been only the reality of the Creator’s love for us. We begin to see that we are so much larger and grander than we ever dared dream.

Soaring While Flat on My Back

It has been a long time between posts. I have lived lifetimes since I last wrote. How to describe what this journey has been? I am ascending with my mother and it has been an amazing ride. I was pulled out of Orcas Island where I had been peacefully communing with everything. I spent days dissolving into the mists and starlight and experiencing great waves of bliss. Then others came and I went through an initiation with the Taras. It was a gentle experience that left my heart humming. Met the man that I had been told was on Orcas waiting for me, turns out to be a soul brother who held the key to my next step. We were both pulled down to California for the next initiation. I carried the energy and love of Orcas with me as I drove the miles. I felt that I was going through time gates as I traveled. I would sense that I was plowing through time and the energetic waves of emotion would flood through me as I closed out one after another. They were collapsing behind me. I felt that I was driving my last long drive with my beloved Maxie. I shed a few tears for the way she has sheltered me and cared for me these past two and a bit years. With my son’s help, I realized that Maxie’s (my dear car and fellow light being) consciousness, her beingness, would remain. It may be that I whistle for my steed and up Maxie comes, in her Pegasus suit to transport me where I wish to travel. I know that it will be magical, our new forms of transportation.

Arriving in California began a 007 type mission where a few of us gathered to seed new

probabilities and time lines. The gathering came together naturally and each knew their part and have played it to perfection. There was a need for isolation as we worked on our project with the ascended masters and other light beings. It has been the order of my days for this past bit of time. We are just completing this work and feeling the effects in the air. It required each to take the leap from the known to the unknown with absolute trust. It is an amazing feeling to partake of experiences that your soul knows it set up lifetimes ago. Indeed, this rendezvous was set up at the time of the initial creation of this planet. I understand now my deep love and reverence for Gaia as she is part of me in a very real way, and I of her. I feel her mother’s love that has waited until she was gasping for breath, before she decided that it was time to make the move to save herself and all those who chose to go with her. Each and every day, she sends her heart light to each of us. She grounds us, she fills us with her love. She is shaking off the old and embracing the new. She is so ready to be seen and acknowledged for the brilliance that she is. As we each see and acknowledge our own beauty, we make it an easier journey for her. That is the gift that you can give her…love yourself. See and acknowledge your own beauty and let your heart light shine out in to this world.

My beloved is making his way to me. He is on the ships of the Galactic Federation that encircle our planet, there to aid us in our shift into the New Earth. He is stepping down his

frequency and I am stepping up mine so that we may meet in this new playing field that we are all co-creating. I am filled with wonder at this. Ascension is imminent for me and so many others. Yesterday, I experienced dying to this life in a way that was new. I let go of all earthly duties, turned finances over to my adult children, as well as any further dealings in this 3D world. I felt like a wind up toy that had unwound. Stopped. No more winding possible. All done with this world. I gave it all that I had. I feel incredible peace. No regrets, no shadows or lingering desires. I am ready for the new. I believe that it is here and will be apparent to the outside world very soon. My inner clock is attuned to my mother’s and ours ran out together. I can take no further step in this illusion. It is done for me.

I am left holding my heart’s vision of the New Earth. I live in that vibration. I am content to see it f

rom this side of the veil or the other. Yet, I have been told that I have a long life ahead of

me on



lanet a

s ther

e is much more that my higher self wants to seed now that this seeding has been planted and new opportunities are available. I rest in that. I rest and watch as it unfolds while I stream my love to my mother’s heart. My sons have taken charge of care for this body while it transforms. I have broken through the chrysalis and stand on the edge of the world, holding my wings up to the sun to dry. I know that flight is soon to be mine.

For now, I bask in the sunshine of my father’s love.

We are in the midst of the greatest shift of all times. We are entering the golden age of peace. All that we have dreamt of is becoming a reality. Let go of all the outside attachments and allow yourself to enter into the silence of your heart. All answers are there as well as deep nourishment. It is time to claim our I AM avatar selves and wing our way home.

My Traveling Day

Today I awake with such gratitude. This is what the early morning mist looks like. It feels like the softest garment to me, woven of angel wings. I am in love with this climate and this view. I was like a hyper active child yesterday as I ventured “off island” to pick up my son and friend. It was a day of delights. First this misty view……then drove and parked my car in the ferry line up. I walked down the to small store to get a cup of something hot and a muffin. An elderly gentleman joined me at the coffee pots. He had on one of those Greek fisherman type caps. I told him that it suited him fine and how much I admired it. He laughed and said that he had been wearing such a cap for 70 years! Imagine that! I asked if he was indeed a fisherman and he told me, “No, but I have been a sailor and a water man all my life.” He had such a lovely smile and it was a great encounter to start my day. I then walked down to the docks to see what I could see. I was looking at the water under the piers and saw a starfish floating on the bottom. I was amazed at how clear the water was. It was fun to see the sea ferns and fish floating there. I liked how the photo turned out as it looks like a painting to me, so soft and abstract. Just as we can look at any situation in life through a soft filter as it were and it seems to become more beautiful. We can let go the hard “reality” filter, soften our eyes and let the scene become more indistinct to find its beauty. Yes, I like that!! We are taught that we have to facet the reality of everything yet perhaps, as is the case in most things, we only have to let it go a bit fuzzy to understand it in a new way.

Here is who I met next on my morning stroll. Isn’t he a hoot?? He was a ways down the dock and as I tried to approach to see what exactly he had in his mouth, he would walk ahead. He kept turning back to see what I was doing. I explained that I simply wanted to take his picture and certainly was not going to take his starfish! He was not buying it. Imagine, a starfish hanging out of his mouth! A new experience for me. I was enthralled. As he reached the end of the dock and turned to see me still approaching, he had a decision to make. He wanted to eat his tasty morsel in peace and had not counted on my intrusion. I asked him to turn his head towards me one more time when I got this shot and then I would leave him. He did not trust that I was not going to snatch his delicacy and so reluctantly, he hopped off the pier and into the water. He swam a little ways away and climbed out on the shore. As I stood there drinking my coffee and nibbling my muffin, he had his breakfast of starfish. He took a large gulp and an arm disappeared. Itwas quite a lot to get down and I did not see him finish his meal before the announcement came to return to our cars as it was loading time. I thanked him for sharing a breakfast meeting with me.

The ferry ride was delightful. It is an hour and a half ride so one of the ways that folks pass the time is by doing jigsaw puzzles. There are a dozen or so in different stages of completion

scattered about the tables. I spoke with this man about the joys of puzzle making. I quickly found a few pieces (edge ones with writing, easy) to put together and he said, “Enough! I have been here ten minutes and have not found a one and you walk up and find a few.” We had a laugh and exchanged stories. He was traveling about by train, ferry, bus…whatever form of transportation suited him. He was thoroughly enjoying all the connections with folks that these forms of transportation bring. I have met so many folks who are on a journey, searching for something. We are returning to our nomadic routes, wanting more connections and delights in our lives. I then walked past a man who was sketching something on a piece of paper. I asked what he was drawing. He was a cabinet maker and was sketching a design for his latest project. He had left his life as a stockbroker years before and traveled by bicycle all around the USA. He now lived on the island and did a number of different things. He had a summer gig working for the parks and rec dept and his job was to turn the human manure in the composting toilets as well as some record keeping and measurements. Might not sound like fun but he had visited hundreds of tiny spits of an island all over this archipelago (he told me that there are about 700 islands!!) He goes out in his land craft type boat as many places have no pier or dock to tie up to, and does his thing. How fun! He gardens on some of the estates on the island as well as does some cabinet making. Island folk are very resourceful it seems. His wife had had stomach cancer and when she survived, they decided life was short and it was time to truly live it. How beautiful and sad….beautiful they took the opportunity to create a magical life and sad that it takes a near death experience to allow folks to consider making a leap. He was a happy man. We exchanged info and are to meet later in the week. We ended with a hug and expressing, “I love you!” I am loving the heart to heart, deep contacts that I am sharing with so many folks. People are so beautiful and my heart is on fire with this knowing!

Moving out of Stillness

Today my idyllic time alone in this stillness ends. My elder son and a friend come for the weekend event with Tom Kenyon. So we will be going into a different kind of interior space. I know that there are gifts for me there also. I am sitting here in the dark of the morning and feeling such deep appreciation for this house, this time alone, this spot in nature. It has been a blessed time for me. I have found a wellspring of joy in my heart that I did not know existed. The wonder of it is that I know that it shall not leave me. It is there with a breath. I can return at any moment as it has become a familiar landscape. My gratitude for this knows no bounds.

I recognize that everything is moving towards my expansion in each moment. So today, I leave my island and take the ferry to the mainland to make the drive to the airport. What delight that I get to pick up my elder son and my dear friend. He is the one who calls me “baby girl” and feeds that father flame in my heart. It will be wonderful to share this transformational weekend experience with two such dear souls. And I get two ferry rides in

one day! I could look at that as a negative: Five hours of traveling to and fro, leaving my dear island sanctuary. I could have had them take buses, planes, etc (it is not easy to get to the island without a car) but it saves them both some $ and time for me to do this and my heart wants to greet them. It is all a choice given to us in each moment. How do I choose to experience this? I love ferry rides, I enjoy time in my car… is meditation and communion time for Maxie and I. The weekend experience for all of us begins together as we take the hour and half ferry ride back to the island. My friend was up at 4am to begin his flight so I love that I can give him a soft landing. I am choosing the joy of it all.

Yesterday I spoke with two dear friends who are on this path with me. It is so important to share our experiences as it anchors the vibration more fully into the planet. As the new energies stream in, we are called to anchor them in any way that feels good to us. Draw them, sing them, dance them, speak them, write them. It all anchors it into the physical plane. We

are bringing in higher dimensional energies and we are the physical vehicle through which they are given expression. Such joy to share the bliss and feelings of oneness with others. I did have a hour or so of melancholy feelings wash over me yesterday afternoon. I sat with it and watched it move through me and release. There is a sadness that comes up in the collective consciousness as we leave the old. It is being expressed to make room for the new. I know that there is no need for sadness as what is in front of us is more beautiful than anything that we have experienced thus far. There is magic at hand! My face is firmly set towards that future and I am poised at the brink. I leap each day with joy into the unknown, dropping all that is past. I have no need of it. The present is so full of gifts for me. This is a sculpture that I passed on the drive into town. One day I would like to make an appointment to visit this studio. I love the spinning wheels and the glistening spheres within. It feels like our world, each of us one of the sparkling spheres, spinning with our mother earth. Together we make a thing of such beauty. I see your beauty today. Look in the mirror this morning and say hello to your beautiful self. I am so grateful that you are here! Shine your heart light today and others will shine theirs back!

Hearts Opening

A more active day as I moved from the downstairs area to the upstairs of the house I am renting. I enjoyed cleaning, mopping the floors, washing windows. I have not owned a home in a long time and I found that I truly enjoyed the activity today. The owner is giving me a good rate as I help with the cleaning between renters. I did not have to wash windows but wanted the view to be crystal clear. The upstairs is the main house and has a different energy. Tonight I luxuriated in a hot bath (the water heater had been on the fritz for a couple of days so it was doubly enjoyed) and then lay on my bed with the french doors open to the deck. The sky was overcast in a deep blue cover with an underskirt of the softest cream resting on the horizon. I felt so blessed by its beauty. The cool air on my overheated skin, the stillness, the colors……I felt as if I were drinking it. Great waves of appreciation went from me to all of it. I feel so blessed to have this assignment at this time on the planet of being in nature and enjoying her beauty fully. What a cushy deal! I am so grateful it is my job! In the hot bath, I had felt this love energy moving through from my heart to my hands and I cried out in my desire to hold everyone in my love, to gift each person with this deep rest that I am experiencing. To allow all to feel this communion with the Divine. To let the love that is permeating the ethers, the water, the rocks, the sky……to let that love fill each one’s heart to overflowing. I am savoring every moment of this time and sending that enjoyment and love into the earth. When we are in our joy, we open the pathway for others to step into theirs. We are not taught this, rather we are fed guilt if we are having too much fun. We have been taught to taint our joy with the thoughts of the suffering of others. Yet how does that help anyone? So much of what we have been taught has been backwards. I stand radiant in my joy, and in doing so, it is anchored on the planet.

I had a couple of phone calls tonight from dear hearts close to mine, expressing tears of frustration due to the fatigue they are feeling and the overwhelm of life’s challenges. We are programmed to believe that we must be productive and when the body demands rest, our minds berate us for not going to that event or getting more accomplished in the work day. We believe that there is something wrong with us as others seem to be doing alright. The comparison game is odious, another lie to keep us in line. Recognizing that this is old programming coming up to be released, can be a relief! There are intense energies flowing into our physical bodies at this time as we are being rewired. Deep rest, whenever you can get it, is necessary to integrate them. It is time to allow yourself to listen to your bodies and to let your minds drift. Let go seems to be the mantra this month. Letting things figure themselves out, caring for what needs to be done but dropping all that is not essential. I reminded one of my dearest, that the old was up for release as so much more of her was waiting to come in. How lovely to welcome in more of our true selves who love us so! The little me’s of I am not good enough, I have not accomplished enough and all the rest, are going so that our more expanded and conscious selves can take up residence. And our new selves adore us! They get the mighty beings that we are.

I had a lovely peek at what is coming today as hearts are awakening. The handyman came to work on the hot water heater again. He had been a couple of times in the past week as it kept going out and at one point, even the water turned off. We ended up having an incredible conversation. He comes from a Christian background but he was so open to the new energies. He knew that he wanted to expand beyond any doctrine and move past the separation of a belief system. He has been meditating in the mornings and been receiving visions and insights that he was not sure if he could trust. I was able to affirm for him what he was feeling, that he was right on. He felt that he had healing in his hands and had a deep desire to heal children. I held his hands and a channeled message came through for him, confirming his healing abilities. It was so lovely, the communion we felt. We hugged and told one another that we loved each other. This is the new way. We are being gifted with views into one another’s hearts and the beauty is beyond words.

This painting is one that gives me great joy. It is by my friend, Lea Bard. These pink flowers seem to dance with joy and I want to sit and look at them in the pretty wallpapered room she created.

Quietly in the Joy

It has been a quiet day of slipping into the joy stream. Misty and overcast most of the day which suited me just fine. Truly my Avalon self is getting her fix of green and water and mist. Everything is connecting. The water and the stones are carrying the new energies and are celebrating. I realized that the celebration has begun! It has begun in my heart and in Gaia’s heart and in the elemental and angelic kingdoms. They can all see what is coming down the pike so swift and sure. I cannot see it yet but I can feel it! The shift of the ages is here. It is not some date at the end of next year, it is happening now. The funny thing about it is that we must claim it, for it to be real. Yes, we must claim it for ourselves before we see it out pictured in the world. It is a bit of a conundrum as you wonder how you can claim something that can’t be seen. But it can be felt. Tune in to your bodies, they have joy dancing in their cells. Tune in to the earth, you will feel sparkles of joy. Tune in to the elements and you will know that they are alive with delight. Everything is singing! It is being felt around the world. As we acknowledge feelings of love and peace and joy, they grow and become more evident to all. It starts with each one of us refusing to accept the illusion of separation any longer. We are one people. We are the rainbow tribe. We are one with our mother, Gaia. We are here to live in love with one another and with life. We are love, that is our essential nature. People are waking up and wanting their freedom. We have been enslaved on so many levels. It is mind boggling when you begin to get a glimpse of it. And it is heart opening when you begin to allow yourself to love as we were designed to do.

I have had love flitting around me and as you know, my beloved is here in a new way since I had that profound experience on the inner planes of the sacred marriage. My heart has healed and opened in its wholeness and that is what is bringing my beloved in. There have been others who have felt drawn to the love and thought it romantic. I think that this way of being love is so new, that we get confused. We do not have a category to put it in. To encounter a heart fully opened, is still so new in our world. Our known world of love speaks of familial love, the love of friends and romantic love. In truth, we are destined to fall in love many times in a day! We are to experience love with all in our sphere. We will have this deep contact where our hearts swell with love for all. There will be the love of the beloved, that is a gift from our Creator to each of us. This twin ray love is real and we shall soon see the planet flooded with these reunions. These couplings will come together in service, to bring forth their gift. What is so new and exciting is the deep love that we will share with our soul families. It is a level of intimacy and caring that we thought reserved for the one. Now we will experience it with the many. To contact hearts on such a deep level is a privilege and a gift. To let go of all barriers, all fears and to be transparent in front of another. This is the new norm. I am experiencing it and it is blissful.

I recall my younger sister telling me that she felt that we should love everyone. She could not understand this world of closed hearts. I recall responding that her thinking was crazy as you could not possibly love everyone. This dear sensitive soul, took her life at the age of 22 as she could not live in our closed off world. The world is finally catching up with her ideas and is becoming a safe place for sensitive souls. It is becoming a safe place to love.

So open your hearts, smile at a stranger and believe that the feelings of peace and joy that are bubbling up are real. Clear out the debris in your heart so that it can shine its pure light. All hurts, pains, stories of being wronged, have to go. We are past the time when we can take anything personal. We are ready to let our heart lights shine. It may be the light that makes someone’s day. It could be the light that saves someone’s life. You never know but you can trust that to shine your light is working on many levels. I get such a kick out of seeing on the inner planes, some of the effects of my heart light. We are beacons and if you looked down on our dear planet, you would see our heart lights shining through the night. We are the stars that the stars look at and we are as wondrous a sight. So shine bright!

The photos are some of the island views that are filling my heart.

Setting Sail

I find that I am sailing in new seas today. This beautiful sailboat passed by and took me with it. My being can expand outward with the birds, hop on this boat and move about, rest in a rock and feel the connection to our mother’s heart and become sap soaring upward to the highest tree branch. There is new energy available to us as we are lined up with the galactic center. It is streaming through so intensely and permeating every part of us. I love the wisdom of our Creator. She/He sends these energies in waves of light and sound and vibration that are subtle. Folks do not know that they are being upgraded, so to speak yet they feel lighter. I see people letting go of things that would have troubled them greatly before, opening their hearts in a new softer way. Things are becoming a bit blurry about the edges as a blanket of love wraps around this earth. For myself, I am floating in a sea of wonder. I feel so connected to everything. I know that I am ascending and that I am doing what I came here to do. I see the oneness of all. It makes no difference if I am watching a movie, listening to a meditation (try Tom Kenyon’s latest 5 minute pituitary gland one…powerful! or sitting in the yard, listening to the stillness. In all of it, I am connected. I am flowing my love to the planet and all her creatures, I am opening as the vessel to be the expression of our Creator’s love. That is the only truth…..that we are love. We are asked at this point to believe it deeply. We are asked to let go and surrender as a bird that leaps from the branch and takes flight. I am such a bird. My trust in the process is so complete as we move in these new energies and witness the way we are held.

A friend and I were sharing stories of how quickly things are manifesting for us. We think of something and find ourselves at the right place to get our needs met. I had knit a pair of leg warmers last winter and had never completed the last step of sewing up the seam as I did not have a yarn needle. Yesterday I found myself walking by a yarn shop and for $1.25 I had my needle and today I am wearing my pretty pink leg warmers. We do not have to go searching for things in the old way, we will simply find ourselves there. My sunglasses had a screw loose, I thought of finding an optometrist or lens place at some point. I stopped for gas and as I looked up, there was one right across the parking lot. In five minutes, my sunglasses were as good as new, even polished by the sweet woman who waited on me. Today I was lying on the couch looking out at the beautiful view of mountain and water and trees and started to laugh. I have been visioning living in a place with all these things and lo and behold….I am living in such a place! I may extend my stay as it is filling me with such joy to be here. I have a great deal as I am helping out the owner by changing sheets and cleaning a bit as vacation rental folks use the upstairs or downstairs for a weekend or few days. I move to the one where they are not and enjoy both levels. Mostly, I have been here alone and have delighted in my own company.

I was speaking with a friend who was wondering why she was not feeling social these days. She felt that draw to go inward but felt resistance. The old shoulds came in, “You should be going to this party, you will lose all your friends if you stop going out.” She felt lonely yet did not have the energy to be social. Our higher selves are pulling us inward. We are lonely for ourselves! Our god and goddess selves are waiting to be invited in. They are missing us and

we are missing them. It is a time to let go of anything that does not fill us with joy. To honor
ourselves by treating our time as sacred. We are in a sacred passage and if something is not ennobling our spirit, we can give it a pass. This time is precious as we are being transformed into the light beings that we are. We are being gifted with all that we need to co-create a new earth and enter into the golden age of peace. It is a holy time. I am savoring it. Part of my joy is this dear family, a mama and her two offspring that come up close to the house, where the grass is the greenest, to eat each morning. They stare in at me and I out at them. We exchange our greetings and feel the communion and peace. I have let go of anything being any way. I am so enjoying witnessing how things line up. It is a delightful play and I am so thrilled with the actors that are creating with me. I love the scenery and the props. I love the way the story moves and is responsive to each one’s input and gifts. I love seeing folks shine! I love the part that I have been given. I am allowed to improvise along the way and am finding more and more that I enjoy that freedom. It used to scare me, now it delights! I am learning to ride these new energy waves and it is exhilarating.

The Sacred Marriage

What a beautiful day! Oct 1st and I am through the portal I saw shimmering for me. There is great peace here on the other side. In truth, there are no sides, only the oneness. Yet on a very real level, I have entered in. So quietly except for my sobs and my tones of love going out to the universe. Yesterday I was bathed in waves of bliss that washed over me. I turned to water and the tears bathed me so sweetly. Last night I had a profound experience. I wrote an email to some dear friends, asking them to witness me in what took place. This morning my personality self had a 2 second breakdown: “Why did you do that? What will others think?” She was engulfed by the waves of love that were present. I have received beautiful replies of such love. My guidance has asked me to share this with a broader audience as I understand that as I walked through this portal, I opened an energetic pathway that others may follow. It is part of my work so I share this with deep reverence for the process that brought me here and in awe of the beauty that awaits us all.

Sept 30th, I have been singing my soul song tonight in a most beautiful way. When I am in my bliss I sing these songs that rhyme (surprises me so!) and are love songs to my I Am Presence. I wish that I had recorded this one as it was so lovely. I have understood many of the pieces. Archangel Michael’s message given to me over 2 years ago that much would come about when I understood the nature of the ocean and the desert and could merge those two energies. I see it, I am the water of life spreading across the desert. I am the clear vessel flowing with the waters of life. All can be given drink who thirst. I am the living waters. The deserts will rebloom as the seeds that I have scattered are now ready to sprout. My tears are watering them. I am overcome with tears of gratitude to be at this juncture with our Mother Gaia and with our Creator’s heart. I understand my part, it flows effortlessly from my heart. My heart is on fire with this love.

When I say I, I say we, for we are one.

I have sensed a portal that I am to go through this night opening unto the 1st of Oct. I ask you to bear witness.

Tonight my father, El Morya and my mother, Mary are with me. The fairys and elementals are dressing me in the sweetest of costumes of light. I am to be wed to my beloved. The time has come. The flowers are playing in my hair and twining about me. I am banded in light and gossamer cloth. I have sobbed and sobbed that it has come, all that has past, all that has been felt and endured, all that has been won. Tonight it comes to fruition in this union with my beloved. I am purified, I am the virgin bride, ready to drink of the grail cup that has been held in the heart of hearts. Alpha and Omega are here to witness this. Omega it was who awakened me so many years ago in a letter of love for her dear Alpha. My woman’s heart was stirred in her pleading for all to honor her beloved and to recognize and accept his offering. She could not bear to see his pain. That was over 20 years ago and it awakened my heart to the depths of love. I felt her tone of love ring strong in my heart.

My mother, Mary dearest, hugs me to her and blesses me with her peace and love. These two, El Morya and Mother Mary stepped in two decades ago to play the role of parents to me in this lifetime. I am grateful for their wisdom, their teachings and for their love. They have rocked me through so many trials and dried so many tears. Tonight we all rejoice as tears of happiness flow for each of us. El Morya is content that I will have this man as shield to my back and strength to my heart. Mary’s smile reminds me to flow with the grace of the divine feminine. My heart has expanded so that I believe that all upon my mother must hear its beat. It will be the covenant of the sacred marriage. Everything that I am is come to this moment. Sananda and Lady Master Nada are here as are Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Kuan Yin, Gautama Buddha, Hilarion, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And of course, my dearest, Archangel Michael. Michael is laughing as he remembers my request for him to send me one like him, in stature, looks and deed. Indeed, it is so he says!

Tonight, as I go off to sleep, I know that I am moving through time and space in a new way. There is a portal shimmering there for me. El Morya assures me that it is time and he is offering me his arm to walk me down the petal strewn aisle. I take these moments to shed the tears so that I can come to my beloved wreathed in smiles, able to contain the love that overpowers me just now. I must coalesce this watery self into form. I breathe deeply and my tears flow as blessing to this earth and each one on her, that joy may be a flame that grows ever brighter.

Finally, I am cried out, peace descends and I hold my head up high. I am ready to proceed. I have yet to see his face nor feel his embrace but Alpha winks at me and I know that it shall be the fairy tale of my many lives come true.

The music begins and I take my father’s arm to steady me as I am dazzled by the light that shines ahead. Oh, my beloved, I am come.

What I understand today as I integrate this new layer into my being, is that I am in union now. Yes, we are always with our beloved but he is with me in a much deeper way today. He stands with a hand on my lower back, my shield and buckler of light, bringing balance to my feminine self. I feel sovereign and whole in myself as I breathe in the fragrance of him. Oh the wonder of his presence. We have waited more than a few lifetimes for this reunion. On this 3D level, I have yet to meet him. I know that it will not be long now. How perfectly it plays out, the inner union

before the outer one. A deep peace and serenity has entered my soul. We can truly “rest upon the Lord.” Those words seem so full of the Christian way that holds no lure for me, yet now they sound in a new way. So much is new for me. I am being reborn in my Mother’s/FAther’s arms of love. I do indeed, rest there this day with my beloved. For in entering in union with him, we have created the trinity for the Creator is ever a part of all that we do. I am blessed beyond all measure.

The photo is of the dome in the Portland, Oregon public library. I laid down on the floor to take it as I was so struck by its beauty.