Happy Equinox!

Equinox is here……the balance of day and night. The inner balance of our various bodies: emotional as we let go of triggers and move into our heart to express only love; mental as we become the observer and watch our thoughts from a place of detachment; physical as we adjust our diets and movements to reflect our newness; spiritual as we move deeper into our being and claim more of ourselves as our own. There is so much going on! And yet it is happening for each one of us by ourselves, with ourselves. I love that we are moving out of religions, gurus, and prophets and into our own knowing. The new earth is an age of experience of the divine personally. Each of us is opening and flowing with our own light. We are becoming sovereign in our own containers. We are flowing like this stream of water that looked like liquid light to me today as I took my walk. I have been here on this beautiful island for a few days. There are lovely hikes and woods to explore and I was in joy to find that today my body had rested enough to desire to take a longer walk. My old way might have found me being hard on myself for not taking advantage earlier of these walks. The new me is so appreciative of the rest that I have had, of the lovely views from the windows of this house, of my dear friend who has allowed me this space in her home, of the nurturing that I have received from the trees outside my bedroom window.

Self love and appreciation are pathways to the ascension. We are the ones who have to let go of the inner critic. We can see it for what it is. I am such a freedom lover as an aquarian that as soon as I saw that I had been programmed to imprison myself with toxic thoughts, I began the work of finding an escape route. I started by talking to myself like one of my children. I called myself, “love”. “It is alright, love. You are doing so well. ” Over and over I turned to loving thoughts when the criticisms came in. I had to reset myself from the patterns of guilt, shame and self consciousness. None of it happened overnight but once you are conscious of a pattern, it begins to light up in your brain when it is activated. You then have the opportunity to examine it and decide if that is a thought that you want running in your head. I was listening to a utube video that equated thoughts to energy. How do we want to spend our energy? So many of our thoughts are toxic or reruns that give us no return. These thoughts make us feel bad or anxious or throw us back into a victim role. We can chose to let them go, float by us with no attachment. We can decide to turn our attention to thoughts that give us a return, that make us feel good. We all want to feel good. We are made for joy!

I love the mist on the pathway today. Aren’t you just drawn to peer around that bend and see what awaits you? I feel that is where we are. We are in the mists, we cannot see clearly yet but we see enough to entice us to keep going. We are seeing the hearts opening around us. We are experiencing people reaching out to one another in new ways. We are seeing companies that have mission statements of benefiting all. We are seeing folks begin to focus on and tell the uplifting stories. We are feeling our own inner joy gush up like a spring.

I burned my list of what I am ready to let go of once and for all this powerful day of fall equinox. I am ready to let go of all fear. I am interested how by setting that intention, my being responds with situations to trigger any fears that remain. I am so grateful for this as I witness them arise, give voice to them and let them go with love for how they protected me at some point on my journey. There is no longer any need for me to hold them and my body wants to be light! I do not want any pockets of dense stale energies as I am ready to fill all my being with light.
I let go of all heartache and betrayal. I open my heart fully to every experience. I let go of the need for anyone or anything to show up in a certain way. I embrace it all in love. I let go of the need to protect my heart in any way. That does not mean that I do not set boundaries, I do. As that is a way that I love myself. I no longer will put myself in situations where I am not honored and respected for who I am. I choose to be treated well as I deserve that as we all do. We can let go of people and situations that drain our energy. There are no gold stars handed

out for allowing yourself to be attacked or demeaned by others. (I used to think that I was amassing a collection this way!) We have a responsibility to show others how we are to be treated. We can walk away from toxic people, thoughts, situations. We can walk away from societal norms that say we must honor our mother when she is not honoring of us. We can hold her in love yet choose to limit or close contact that does not feel good. Feeling good is the simple guidance system that we have been gifted with. Your body can tell you whether something is good or bad for you. I have learned to listen to mine and respect her wisdom. We are programmed to believe that we have to push it to exercise, to eat right, to get up and do. The surprising thing is, our bodies know what they need. If we allow it free rein, instead of turning on us, it will care for us in remarkable ways.

I can hear you saying, ” I would eat a gallon of ice cream every day. I would become fat. I would be lazy.” Who is saying these thoughts? I have tried the experiment. I have laid on my couch until I felt the stirring to move. I have allowed myself to eat anything that I desire when I desire it. What I have found is that you cannot eat junk food for very long before you crave vegetables. My body takes the rest she needs and I do not judge her if it is longer than my mind had decided was long enough. Isn’t it strange that we are taught that we cannot trust our bodies? They are a source of great wisdom and yet we have been programmed to turn their care over to the medical profession (who is benefiting from this arrangement?? Not you. The pharmaceutical companies for sure.)We wait for some authority to tell us what is good to eat and what harms us. This changes frequently and folks feel weighted down by all the advice that they are given. How about listening to your body to see what feels good? We are all individuals, each of us has unique needs. No one is the authority of your body but you. No one understands how it feels but you. When your throat tightens when someone throws their anger your way, when your stomach clenches at the thought of going to work the next day, when your head begins to pound at the thought of holidays with the family, when you gag after taking vitamin pills…….these are messages. This is your body’s wisdom delivering a truth. Listen! It is all so simple.

We truly can become like little children once again. In fact, we must to enter in, to enter the kingdom as our brother, Jesus said. We need to express our emotions freely and completely, we need to move about as our bodies desire, we need to allow ourselves to become lost in what we are doing as we are having so much fun that time disappears. We need to let of any idea of knowing anything. We can show up each moment and play with our friends as co-creation is the name of the game!

Today begins a portal of transformation through 11-11-11. Take advantage of all the help that is offered by the universe to step into the new earth at this time. It is like the greatest coupon arriving in your mailbox. Special offer, from now until 11-11-11, divine love is flooding the planet. Beings from inner earth and from the universe and beyond are here to help you ascend all that you need do is open your heart and ask to receive. How easy is that! There is even a guarantee, if you intend that you will open to the light and become more light…you will!

I see my light and delight in it. I see yours and filled with such joy. Turn your heart lights on!

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