Pink blossoms, muffins and Shambhala Masters

Sitting in bed at 11:33 pm eating the remains of this morning’s delicious muffin. Last night I did not sleep much at all. I felt nauseous and out of sorts, the earth was moving on some deep level and I with her. Today I napped in the late afternoon with the feeling that I could sink into the bed forever. We are entering into the equinox, the time of balance. Am I turning upside down in mine? Many are feeling overwhelmed as they continue to push themselves to work that seems to have no end and schedules that allow no room to breath. This is happening everywhere as there is less staff and more work in most businesses. People try to keep up, to juggle all the balls in the air until eventually something gives. For me, I began to cry in meetings, cry in my office, tears of frustration that it was not possible to do all that was asked. For many it is their health that gives way and allows a way out. All strives for balance and what is not in balance will come to the fore for resolution. The old way of moving through the world will not be sustained in the new energies. This can feel frightening yet each moment offers the possibility of balance and peace. For me it seems that it all comes down to trust. Trusting that all will be well. The old way of trying to control it all is not working. Doing more is not the answer. Surrender is the name of the game.

The rain today is feeding my soul. As did these pink hollyhock blossoms, catching the raindrops and filtering the misty light through their petals. I am in this blue/green/grey/white world of forests, mists, and waters and then there is this wild pink! A shock almost of color that dances across my heart. I am a lover of pink. One of the things I loved so about India was the use of bright pink and orange together. I was just doing a meditation where they described the color of the love flooding in as pink-orange! Of course.
Today a friend called to ask me to vision with her. She began to tell me what had come to her to prompt the call. She saw us looking down at a “verdant valley”. Those two words triggered an outburst of sobbing. I was sitting in a cafe at the time but the tears knew no time. I could not say what it was but it was as if the words were a key that opened a deep recess in my being. Every cell in my body knew to respond to those words. We journeyed into a space of such beauty. She is the visionary, I the feeler. Together we see. We were asked to don our Shambhala robes. We were told that we had earned them and that they were eternal. More sobs. Shambhala masters were with us, greeting us and working with us. We were seeding our visions of the New Earth. The women were in a circle, then an outer circle of men. Light came streaming in the center of our circle. My free hand was moving, weaving the strands of light. There were babies coming in, we were holding them. Then the men bent down to gather the babes in their cloaks, guarding and protecting them. It was so beautiful as it was the new masculine, sure in its strength and clear in its role. The women were laughing and dancing, flirting with the men as they were free to play. The raising of the children was shared by the fathers as well as the trees, the air, the elementals. The babies were so protected and honored by all. I cried at the freedom for the young women, to dance and laugh and be in their joy. And I cried at the pride of the young men as they delighted in the women’s play and in their strength as the protector. The babies were so excited to be here, to be in this place of peace and joy. Codes of light streamed down from the heavens. The earth opened to receive this light with such reverence. All felt sacred.
The time is here. We are called to our roles. I feel drawn to the stillness to purify my being. To make sure that there is no distortion in my field as this template must be laid down in truth and in peace. All that is not truth, will be magnified so it must come through with purity and love. We have been witness to the distortions in Atlantis and other times and I cannot bear to have it end so. Every part of me is focused on bringing this vision through in its pristine wholeness and holiness.
I write and speak these things not to elevate my ego but rather to aid in my own adjustment to who I am. We are each beings of great light. We are masters or we would not be on the earth at this grand juncture. My personality self shies away from claiming my self hood. As I speak of these things, Shambhala master robes, being a creator being, crowns of stars…I am allowing myself to breathe into the vastness of who I am. I know that we cannot play small any longer. We must shine our full light out into the world. As I step into my truth, I widen the space for each one to enter into their truth.
Here is a fairy house I came upon in the woods. Isn’t it cunning the way the spider wove the roof and the leaves laid the carpet? My grandchildren will be able to play with the fairies openly, all will be seen and known. The delight of this knowing, fills my heart. The fairies are pretty excited too! They are ready to be seen and interacted with on a grander scale. All is ready to be seen on a grander scale. We are ready to be seen by others and most importantly, by ourselves on this grander stage. I love the costumes! We get robes of fabulous colors and textures as well as swords, crowns, staffs, unicorns and dragons to ride and crystals and wands to play with. We do indeed get to be as little children again as we learn to live in the moment. I heard Lindsey Wagner speak (the actress who played the Bionic Woman on TV years ago) and she said to watch little children emote. They are so dramatic in their tears and tantrums but then they are free to feel the next wave of emotion that comes if we do not stop the process. If we allow the expression, it clears and they are free of the emotion. I loved this quote of Lindsey’s: “Pain is a wave. Suffering is a sea wall.” That really hit home for me. It is time to ride the waves in our lives. We can be choose exhilaration or terror. It is all our choice. I am ready for the ride of my many lives!

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