Experiencing Heaven on Earth

Here is the view from the kitchen window where I am at present. You see the ocean, the mountains and can speak to the trees. Today I looked out my bedroom window and saw a deer lying next to the fence, quietly staring at me. The window was open as I love the cool salt air streaming in as I snuggle under the soft pink sheets and white downy duvet. I said hello and we had an exchange. She was so sweet and content in her cedar bower. I felt one with her, nestled on the moist earth, feeling the elements around me. The other night I floated free in my friend’s amazing Japanese soaking tub. The experience is very different from the usual plastic hot tub. It is so soothing to smell the wet wood, feel the heat of the water, float on your back in the De Vinci original man (or in this case, woman) pose of arms and legs outstretched. I stared at the stars, smelled the pine trees and felt that I was an element…..water, wood, earth, sky, stars, linda. All of a piece, oneness.

Add the fragrance of lavender and I am part of heaven on earth. I picked this bouquet for my window sill so that the breeze from the open window wafts it across to my slumbering form. Truly heaven can be found now on this earth. It is our perception that creates it. There is magic abounding but we have to tune in to it. As we slow down and find the pathway in the stillness, we are gifted with so many insights. All of nature truly conspires to uplift and delight us. Makes sense to me as I wish to uplift and delight those around me. In our oneness, we tap into our eternal nature which is love. And love is always giving. There is no holding back, no discrimination or judgment of who is worthy of love. We love because it is who we are. It is not given to receive as we have been taught. It is given, as to not give, makes us separate from our truth. Our truth is that we are beings of light and love and we radiate that in every moment. It is our choice to line up with our truth or not but in the end, all will return to love as there is no other path. There is a saying that all roads or paths lead to God and my belief is that God is love. So all paths are the path to love. When we surrender to this path, we feel such a relief as we accept that giving love is our natural state. We have known this all along and have felt the weight and pain of closing our hearts in any way to anyone.

It is time to throw open our hearts and rejoice in the truth of our being. I love myself for loving as I do. Someone may return my love with anger or mistrust but it matters not. I can smile inside as I know the effort it takes to maintain such a stance. And I know that sooner or later, each one will come to the truth of love. I give my love as a blessing, it stands. It may not be accepted by them at the moment, but at the perfect time for them, they will open their hearts and my love will be there like a shining crystal that they can take into their heart to add to their own heart light. Heart light…..two years of my song playing in my head…turn on your heart light. I am beginning to see the strings of heart lights gather and soon it will look like the most glorious Christmas with all the heart lights strung, turned on and shining through the darkest night. We can navigate any path ahead as heart lights will be lighting each step of the way. The fun thing is that the more that you turn on your heart light, the brighter it shines. By using its voltage, you are granted more. What a system!! I love this universe of ours! I love you.

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