Dancing out the Bones

Island living…..I love the water. My Avalon Priestess self is so happy today. I am looking out at the misty mountains, everything dissolves into the blues, greys and greens of my soul. I am awash in moisture and pristine air. My body rejoices. I am a sun lover, delighting in the joy of its rays yet I am sinking into this mist and greyness with delight. It suits for this moment and in truth, that is all that there is. With the weather changes in our world, all is in flux and I do believe that we will be free to travel with our light bodies in quick and easy ways that will make changing our climates a matter of a thought and whoosh….off we go!

My shin bone is still sore and carrying the cuts from my dancing out my bones. Here is one of the stories from my workshop experience with Tom Kenyon. At various points throughout the workshop, he would put on different types of music and have us close our eyes and move to it. This piece of music had a tribal beat, it felt aboriginal to me. I was dancing near the side of the stage, letting my aboriginal self have her day, and allowing the energy to come from my bones. Tom had instructed us to breathe from our bones, exhale from our bones. There was a small set of two metal steps leading from the stage. I hit that in my dance and owww!! Intense pain shot through my leg. It stopped me in my tracks. I had to go in search of ice and band aids. I heard loud and clear from my bones: “You have not released our grief, you have stored it in us and now is the time to dance it out.” Wow! Ok, that was quite a wake up call! Nothing subtle about these bones of mine. this picture I took of tree roots reminded me of bones The shin bone is about as close to the surface as our bones get so I received the message loud and clear. Even now, a week or two later (time eludes me) the cuts and tender raised bumps are still there. I realized that I have done much to speak to my cells and atoms and organs, releasing releasing releasing. But I had not considered my bones. Everything in this universe of ours wants ATTENTION. Everything wants affirmation and love. I am loving my bones, beautiful tender bones.

The story continued that evening as Tom used his amazing voice to take us on a journey. He does not speak of his experience, but allows each to have their own. Many shamans and beings come through his voice. I was taken to graveyards of bones all around the earth. They were crying out for attention, for someone to grieve over them, to release the suffering and torment trapped in their marrow. They came to me, asking me to dance out their sorrow, to honor their memories, to acknowledge the pain. I was overwhelmed with the scope, the fields upon fields of bones holding such sorrow. Whew. I accepted their request and gave my heart to feeling and transmuting their pain. I have been dancing, dancing as I allow the tears to fall. As so much love floods the planet, the denser energies, all that is not love, asks to be released. It is time to acknowledge it and let it go. This was mine to do, this is when I understand the phrase:”My burden is light.” All returns to the light like a moth to the flame. I wanted the bones to be free to return to the earth, disintegration happening as their burden was released.

I shared this with a friend and she saw me putting a single flower on each bone. That is so me as I love to gift flowers, they are the language that I speak. Later she saw me dancing through fields and fields of flowers. Oh the joy! How simple it all is. I am so grateful to my bones and to the fields of bones that sought my attention. What joy to allow all to move to the light. What joy to be in harmony with my bones and exchange love so freely once again. I love the magic and simplicity of life. I love my bones!

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